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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Fun Filled 10th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange & Adoption Programme on 3rd August 2019

I was at the 10th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange and Adoption Programme last Saturday. Mamarazzi booked a stall at the Flea Market for me to sell stuffs.

Business was good . Plenty of good advice from Auntie Sue Chan and she helped me sold a lot of Mamarazzi pickled mangoes. She said she loves the pickled mango. Apart from pickled mangoes, my stall also sells fresh aloe vera, ice cold herbal tea, homegrown Brazilian spinach, pandan, books and etc.

Photo credit from BJGreen Ranger and various members.

There were many vendors selling various stuffs too. There were fresh organic vegetables, honey planter pots, fertilisers toys seeds and many more.

Not only visitors had good time there but the vendors too. They were a cheerful crowd.

The Recycling Center people were there too. Teaching about recycling and art & crafts for the kids. Too bad I didn't have time to browse . Oh waits for no one.

Despite everything, the main pull of the event is still the plant exchange and adoption. Registration counter started to be busy as early as 7am as many came early to drop off boxes of plants which they propagated  adoption.

The Plant Exchange/Adoption started proper at 10am where the MC started to can the first 10 numbers. Each person were given a number when they drop off the plants at the registration counter for adoption.

When the  Plant Exchange starts the MC will call the number. When their number is called, they can approach the table to take a certain number of plants. The number of plants allowed is based on the number of plants they contributed. Those who contributed 1 to 5 plants are allowed to take 2 plants each round. Those who contributed 6 to 10 plants are allowed to take 4 plants each round and those who contributed 10 plants and above are allowed to take 6 plants per round.

This will go on for 2 rounds. Once all the contributors had 2 rounds, the plant adoption will be open for public. Meaning, the Contributors and the Public can approach the table and take as many plant as they wish.

Here is a short snippet when the Plant Exchange is open to public. On the left wearing green are the BJ Green Rangers and volunteers.

Although the plants are properly labelled, many still doesn't know the usage and how to care for the plants. This is where the helpful and knowledgeable BJ Green Rangers and Volunteers comes in. They explain the visitors on how to care for the plants and any health benefit for the plants. There are so many plants that we didn't know is edible and have medicinal value.

While everyone attention were at the plant exchange/adoption table, I took a break and had my tea break. Went to the Mamak Restaurant and bought two roti telur using the money from the sales.

The fun did not end when the plants were fully adopted. There were lucky draw too. Twenty(20) prizes all together.

The remaining crowd were so funny. So much laughter there. There much teasing as some of the lucky winner had gone home... so the prize were forfeited. Next number were called.

Mamarazzi won one of the consolation prize and her friend won 2nd Prize.

This one is for the album. The 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize winner group photo with the Organiser Bukit Jelutong Green Rangers Datin Sivamani, Auntie Karen and Stephen Chan who donated the prizes.

And of course have to thank the KDU Ambassadors for distributing endless cups of coffee and ice cream. I love it. Yea... now I learn how to enjoy coffee.

This round not so bad... not that many plants followed Mamarazzi home . Initially she didn't plan to adopt any plants as there are no more space at home but..... oh well.. only these 12 plants...

Oppsss....missed out one super duper tall adenium. ... it's even way taller than Mamarazzi. I don't know how she managed to "sumbat" (stuffed) it into the car but she did it. Now it's planted in front of out house.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchange/Adoption and Flea Market , 3rd August 2019 and RBT School Project

Hi! I know it's late... but better late than never, right? Sorry lah... I was kind of busy with school projects this and that.

This Saturday 3rd August 2019 , Bukit Jelutong Green Rangers have organised another Plant Exchange and Adoption programme. There will be a lot of other activities too. Free coffee, Free Coffee , free medical check up (please fast 2 hours before check up) and of course  FREE PLANTS!

Everyone are welcomed to join this event. Come and say "Hi" to me. I will be there selling books and stuffs.

Okay.. i think that's all the announcement for tonight . Gotta sleep early . I am poofed today. Woke up 4am to cook breakfast. Not for me to eat but for my RBT examination. The project was that we have to prepare a breakfast and bring to school and show teacher. Also have to prepare Menu and list out the costing of the ingredients.

Yesterday evening after coming back from school I prepared the Menu and wrote down the costing. Mamarazzi and me went "marketing" on Tuesday. Yea.. it was a Public Holiday over here so I had time to go "marketing" and bought all the ingredients needed for the project. The freshest ingredients possible so that my teacher won't "lausai" after eating.

I slept early last night and ask Mamarazzi's help to wake me up early this morning.

Woke up 4am to cook the breakfast for the examination.  First I blanched the frozen mixed vegetable with hot water.

While waiting, I did not waste time. I cooked the black pepper sausages.

Then quickly followed by  chicken ham slices.

Last but not least, scramble eggs. This is super easy. I like to eat scrambled eggs and I am used to cooking this.

Then throwaway the hot water from the mixed vegetable. Add salad dressing and mixed well.

After all the cooking is done, it's time to decorate the "bento". The evening before I have prepared the box. Washed the Cherry Tomatoes and the Butterhead salad leaves.

This morning I just have to fill it up nicely.

Nice or not? How many marks are you gonna give me?

Oppsss....nearly forgot. Must bring along a drink too. Since my teacher likes to drink coffee, I made Old Town White Coffee for him. Put in a Thermos to keep it warm.

After that I rushed to my room and download the videos to Mamarazzi's laptop. Oh ya... video credits to Mamarazzi who helped to video me cooking. Teacher said must show evidence that  the student(meaning me ) prepare the breakfast and not the parents who do it. That's why there are so many videos.

Then downloaded to the USB to bring to school as evidence. Yea... we are not allowed to bring handphone to school . hence the USB. was rushed but I managed to get everything together. I even managed to whip up my own breakfast leh. Yea... I cooked extra when I was cooking for the teacher. Clever or not?

Okay...goodnight for now. Tomorrow I have to bring a plant to school pulak. It's another school project.

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