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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Our Big Bad Wolf Books Haul 2020

 Yay! our BBW Books box 1 and 2 had arrived. Busy with the books. Hence only now Mamarazzi have time to blog a bit

We bought on the 4th November morning and had trouble when Mamarazzi trying to pay for our purchase. Not sure what she click and "poof!" ... all the books in our cart went missing. 

Then she tuk tuk here and tuk tuk there and found our order. Order number created but can't pay.  Alamak!  how ah??? scroll down and found that the website have "Contact Us" form. She used that and left them a message. Within an hour a staff called Mamarazzi and they email her the link to make payment. Wow! efficient !  Order order number was 17XX and the website stated that the delivery would be in 3 to 8 days. 

On the 7th of November  our book haul had arrived. So fast! These are mostly my books. 

So thoughtful of them to enclosed a packet of cute stickers. 

On the 5th Mamarazzi went in again looking for books coz tak tahan see friends found some new titles. Looks like they also replenishes the titles online . Same as what they did during the physical sale at MIECC. 

Initially she planned to go in during mid sale. That's her usual game plan. Go BBW on Preview Day/1st Day. Once during mid sale when the have replenish the books with new titles and if possible once before the sale ends to see if we miss anything.

BBW sure have many fans. Sale started less than 24hours and there were 98XX orders. Mamarazzi told me our order sure arrived after the sale ends. Just imagine having to pack 9000 orders. Pengsan . She assumed that they can only pack around 1000 orders per day lah but mana tau.... our second box of books arrived on the 10th evening. Those people packing books 24hours non-stop ka? Hope Mr Wolf would belanja them big makan after the sale. 

Here is our little kaypohchi inspecting the books hoping for some doggy treat for herself.  

From her expression I guess you know what was the answer, right? LOL

Poor doggy. 

On the 10th evening, we went shopping again. This round, Mamarazzi found many titles that she likes. Borong one final box before the sale ends on the 11th. 

But what a surprise... BBW went and set up store at Shopee Malaysia pulak with larger discount free shipping, many discount vouchers and cashback . If you have missed out BBW you can still buy from Shopee . Just head over to Big Bad Wolf Books in Shopee Malaysia. Mamarazzi guess that BBW will join SHopee others countries too to bring them affordable books . 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Big Bad Wolf Books Online Sale 2020

 Hi! How are you all? Time flies . Nearly a year had passed since the last Mamarazzi update the blog. Initially thought wanna just close it but... oh well.. we will see how as time goes. 

Over here life had changed since Covid19 started. There are ups and down . School was like sometimes is on sometimes off.  I preferred online class but parents said can't learn much from just an hour of google meet with the teachers 4 times a week . As for google classroom... mostly quiz.

Lucky for me the tuition center is very good. They were prepared for online classes since last year school closure due to haze problem. Now I "see" my tuition teachers more than my school teachers 

Mamarazzi remember Big Bad Wolf Books had planned for a books sale back in March  but then had to cancelled due to sudden spike in Covid19 cases detected and the whole country went under Movement Control Order. Everyone guai-guai stayed home. 

A friend had said that there is a report that book industry is blooming now but it is hard to phantom that for BBW. Their core business is from warehouse sale and their online sales is by their sister co  BookXcess. Mamarazzi don't think back in March their online business had matured much. They still depends on walk-in customers . 

They have millions of books and can't get them to the customers fast enough. One thing is marketing and another is during times like this, buy books will be one of the lowest priority. Some people lost their jobs this and that. 

July came. We were sort of released from "jail" . Economy had started again. Although some parts of Malaysia is having Conditional Movement Control Ordered imposed but people still able to work. 

Anyway... what is Mamarazzi "merapu-ing" about. Just that kesian la BBW being hit so hard. Hopefully this BBW Sale will help them to get some income to keep the company going and keep the staffs from being jobless. This is not only about helping local company but also helping those nice and friendly BBW and BookXcess staffs. 

The sale is on now till 11 November 2020. You can heads over to to check out their offers. 

The first 100 customers of each day who buy RM80 and above will be eligible for RM5 discount and 10% discount if buy RM300 and above. Free shipping to West Malaysia for orders above RM180 and 30% discount to East Malaysia with no minimum amount spent. 

I managed to login last night as they open up the website early. Did my shopping and Mamarazzi managed to help me check out my cart this morning. Had some problem during checking out but their staff, Dinie and James, had called Mamarazzi and help Mamarazzi to check out her cart after Mamarazi left a message at their webiste.

The website had crashed last night and till now the line is still not stable yet . You may try to login later and support. Best timing will be at witching hours as there would be less traffic.

Happy book hunting everyone! If you encountered any problem during check out time you can drop them a message or give them a call . 

Please be patience ya as this is their first time doing Online Warehouse Sale There are sure to be some teething problem but if everyone stay calm things can get sorted out faster.

Bye bye...time for my Online Tuition liao. Teacher is calling me. 


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

December 2019 Wrap-Up

1st December

This is another all-in-one post. December was a busy month for us. Had an impetuous trip to Sekinchan. Just the right time as the Paddy Field are turning golden in color.

Wanted to visit La Familia Orchard but surprisingly it was not open. I wonder did they stop taking visitors or something else.

Visited the usual places. The Rice factory. Yikes... the shops had expanded. There bought a mango sundae there. Didn't buy anything as the prices are similar to what we can get at our place. Then we drop by Mango King Stall. Again it was "human mountain, human sea". We just wen and look see look see. The mango price are a bit higher than at the night market. But probably because these mangoes are fresh from the tree?

Next stop was Ah Mah's House. I have forgotten this place. Nice to see it again. Saw the "sticky balloon" that my teacher showed me. Mamarazzi bought a packet for me.

 I tried blowing the "balloon" in the car but it was pretty hard. Mamarazzi laughed. Next stop was the beach. Had Coconut water and fried Oysters. Taste so-so la. Weather was very hot. Beh tahan(Cannot stand it). Finished our drinks and food fast fast and cabut(went/run) into the car.

5th December
Went for Big Bad Wolf Books sale preview at MIECC

7th December

Another zoomy day. Early morning went to help Friend hunt for something. Next went to Setia Alam Convention Center to collect Mamarazzi's winnings at Tastefully Food Fair. Holy Moly! so many free sample of food for me to sample. YUMMY!

 Since we were nearby lo... so drop in BookXcess Sunsuria Forum lo to utilise our RM10 discount voucher.

That evening, we came home with a bunch of goodies. 

Yummy "Yoke Kon"(chinese sweet meat jerky) ... winnings from FB contest.

11th December

Went "midnight shopping" at BBW

14 December 

Went to Paradigm Mall to exchange a defective book from Popular Bookstore and coincidentally saw the We Bare Bear deco. Took some pics. It seems that these bears are very popular nowadays

15th December

Went to BookXcess Amcorp Mall to utilise all the RM10 vouchers. Just nice to buy Christmas Gifts.

Crazy about fish and chips lately. So we went to try out Cor Blimey at Uptown Damansara. Food took very long time to arrive. Maybe  the Chef took extra care in preparation of the food kot... Portion wise was very big.

20th December 2019

Mamarazzi's frying madness came. Fried 10kg of Chinese arrowhead chips. and I ate..... ahem ahem kg of Chinese arrowhead chips.

21st December 
Me pulak Lipton Tea madness. Touch n Go E-wallet having promotion. RM1 a bottle of Lipton tea.

23 December
Yay! Party time! Had an early Christmas party at the tuition center.

24th December

Christmas Eve.. where to eat what to eat ah? Fish and chips! Yup... this time we went to Fish & Co at Paradigm Mall

Personally I like Fish and Co better . 

One more pic with We Bare Bear before going to buy Christmas pressie for Mamarazzi

28th December

Post Christmas and Pre-New Year Party at a friend's house. 

Someone pretending to be Santarina

31st December

Great end to year 2019... found Sea Salt Sofuto is back again at Family Mart. 
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