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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Hari Raya Celebration at the Farm , 2019

Usually for Hari Raya celebration we would go back hometown but this year is a bit different. A gardening friend had invited us with a couple of other gardening friend to celebrate at her farm .

This is the first time went to a real farm (ignore those school trips). Wow! Auntie Azura really amazing. She cooked so many dishes all by herself. the night before our visit, she cooked till 2am!

I had a great time enjoying yummy food cooked by Auntie Azura. Loved her fried chicken the most. I kept on adding and adding to my plate till I forgot how many rounds did I ate. It was super yummy. 

Not only yummy food but also fresh fruits from the tree too. Just pluck, cut and eat. Super sweet passion fruit. 

After eating, we walked around the farm. Plenty of citrus fruits. 

Naughty Uncle Eric showed us how to harvest Coconut. Just twist and twist and twist. 

Fresh and refreshing Pandan Coconut juice. Coconut cut open by the expert... Uncle Eric. 

Next, Auntie Azura lead us to her friend's  Uncle Ah Yau , Dragon Fruit Farm . Here we get to harvest the fruit straight from the plant itself. 

Alamak... so shy la... Mamarazzi thought it's like those Cameron Highland harvest strawberry and pay but mana tau Auntie Azura's Friend said no need to pay. Aiyoyo.... 

Some more he brought the group of us to his Durian Farm . It's truly an eye opening experience. Normal car can't go up the hill. Need to ride his truck. Very bumpy ride. Hahaha... so much fun for me. 

MUSANG KING! one of the best durian species. 

Me waiting for Durian Runtuh but unfortunately we were a month early. Durian have not start dropping yet.  But still I had fun picking up the unwanted durian from the ground. Uncle Ah Yau explain that he had to trim off some of the durian from the branches so that the branches would not be too heavy and break. 

It started to rain a bit but I had fun following Uncle Ah Yau checking on his durian trees. He have this funny looking pail upside down near each tree. It's some sort of self watering system.  And then there were some durian with holes on them. He said because of the squirrel came and eat. 

He did not spray any pesticide. That's why pest likes to come and destroy his fruits. 

Next stop we went to another of Auntie Azura's friend farm  . The owner Uncle Kah Yu was not around but he left a big basket of dragon fruit for us to enjoy. Peel and eat there and then. I saw some Dragon Fruit Plant seedlings. 

On the journey back to Auntie Azura's farm, we pass by some rubber trees. 

Arrived at Auntie Azura's Farm, I was famished again. Had her fried chicken and ketupat with DURIAN

My creative way of eating ketupat

After that, we went exploring again. This time we plucked some Winged Beans. It's n ice to eat raw or to be stir fried.  

Oh no! Auntie Azura's husband knowing that we will be visiting ...already harvested one whole big basket of Winged Beans for us to take home. 

Then they asked me wanna go harvest Sweet Corn? I followed. My first time harvesting Sweet corn and of all the corn in the field... I had chosen the one with worm!!! I had a shock and immediately threw away the corn. Confirmed, Auntie Azura did not spray any pesticide . It's truly organic corn. 

In  the end we came home with so many goodies. Yummy!  An of course I "tapau-ed" some of the delicious fried chicken to eat in the car.

This Hari Raya Celebration is indeed and eye opening experience for me . Thank you to Auntie Azura family and friends for the invitation. 


  1. What an amazing experience at the farm! Your aunt was most likely thrilled to see how much you loved her fried chicken! That’s the way aunts are! And Mothers and grandmothers!

    1. Auntie Azura aren't really my aunt. Over here we address those who are elder than us as Auntie or Uncle. Yea, Auntie Azura is super friendly

  2. Thanks for taking me along on that farm visit, lil kitten. I had no idea what Hari Raya was, and studied a bit about it online. You have a beautiful country with rich traditions and so much good food. Consider your self blessed. Love, cat.

    1. Hari Raya is something like new year celebration. We have the most holiday in this world, I think

    2. Regarding Sudoku, lil kitten … it's really fun … it has absolutely nothing to do with Math. It's about organising 9 numbers in such a way that they don't repeat themselves in the same row (up or down) and don't repeat themselves in each of the 9 little squares.

  3. Okay I am not knew here, but I must have a memory lapse. Where do you live - what country? You are a farmer? The farm you went to was AWESOME. I wish I could have experience that with you. That food looked so fresh and delicious. I thought there was some Spanish in the names of some. Some I did not recognize here. Very interesting. And you are getting more mature looking. Tried to look at your profile and guess what - I couldn't get to it - blocked to me. Ah computers. At least I can comment now. sandie

    1. We are from Malaysia. Am a city boy... or at least at the outskirt of the city. The farm belongs to a gardening friend and over here, kids call those elder than us as Uncle or Auntie(though not a relative). Yikes... can't view my profile? haiz... really have no idea what happening to blogger .

  4. So much fun, so enjoyable. We had a pretty quiet Raya this year, just visited two houses.

    1. not bad leh ...went to 2 open houses. Must have been fun

  5. This is fun. A visit to farm. I would not mind the driving.

    And you tapaued home so many goodies. Haha.

    1. hahaha...ya ...really paiseh tapau so much

  6. What a fun day. And a good earning experience! I bet you gained weight after that!

    1. I think i did gain weight. ate so much that day

  7. Hello the farm visit sounds like fun! A nice place to have a celebration. I would like the coconut. Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  8. Wahhh! What a fun hari raya celebration. I would enjoy such outing too, visiting so many farms in one day. So nice of aunt Azura to prepare such yummy food and introduce you to her neighbours too.

  9. What an eventful trip with all the good foods. I love fried chicken too!

  10. That was quite a farm trip. Other than the corn, everything else is very different than you get on farms around here.

  11. Wow, interesting way to do raya open house.


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