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Monday, 16 December 2019

November 2019 Highlights

On 31st October 2019, Mamarazzi went to the grand opening of BookXcess at Sunsuria Forum Setia Alam. Why ? Because this outlet is pretty unique. It have a cave liked access. Inside, you can find almost everything an avid reader want. There  are plenty of corner and nooks for one to sit comfortably and read or do ones assignment. I didn't get to go because it was a schooling day.

She got a goodies bag because she was one of the first 100 customers there. Also won some vouchers from KLBAC games. 

Though I didn't get to go, but she bought me a yummy rainbow cake from Wolf Cafe and surprised me when she came to pick me up. 

On 2nd November 2019, there was no schooling. She finally brought me to BookXcess Sunsuria Forum.

 I fell in love with it.

I love the nooks and corner for me to sit and enjoy the books there.

Found some books that I like and brought it home. Guess how much we paid for this pile of books? We paid RM6.45 only... because we used up all the gift vouchers. 

Me and my books. 

My school report card day(PTA Day) was in November too. After picking up the report card I came home and helped Mamarazzi to prepare plant cutting for Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre event . 

The next day we went to help out and distribute free plants at Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre.

It was also Papa and Mamarazzi big day. I treat them to an expensive dinner. 

Also had a hard time choosing my costume. I was involved in a dance performance. How do I look in the costume? 

The BIG day finally arrived. 

Our team did pretty well. Teachers from other centres remarked that they didn't expect the performance need to be so perfectly synchronised. Our Centre also won the best art work made from recyclables. 

Before month end, we went to pick up some BBW preview passes . Thank you Uncle Andrew !

Our man's best friend was also discovered to be making some funny face. 


  1. What a wonderful event! And I think you have never missed one. Is this your dog?

  2. hee..hee.. Your doggie's funny faces made me LOL!

  3. You live one full life there young man. So I guess that place was like a giant bookstore. I love that you love books. And your pup looks a lot like our pup!

  4. Yes, you look great in that red shirt, very smart and handsome!

  5. Heard and read about BookXcess. I would want to go and see this place myself.

    Cute dog with her smiles.

  6. wah, u looked very 'yeng' (ada gaya wor…). The dog is also good in smiling in front of the camera!


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