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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Carnival Atmosphere at Electrolux Home Run 2019

Today is the Electrolux Home Run event. We got to the venue pretty early. Lucky we were early as we sort of got lost looking for the car park.

Snatch time to snap some photos first. All sorts of booth were being set up.

There was one about the history of this company. Wow! it's a century old company.  A vacuum cleaner was created in 1910 .... WOW!!!

Yea... I know no chance for me to go up the podium but just snap photo while nobody there la.

Wow! all the pretty trophies for winners.

Mamarazzi had her cup of coffee. Super umph... very strong indeed.

I don't need coffee to stay up. We had an energetic warm up session.

Watching sun rise while waiting for my run to be flagged off.

And there I went.... can you spot me?

And here I came back...

Actually I was quite slow-lah. But at least I finished the run.

Another one for the album. Sweaty and stinky.

But luckily they provided lotsa beverage for us to choose from. There were Yakult yogurt drink ,mineral water, 100plus, Teh tarik and coffee. I think at the roadside there were some trucks too...maybe Milo but I didn't go and see.

The organiser even provided breakfast for us. They gave us Nasi Lemak, a slice of banana cake and a piece of pineapple tart. If not enough, can queue and take again.

There FNA Marketing (M) S/B was there giving out bars of Lindt chocolate. And they responsibly display the expiry date which is 31 Aug 2019.  Food and loads of food.

.There were clowns giving out balloons. There were Inflatable castles and  parkour/obby(Mamarazzi have no idea what  is parkour),inflatable Lounge chair(which later they let us bring home), selfie stand and bubble machines.

It felt more like a Carnival than a run. 

Apart from the prize giving, there were lucky draw too. There were 50 Lucky Draw prizes plus 1 Grand prize to be had. We waited till the end but Lady Luck was not with me. 

(pardon the music as it doesn't really jibe with the dance. The original music was axed by Youtube coz of copyright. Had to put in  another tune)

At the end of the Lucky Draw, the DJ said there is another surprise for us. Musical Chair. They announce that we can take home the inflatable lounge chair . But Mamarazzi told me no la. No place to put lah . 

Well, I did get a "consolation" prize. I was at the water station asking for a drink of 100 Plus and the Lady gave me a whole bottle to bring home as the event was ending. 

Signing off now. Byeeee.


  1. Nice breakfast! Keep it up! Will get better and better, I'm sure!

  2. How come only J is running?
    Mama kucing didn't run together kah? :P

  3. You are a WINNER just for participating, Small Kucing....Proud of you from TENNESSEE.


  4. I am glad, you are so active in all kinds of activities, lil kitten … from books to art projects to cooking and sports. Winner or not … it makes and keeps the brain and body strong, and that is the main thing. I am 63 years old and do the same. After my broken knee had healed in November 2018, I invested in a water rowing machine in order to get my knee and whole body stronger, I still use it every day/ 3 times / day for 15 minutes each. Love, cat.

  5. What a very fun event! It had everything. I liked seeing you run!

  6. Better luck next time! Try and try again!

  7. Nice... it's good that you've to finish the run! I am doing one this weekend too! :D

  8. Oh, very nice event darling~ thanks for sharing your photos. By the way, Leigh Bardugo, King of Scars is a great book I really recommend this book.

  9. I enjoyed all these great photos, thank you :)

  10. I am surprised that they invented vacuum cleaners in 1910! It must very noisy and bulky machine with a huge paper bag intact. Rrrrr Rrrr Rrrrrr...

    Good to hear that you had so much fun there and brought home a bottle of 100 Plus!


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