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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Restaurant Tarbush and Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid

Today we went for makan-makan with Mamarazzi's friends. We went to Restaurant Tarbush at Sunway Pyramid. It's a restaurant that serve middle eastern food. The restaurant is located at a rather secluded area at  Marrakesh side. The good thing is that the place is pretty quiet. Good venue to makan-makan and chit-chat.

I sort of like the food here. Came home asked Mamarazzi whether she knows how to cook this type of food.

Mamarazzi ordered Mandy Rice with Lamb for me but I only wanted the Lamb

I like the most is Tarbush Mix Grill which consist of Shish Kebab, Shish kebab, Lamb cubes, fries, grilled prawns and grilled arayes. No idea what is arayes so they went and google it.'s pita bread stuffed with minced lamb meat.

Second was this. Forgotten the name but I love the chicken kebab. Yum yum...

Mamarazzi and one of her friend like this . If not mistaken it's called Mazze II which consist of hommus, mutabal, arabic salda, tabouleh, falafel and kibbeh.  Stuff into the bread and eat. Very appetising.

Of course we didn't eat these by ourselves lah.. we shared. Each gets a taste of everything.

Portion wise is okay la. Price wise is a bit higher than some of the middle eastern restaurant that we have been to but we must also consider the rental there. Taste  wise, the food was good.

This yummy Chocolate steamed cake also very yummy too. Very chocolaty and not too sweet. But you can't get it at Tarbush. It's made by one of Mamarazzi's friend.

Supposed to go bowling after the brunch but then something came up. They went back instead but we went searching for the bowling alley.

It's my first time going bowling.

Saw Mamarazzi went to the counter to check out the price. Wow... she super long time have not bowled. Now price for a game  is RM13/person. Shoe rental RM3 and socks RM3. Lucky I was wearing socks . So no need to buy socks. Need to deposit a shoe with them before they give us a pair of bowling shoe.

Off we went looking for the bowling ball that ngum(suit) our weight. Wahhhhh... 6kg is min there.

After helping Mega Lanes to "Clear the drain", (It's a joke that means the ball fell into the "drain" at either sides of the lane.), I finally managed to hit a few pins. Okay la..not that bad la.

After bowling, we went jalan-jalan a bit. Saw Starbucks. I immediately went in and check whether they have used coffee ground . Need it for the garden. Guess what! they gave me one whole bag full of used coffee ground. Think they  said it's a week worth of coffee ground. Don't know how many kg but it's sure heavy.

 Ditch it in the car and Jalan-jalan cari makan some more. This time... sushi. Yum yum... Then it's time to go home.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Gong Xi Fatt Chai 恭喜发财 Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐

It's the first day of Chinese New Year. Let me wish everyone here a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year . Oh ya.. learn this from my friend "恭喜发财 ,紅包拿來,  不给红包,不准进来". So ...ahem ahem... just joking

Anyway, how was your reunion dinner? Okay? This year Ah Kong and Ah Mah(Grandparents) came to town instead of we "balik kampung"(go back home town) and they stayed for reunion dinner.

This year, Tesco was selling frozen abalone very cheap. Mamarazzi also grabbed a few but how to cook ah? No idea but after asking a few some Youtube video... okay la. Can cook la.

Last week Papa was asking wanna cook what for reunion dinner ah? Mamarazzi was saying dunno.. no plan yet. Ah Ma said cincai eat la. Eat pizza also can la.

Then... then... then... the influence of Facebook again. So many picture of poon choi dish  pop up. Seem like this year "heng"(trendy/popular) having "Poon Choi"a.k.a. Treasure Pot. Poon Choi is basically a collection  of good food served in a big claypot.

We had had Pooon Choi at restaurants before and tasted good though it was quite pricey. But to cook Poon ah? How to cook?

Mamarazzi being Mamarazzi... of course pakai hentam (simply wack) again la. Just sumbat(stuffed) everything into the pot and boil... errr...sorry no claypot... normal pot also can la. Don't know how to make the broth/gravy just used back the water from boiling abalone, dried oyster and scallop as soup/gravy base la.  Added into the pot are..cabbage, yacon, broccoli, super shy prawns, dried oyster, stuffed mushroom, abalone , roast pork...alamak...not enough space for roast pork... okay just do magic la.

Magic show... roast pork becomes a separate dish by itself. Add some fried chicken. 

Some "treasure bags" aka fried wantan and Fried enoki mushroom wrapped in wantan skin. Papa added some century eggs.

Super-duper sweet lotus root soup. Added into the soup was peanuts, dried oyster, scallop, yacon , goji, red dates and "phoenix claw"(chicken feet la).

Another magic dish. Not enough space to stuff into the Poon Choi Pot. The extra sweet pea and broccoli becomes another dish after she added some enoki mushroom a stir fried again. Kinda over cooked but can la....

What's the moral of the story? You'll need a bigger pot to cook Poon Choi. *LOL* Overall, Poon Choi was not that hard to make . It looked good and tasted good. Plus it's quite economical as compared to cooking all the dishes individually. Doesn't waste food too, as you can estimate how many pieces of goodies to put in for each person who is eating.

Blurp..... super-duper full dinner. Wash it down with an Ice-cream and also play some Pop Pop at the car porch. Yea.... now can't play fire works anymore.

Papa asked Mamarazzi to prepared some ang pau. ... I also wanna "help" la. Received a few angpau via Ah Mah's courier service. Thank you very much.

Ahem... guess what.... despite the heavy dinner, I was hungry again an hour later. Went and cook Yee Mee to eat and added TWO eggs into the noodle. Mamarazzi said she thought this is the year of Pig. Not the year of come the eggs in the fridge gone missing so fast ah???

Tonight, had another heavy dinner...but that's another story...maybe. ....

Meantime, goodnight and sweet dreams.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

January 2019 Wrap Up

Hello again everybody. Yea.. we have gone missing again since mid December 2018. 

Nothing much to report for December 2018. Mamarazzi was not in the mood to do anything. Not even to put up Christmas tree, She keep saying tired, So we hang out at home. And on Christmas Day we hang out at shopping mall. Yes... I have grow much taller, right? Yea... Mamarazzi said so too. Will be taller than her soon.

But she did helped me to bake a batch of cookies for Christmas Party held at my tuition centre. The cookies were very yummy. I get to decorate some of them... errr... those ugly ones she let me eat and I use the leftover icing to decorate as I wish.

In January, a fresh school terms starts. Busy busy busy. Again have to wake up early to go to school.

Mamarazzi was busy with her Big Bad Wolf Books hoard. She got her mojo to read again and looking for KL Noir series ever since. She saw in  Facebook that a lady found KL Noir books at a clearance sale in Evolve Mall. The lady said have to hunt for it as the books were jumbled up.

One evening after we had dinner, Mamarazzi asked Papa to drop us at that mall for 30 minutes.  Mamarazzi asked my help to find KL Noir books for her. Hey! what do you know. I found them within 5 minutes. Got myself a comic about  our Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir too.

Next week is Chinese New Year. Mamarazzi did not have mood to prepare CNY goodies this year till very late. A few friends enquired whether she will be selling but she decline.Super-duper hot weather.

Only last week did she started to have "wind" to make CNY goodies. Started with Nian Gao(Chinese sticky Glutinous Rice Cake) and followed by fry Chinese Arrowhead Chips. Eight hours of straight frying yield two containers of the chips. Distributed most to friends already. Left only the yellow container. And by end of last week, only half the yellow container is left.

 Went and bought another 9.5kg of Chinese Arrowhead to make chips.

Monday, her "tornado" came. Made Pineapple tarts. Yea... due to influence from FB again.

Gosh ...what would this world be without FB?

She saw in FB , friends making cute little piggy shaped pineapple tarts. She also wanna try her hand on some la, Wah... not easy to shape the tarts leh. The dough was so soft and hard to handle. 

In the end, she only managed to make 1 tray of piglets pineapple tarts.

The rest, she just roll into balls and poke a clove into it to make it look like mini oranges. 

At the same time she was multitasking too. Made final batch of Nian Gao. Not so nice looking this time as the fire too big. It overflowed but no leak. 

Yesterday she fried the 9,5kg of Chinese Arrowhead. Took her another 8 hours to complete. She also made final batch of pineapple tarts. 

I came home from school and polished off one layer of the tarts. Oh boy... it was very delicious. I wanted to eat second layer of pineapple tarts but she don't let. Wait for today. 

Oh ya... did I tell you she also "Made" " pig trotter"? It's a joke which means  feet or leg that is swollen till look like a pig trotter. Ya, it's the end result of her two days of baking and frying marathon. 

Hey, no worries. After a night rest, her feet are okay already. The swelling subsided.

okay... here to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year (just in case Mamarazzi lazy to blog ) and a Happy February.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Travel Until You Find Your Destination In Life

Travel is by far one of the most incredible things that you can do in your life. It's something that gives
you the opportunity to explore and move around endlessly until you find what you're looking for. Most
of the time, no one really knows what that is until they've found it, which is already an experience
within itself. If you still haven't gone off on your adventure yet, it's worth asking yourself why. Is it
because you feel as though you have too many responsibilities to take care of, like your job, or your
family, or your social commitments? Well, whatever the reason may be, have you ever thought that it
may be your comfort excuse? Something that you use in order to get out of things that you're
nervous about. You see, the initial idea of travelling can be extremely daunting, and this is perfectly
normal to see it this way. You're essentially going somewhere that you've never been to before, while
the people are speaking a language around you that you don't understand, as well as new cultures and delicacies you don't know anything about. Because of all of this, it can have you feeling vulnerable, but you need to realise that vulnerability isn't a bad thing. You can learn and discover so much about yourself just from letting go and allowing yourself to flow with the waves. One thing that will be beneficial to you, is knowing that there really is no right time to do anything in life. You, in fact, make the time right.

There are so many different roads that you can take in order to get to one destination, but there are
also many different destinations to reach too. Every different stage of your life is another chapter to
complete, and what better way to explore those by being in a new environment every time?

Your surroundings play a huge part in your overall well being. The outside world effects you in so
many ways that you wouldn't even realise. For example, if you are used to living in a city, you will be
used to industrial life, places full of artichect, traffic, and a general rush of life. So to go from this setting
to a place where trees have never been greener, the air has never smelt fresher, and the mother
nature has been untouched - this a shock to the system in all the right ways. This is also why people
swear that travel helps your mental health, because it takes you out of your rut - literally and

So here's all you need to know about travelling until you find just what you're looking for, and more.

Don't carry too much.
When on your travels, you will be very tempted to pack as many things as you can, as it's very easy
to find another reason or scenarios where you'll need to bring another pair of shoes. But you'll soon
learn that with travelling, less is certainly more. If you want to be able to move from place to place
without all the unnecessary baggage, then carry light. Having said that, there will be times where you
see something that you can't ignore and you must buy it, no matter how random it may be. When
moments like this arise, you shouldn't feel as though you can't have what you want, but if you're
worried about trying to transport it wherever you go, then ship it! If you want to purchase souvenirs
along the way, then don't let anything stop you. Once you reach a storage limit, simply have your
things posted to your friends or family back in your hometown that can hold onto everything while
keeping it safe for the time being.

Know when to pause.
No matter wherever you go, remember that you can stop whenever and wherever you wish. There are
no rules as to how long you're on the move for, it just depends what you fall in love with. You may be
travelling around Asia and make a stop in Singapore, and immediately know where you need to be so
you look at an HDB for rent. Finding a place to rent gives you the chance to slow things down and
really enjoy where you are and the lifestyle that surrounds you, learning as much as you can. You can
settle down for a few months, or maybe even a year. Learn the language, the culture, and build more
around you as your chapter goes on. As mentioned earlier, life seems to be so fast-paced nowadays
that it's essential to take time out to pause and appreciate all the wonderful things out there.

Be a social butterfly.
You will come across so many different people when you travel, and that's one of the reasons it's such
a beautiful thing to do. As a human, we long to make connections, that's something that we require in
order to survive and be happy. Travelling allows you to meet people you may have never come across
in your ordinary life. You get to meet locals that take pleasure from teaching you new things and
showing you all the hidden gems that their country has to offer. And you will also meet other
like-minded travellers that are out there on their own adventure and answering questions about
themselves. You can share stories and learn about their own reasons as to why they're doing this,
giving you a little inspiration, and possibly even inspiring others yourself. And who knows, you may
end up making some friends for life.

Now you see what things to think about and what benefits that they offer you, there is no time like the
present. Life is full of so much wonder and fascination, and yet it is cruelly fast and over before you
know it, so don't let time consume you and take control over the things that you want to see and do in
your life. There is a lot that we can't control, and that can be very scary and frustrating at times, but
rather than spend your life stressing about these things, focus on what you do have a say over, like
what choices and decisions you make in your life. Every little choice adds up and puts you on a new
road, and where you go is entirely up to you.

It's always a good idea to speak to your family and friends and let them know your plans. They will be
able to give you their opinion and support. You have to be prepared for some people to be against
getting up and leaving the country, as they will have their own fears and insecurities about things,
which is of course understandable. But at the end of the day, if this is something that you want to do,
then you need to do it. This is your life, and so you're in charge of the happiness you allow yourself to
have. Some people may not understand certain choices and decisions that you make as a result, but
some will. Some, if not all will be excited and joyful of the idea that you're doing something you've
always wanted to do, and are beginning the rest of your life the way you want to. Just be sure to take
plenty of photos and videos to send back to them so they can all be jealous of your amazing travels
around this oh so beautiful world.

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