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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Children Cooking Session @ Electrolux Home Run 2019 RPC

Pardon the mask. I was not feeling well that day.

Have you heard of  Electrolux Home Run 2019 ? We got to know about it through Auntie Lina. Mamarazzi registered me for the run and last weekend we went to Central i-City Mall for the Race Pack Collection.

Wah... quite far from our place but what to do... Mamarazzi was very scare of the traffic condition and parking there as we have never been there. We went a few hours early. Thankfully everything went smoothly.

Very easy. Just show them our e-registration. They scanned and we can collect the Race Pack Kit .

Hey, they even provided light breakfast/refreshment. Aiyak... they only have coffee. No Milo for me .Never mind, now I learn to enjoy coffee too.

Actually Mamarazzi also registered me for the Children Cooking Session @ Electrolux Home Run 2019 RPC. Alang-alang go all the way there to collect...might as well do some cooking too lah.

Anyway, since we were way too early we went browsing around the mall. Surprisingly many shops had opened in this new mall.  Mamarazzi was complaining why the floor plan not fully updated but then I discovered something in my phone. Seems that they have some kind of apps that gives online direction. Mamarazzi just have to lemme know which shop she is looking for, and I can tell her the exact location!.

And of course I would look for makan place. Ya! found sushi shop.  I ate and ate till Mamarazzi said her purse gonna explode.

Next stop! hunt for Miao  book. Found that there is a Popular Book Store there. And I have been wanting to get my hands on Miao&WafuPafu 3rd book . Enjoyed reading it while waiting for the cooking session to begin.

Cooking session started at 2.30pm. We made Kani Tuna Mayo Onigiri with Chicken, Stuffed Parmesan Mushrooms & Fresh Fruit Skewers.

The "expectation" vs "reality".  Mamarazzi said mine looks more like Monsters Bento instead  of Pandas. 

The cooking session took slightly longer than expected. We had a group photo and the Chefs asked us to open up our Bento box but I didn't open mine. 

Mamarazzi wasn't feeling that well too  and didn't feel like cooking dinner. We "tapau" dinner instead. On the way to collect the car, Mamarazzi spotted Family Mart. Lately The Sea Salt Ice Cream is trending. She bought a mixed flavour for me to taste.

Errrrr... Okay ...I think I preferred single flavour.. the Sea Salt Ice Cream is quite interesting. 

We made it home safely with our Valuable Cargo despite being chase by the rain all the way. Yea... rain likes to bully Mamarazzi.

Snap photo of my "hardwork" before eating it. Hmmm... taste okay la.

Oh well, till we meet again at next blog post. Bye. 


  1. Hope you are both feeling better now! That ice cream looks delicious.

    1. Thank you. We a a bit better now. STill having slight cough

  2. Wish we have Family Mart here so I could try the ice-cream.

    I would love to enrol my kids in cooking class. Let them try cooking for a change. This year, my girl enrol in culinary club in her school as part of curriculum activity. She enjoys it very much.

    1. I think FM will go to your side soon. Now there seems to be a FM at every corner over here

  3. I've never heard of sea salt ice cream before. You all had a busy day.

  4. Your bento looks nicer than the one in the picture! Did you win? Nice apron...I like the owl!!! Hope you are feeling much better now.

    1. nah... it's not a contest. Just a cooking class.

  5. Your bento so cute lah!

  6. Looks like you had a fun and interesting day learning to cook. I have only tasted their Macha ice cream.

    1. Do try the sea salt ice cream and see if you like it

  7. What a fun attending cooling session! Your bento box looks so good! I think monsters are more fun than pandas hahaha.
    Never had sea salt ice cream. I'd love to try!

    I hope you are feeling better. Have a great day xo

  8. What a fun day!! Good thing you found directions for your Mama. You are growing so fast, and your Mama is so beautiful.

  9. Oh my goodness - I do hope the two of you feel better. Was that mask required or did you decide to wear it yourself? The ice cream looked good and the cooking class like fun.

  10. Your Bento is cute and looks yummy to me, lil kitten. I used to make them for my kids to take to school … only I did not know, that they were called Bento … we just called them lunch boxes. Love, cat.

  11. That Onigiri..... LOL sorry I can't hold my laugh LOL


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