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Friday, 5 April 2019

March - Qingming, Eat and Eat and Eat


The next morning woke up early... not that early la but 6.30am coz going for QingMing. It's Chinese traditional festival . Qingming is Tomb-Sweeping Day. This year it's on 5th of April but can do it 2 weeks early.

It's my first time going for this. The night before, Papa told me a few "Do Not". DO NOT speak nonsense at graveyard. DO NOT simply pick up anything and bring home. DO NOT answer when hear people call my name. Guess, this is the only time I can ignore when I hear my name being called.

And it's the only time I get to "play" with fire. I was "in-charge" of burning offering to my ancestors.

After finish the offering, it's time for us to cari makan . Went and bought delicious "roti paung" and Nasi Minyak for breakfast.

Previously I did not like Nasi Minyak. But this time, am crazy about Nasi Minyak. Day and night also want to eat that. That day I had Nasi Minyak for breakfast , lunch and dinner!

Dinner was with Papa's friend. We went somewhere around Marang. Service was slow . Thus, I have time to play with my "new"/inherited phone.

Snapped some selfie

Some seaside scene. 

Wefie with Mamarazzi

Finally food was served. The fried prawns were cold but the Keropok Lekor and the fried sotong was good. Still not satisfied. I suggested we go have second round dinner at Warung Katana. The Keropok Lekor there was yummy. 

Papa said okay and off we went. Yahoo!

Stop by Warung NorAzila to tapau some nasi minyak as Papa's friend  have not eaten that for long time. I also want la. 

At Warung Katana we did not ordered much. Just ordered seafood tomyam , ABC and salted fish fried rice. The food was yummy

And of course the Keropok lekor. Gone in a blink. 

I had Nasi Minyak. Niceeeeeeee....

Next day its time to go home lo. But before that, must stop at Gerai Warisan Losong to buy some vacuum packed keropok lekor to bring home. 

And some to eat in the car... Hey... those things behind there not all mine ah... some are "Courier Service"  things.

Hey! They have expanded. They were selling Sata/Satar too. It's a traditional food. Fish paste mixed with some birds eyes chili and dunno what then grill.

Mamarazzi wanted to buy fish from Temerloh . So we stopped there for lunch. This time we went to a new shop instead of to the Esplanade. 

We went to Go Bang Maju  Patin Tempoyak. It's a self service type of restaurant. Very organised.  There is a counter where customer can go and take their food. Each dish is put into small individual plate and bowls  and price is stated clearly there. 

I only took fried chicken with rice. But Papa and Mamarazzi had the Ikan Patin with tempoyak. Wah... Mamarazzi said super spicy but nice.  Can't stop eating. 

Spicy ah... had to cool down the tongue with an ice cream or two. 

As we start journey again, I was hungry again. Found the nasi minyak that Mamarazzi packed for me in the morning.  Second round of lunch. 

As I was having my second round of lunch, Papa and Mamarazzi went to buy Patin fish to bring home, 

Tummy full...happy already... can zzz now. Can continue our journey home.

Stop by Bukit Tinggi to buy  steamed peanuts and some raw peanuts. Don't know why the peanuts here taste nicer.

Arrived home around 8pm. Traffic was rather heavy. The dog was super happy to come home after a few days in boarding. Tail wagging non-stop. 

Next day, stayed home and rest coz school re-opens on Monday.... sobs.... 


  1. Other than paying respects for Qingming, it looks like a very fruitful food-hunting trip too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Goodness!! You ate so much! I must try Nasi Minyak since you went crazy over this food.

  3. Your car's boot is always fuullll of barangs! So useful for me to carry big big stuffs too.

  4. Rest in peace, all your dearly departed. Didn't go for the udang galah?

  5. You and I can shake hands! I also can eat nasi minyak for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  6. Good 1st time experience of ching ming.

    Eating all the way in the car? So enjoy.

  7. Looks like you ate...and ate...and ate...this syiok-lah! You must really love nasi minyak a lot to have it for breakfast, lunch & dinner! :O And you'll be having more keropok lekor and patin fish since Mamarazzi tapau some for home.

  8. You eat a lot because you are a growing boy. And you really are growing so fast! Now I really want to know, what is this Nasi Minyak??? It it some kind of rice cake? Did not know you have a dog! My favorite pictures are you and your mom, she has a beautiful smile!

  9. What an amazing adventure! Such food choices! They all look delicious!

  10. I worked 7 nights straight, and all I feel right now is "Eat Eat Eat" and "Sleep Seep Sleep", lil kitten. Much love, cat.

  11. You all had a very eventful day. Actually its been a long time I haven't eaten keropok lekor. Used to enjoy it when I was working. I agree with you that most of the produce from small town always taste nicer.

  12. LOL at having the licence to ignore people calling you!

    Wah you guys are very good at cari makan. Nasi minyak also can find so many sources.

  13. very interesting to know about your wonderful outings and yummy foods :)

    thanks for sharing about "tomb sweeping day" never knew about it i have to check if google helps

  14. Got gain a few kgs or not? hehehe

  15. Long time I didnt't eat keropok lekor.. really semua makan-makan aje.. so nice!

  16. Such an eventful day! I’ve never tried nasi minyak....

  17. If go Terengganu during fasting month can get those food, especially keropok lekor?

  18. Wah, so much food. I want Patin tempoyak too.

  19. I may be repeating are so grown up now! I love seeing the fun your mom and you have. Getting some peanuts sounds yum to me.

  20. Another very interesting post and always enjoy your photos. I enjoy learning traditions from other countries and learning about Qingming, the Tomb-Sweeping Day. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching me something new.

  21. Seem like a fruitful balik kampung trip brought back so many "souvenirs"!


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