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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Restaurant Tarbush and Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid

Today we went for makan-makan with Mamarazzi's friends. We went to Restaurant Tarbush at Sunway Pyramid. It's a restaurant that serve middle eastern food. The restaurant is located at a rather secluded area at  Marrakesh side. The good thing is that the place is pretty quiet. Good venue to makan-makan and chit-chat.

I sort of like the food here. Came home asked Mamarazzi whether she knows how to cook this type of food.

Mamarazzi ordered Mandy Rice with Lamb for me but I only wanted the Lamb

I like the most is Tarbush Mix Grill which consist of Shish Kebab, Shish kebab, Lamb cubes, fries, grilled prawns and grilled arayes. No idea what is arayes so they went and google it.'s pita bread stuffed with minced lamb meat.

Second was this. Forgotten the name but I love the chicken kebab. Yum yum...

Mamarazzi and one of her friend like this . If not mistaken it's called Mazze II which consist of hommus, mutabal, arabic salda, tabouleh, falafel and kibbeh.  Stuff into the bread and eat. Very appetising.

Of course we didn't eat these by ourselves lah.. we shared. Each gets a taste of everything.

Portion wise is okay la. Price wise is a bit higher than some of the middle eastern restaurant that we have been to but we must also consider the rental there. Taste  wise, the food was good.

This yummy Chocolate steamed cake also very yummy too. Very chocolaty and not too sweet. But you can't get it at Tarbush. It's made by one of Mamarazzi's friend.

Supposed to go bowling after the brunch but then something came up. They went back instead but we went searching for the bowling alley.

It's my first time going bowling.

Saw Mamarazzi went to the counter to check out the price. Wow... she super long time have not bowled. Now price for a game  is RM13/person. Shoe rental RM3 and socks RM3. Lucky I was wearing socks . So no need to buy socks. Need to deposit a shoe with them before they give us a pair of bowling shoe.

Off we went looking for the bowling ball that ngum(suit) our weight. Wahhhhh... 6kg is min there.

After helping Mega Lanes to "Clear the drain", (It's a joke that means the ball fell into the "drain" at either sides of the lane.), I finally managed to hit a few pins. Okay la..not that bad la.

After bowling, we went jalan-jalan a bit. Saw Starbucks. I immediately went in and check whether they have used coffee ground . Need it for the garden. Guess what! they gave me one whole bag full of used coffee ground. Think they  said it's a week worth of coffee ground. Don't know how many kg but it's sure heavy.

 Ditch it in the car and Jalan-jalan cari makan some more. This time... sushi. Yum yum... Then it's time to go home.


  1. Wow, what an awesome day !!! Thank you for letting me come along, lil Kitten … smiles … Much love, cat.

  2. looks like you had fun bowling. The food looks good!

  3. Practice makes perfect! The food at that restaurant sure looks good. Aiyor!!! Why the cake mouth open so wide one? Ask your mama to make, sure will not be like that one. LOL!!!

  4. Oooh the foods at restaurant Tarbush look so good! I’ve never heard of arayes before but it sounds yummy :-)
    What a fun you played bowling. I always “clear the drain” when I go bowling!

  5. It looks as if you had a very delicious meal. I think I would have a hard time picking a favorite item. I think you did well with your first experience at bowling.

  6. Your growing up diary on the right column is so cute! Has it been there, or did you just post it? What a great idea for the coffee grounds! the food looks very good!

  7. Looks like an interesting outing gathering!

  8. Delicious food! I like these type of tasty food. Looks like a wonderful gathering and you had a wonderful time bowling too!

  9. My favourite condiment at Tarbush (or rather, Tarbush Express) is always the toum (the white garlic sauce). Which one could technically make, but still...

  10. Great that you enjoyed your outing with mom and her friends!

    How nice that you like lamb , my boys take much effort to have meat
    Although they are fond of chicken kebab

    Hitting at least few pins in first time bowling is quite good

  11. Enjoy your CNY holidays. Can get ground coffee from Starbucks foc?

  12. Wahhh.. a very productive and interesting day! Bowling some more... long time I did not hold the ball already! lol..

  13. A great post! The food always looks yummy and I like how you have put the happy faces on people to protect their privacy. What a great idea. I used to enjoy bowling too many years ago. It was fun but I can't do it any more. I noticed the comment which allowed me to look at your growing up video. What a splendid idea. You were such a cute baby and are a lovely young man. Mamarazzi must be very proud of you. Blogging is a great way of keeping a diary of your life. So enjoyable to look back on even though I have only been blogging for ten years. My son will have something to enjoy as he gets older as will you :)

  14. Wow, you guys must be happily feasting away! Happy CNY & Valentine's Day! xoxo

  15. Looks delicious lah all the food. I have been to the one at Jalan Bukit Bintang long ago.


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