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Monday, 21 October 2019

Summary For August , September and October 2019

Hi! Mamarazzi have not been updating my diary for many weeks. Shall we retain this blog or let it go? It' has been 10 years. Does anyone know any printing services that can print out blog post and make it into a book form?

11th August 2019

Felt like having dim sum. Last minute found one dim sum offer. Celestial Dynasty Restaurant in PJ offering Dim Sum Buffet for RM38 per person. The Dim sum tasted so-so la. But the soups and fried stuffs were nice.

Join in the Boba Tea Craze

12th August 2019

Went dating with Mamarazzi at Sunway Pyramid. Discover my love for coffee, 

Taught Mamarazzi how to use Apps in the phone to find the exact location of the shops that she is looking for but still she couldn't grasp the concept.

 Went to Popular Book Fair to get some reading materials.

25th August 2019

Preparing some mooncakes for Mooncake festival. This year Mamarazzi made Owl Shaped mooncakes for my teachers. 

5th September 2019

Making lantern out of recyclables items found in the house for Lantern competition

13th September 2019

Lantern festival celebration day and the haze is back. We got like 1 week off from school due to the terrible haze. 

 Celebrating Lantern Festival with friends and teachers. 

My lantern won the 6th place. 

19th September 2019

Crazy about sushi. Mamarazzi made 2 big plates full and ate ate it all. She doesn't like sushi.

28th September 2019

Ran my 4th or 5th Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon -Kids Dash . Thank you , Auntie Lina for the awesome photo. 

Lucky no more haze. 

13th October 2019
My Popo(maternal grand mother) pass away. My first time experiencing death and Buddhist rites up close. 

She was laid to rest in a beautiful garden. 

The End
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