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Friday, 6 December 2019

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2019 Preview Day

This year, thanks to Mr Wolf... me and my friends have the chance to go for Big Bad Wolf Books Sale preview again. Thank you very much for giving me so many passes to share with me and my friends...though Mamarazzi took some for her friends too.

Mamarazzi is a member of KLBAC and we got our Preview Pass stamped there. KLBAC members can enter the sale an hour early . Thank you to the KLBAC Admin for extending this kind gesture . An awesome bunch of people.

Lucky we got in an hour early as when the Bulk Buyer and Personal Shopper swooped in...the aisle at the back of the Children Section were jam up with shopping carts full of books. Not sure why and what they are waiting for back there but Mamarazzi find it hard to manoeuvre pass all those carts that are full of same copies of books.

She gave up after sometime. Why Mamarazzi was there? Coz she was helping a friend to find some board books for her grandson.

Our FIRST purchase from BBW this year. Yup! a new T-shirt. I have outgrown my preview years BBW T-shirts and Mamarazzi had expand sideways too. *LOL*.

Mamarazzi said wash first then only can wear. But  I don't care. I wanna wear it immediately. Oh ya... OCBC Bank is BBW official bank this year and they have provided a lot of freebies for BBW visitors. One of which is the playland.

Bump into my schoolmate there!

Leaving a love note to Mr Wolf and the Team 

A last photo before leaving the sale.

 Went in 8am and came out 4pm with a cart  full plus another big trolley bag(not in the picture) full of books.

Usually when arrived home it's Mamarazzi who is busy snapping photos of our haul...but this year I took over the job. Do you like how I presented the books?

Mamarazzi is very happy this year as she managed to find many of books for herself. This round her loot is nearly as many as mine.

Our best loot of the day? This box. RM15 only

What's inside the box?  A good quality Backpack , comic, playing cards, sticker pens and a few other items. Awesome find!

At the sale we joined a photo contest too. WOW! what a surprised. This morning they announced that we are one of the lucky winners!

For those who wish to see what we found at Preview Day  check out Mamarazzi's Facebook

Further information on Big Bad Wolf Books Sale are as follows :-

🐺 AWOOO!!! 🐺
🔥 The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be back in Kuala Lumpur soon! 🔥
Book lovers, you’re in for a party!
The World’s Biggest Book Sale is finally in town again, celebrating its 10th ANNIVERSARY!
Be ready for a big, bad carnival with 4.5 MILLION books at 75% to 95% discount!
Celebrate 10 years of your favourite books, at the prices you love, right here in Kuala Lumpur.
Mark your calendars, plan your journey, and get ready to (book) hunt BIG!

TAG all your friends in the comments below!
💸 75% - 95% DISCOUNT
🔥 6 - 16 DECEMBER 2019
🕒 24 HOURS
#BigBadWolfBooks #BBWKL2019


  1. What fun! You sure are growing fast, turning into a handsome young man. I love the picture of you and your Mama!

  2. I'm glad I do not live in KL. Your chay-chay would buy, buy, buy too like you. No place to keep in the house already. LOL!!!

  3. Hello, lil kitten :) Long time, no hear. I'm glad you are doing well. Love, cat.

    1. Thanks Cat. Mamarazzi have been lazy to update blog. You can find her in FB


  4. Very nice report from the book market.

  5. Okay - those books look really interesting!


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