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Monday, 16 December 2019

November 2019 Highlights

On 31st October 2019, Mamarazzi went to the grand opening of BookXcess at Sunsuria Forum Setia Alam. Why ? Because this outlet is pretty unique. It have a cave liked access. Inside, you can find almost everything an avid reader want. There  are plenty of corner and nooks for one to sit comfortably and read or do ones assignment. I didn't get to go because it was a schooling day.

She got a goodies bag because she was one of the first 100 customers there. Also won some vouchers from KLBAC games. 

Though I didn't get to go, but she bought me a yummy rainbow cake from Wolf Cafe and surprised me when she came to pick me up. 

On 2nd November 2019, there was no schooling. She finally brought me to BookXcess Sunsuria Forum.

 I fell in love with it.

I love the nooks and corner for me to sit and enjoy the books there.

Found some books that I like and brought it home. Guess how much we paid for this pile of books? We paid RM6.45 only... because we used up all the gift vouchers. 

Me and my books. 

My school report card day(PTA Day) was in November too. After picking up the report card I came home and helped Mamarazzi to prepare plant cutting for Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre event . 

The next day we went to help out and distribute free plants at Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre.

It was also Papa and Mamarazzi big day. I treat them to an expensive dinner. 

Also had a hard time choosing my costume. I was involved in a dance performance. How do I look in the costume? 

The BIG day finally arrived. 

Our team did pretty well. Teachers from other centres remarked that they didn't expect the performance need to be so perfectly synchronised. Our Centre also won the best art work made from recyclables. 

Before month end, we went to pick up some BBW preview passes . Thank you Uncle Andrew !

Our man's best friend was also discovered to be making some funny face. 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale @ MIECC 5th-16 Dec 2019- 2nd Round

We were crazy. We went to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale AGAIN yesterday. Guess what time? It was witching hour. Crazy right? Who goes book shopping at 3am ? Well surprisingly there were quite a number of people there. BBW sale opens 24 hours a day till 16th DECEMBER 2019. Don't miss out!

What did we buy? Books of course! *LOL* . It was LOVELY.  Most of the books found at the Preview were gone. Now there are new titles on the floor. Keen to know what books were there yesterday? Here is the link to Mamarazzi's Facebook post. She had snap some photos of the books.

 These are some of the books we managed to find.

These books and the ones above are mine. Am so happy with the find. It was so nice to do midnight shopping there. The crowd was not as bad as during the preview day. No carts cluttering the aisle.

Mamarazi managed to buy a lot of children books for her friend.

For herself, she managed to find these. There are a new section called TREASURE ISLAND. Yup...books there are odd titles and each book cost RM6 ONLY. Not all are new books but there are some really good titles there. A real treasure island! Do drop by Treasure Island if you are there.

My most happy find is this. It's a curious box. There are bento set in it. A FARTING balloon. A comic book . And a toilet roll with graphic of human anatomy. It cost RM15 only!

 Mamarazzi said she regretted buying this for me as I kept making farting sound.

Payment counters was a breeze. The pretty Jie Jie there were very helpful and kind. As we were exiting BBW, I saw the message board. Hmm... my message during the preview day was gone. Thought want to leave another message but i saw stamps on the table. Mamarazzi said I can use it to stamp my books.

 Happily I managed to stamp some books before Mamarazzi dragged me away coz she said want to beat the morning traffic.

Oh ya.. We managed to redeem an awesome BBW note book and button badge . Totally in love with it.

As we were exiting the sale, a polite security kor kor asked to check our receipts. It was near the table where they sell button badges. Mamarazzi saw that i was eyeing the button badges and said i could choose 5 for my bag. Nice? I pin them on my new backpack.

She also bought a stationery set for me . Those who bought books from BBW with a minimum of RM150 in a single receipt is eligible to buy stationery set at RM9.90. Normal price rm28.90. And our receipt was definitely more than that.

First stop... to find breakfast. Went to Sri Petaling. There is a Nasi Lemak stall that sells very DELICIOUS nasi lemak at Jalan Radin Tengah, opposite Lucky Restaurant. We pack some home and dropped by a friend's home and pass her all the children books.

Next... to go home. I was supposed to be the navigator but Mamarazzi said halfway "waze" had gone to dreamland. Can't blame me as i was very sleepy leh. Sleepy but it was fun. I asked Mamarazzi to go again today but she said her feet "jellified" already ...scary to drive so far.

Her prized loot from this hunt was this. It's being turn into a drama . It's an awesome book according to Mamarazzi.

Check out the author's announcement and see the trailer. 

There are FOUR(4) more days for the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. Do drop by the sale if you have not done so.
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Arrived home, the man's best friend was unhappy.

Sulk coz left home alone. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post nor a sponsored post. It's just a record of what we found at BBW this year. 

Friday, 6 December 2019

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2019 Preview Day

This year, thanks to Mr Wolf... me and my friends have the chance to go for Big Bad Wolf Books Sale preview again. Thank you very much for giving me so many passes to share with me and my friends...though Mamarazzi took some for her friends too.

Mamarazzi is a member of KLBAC and we got our Preview Pass stamped there. KLBAC members can enter the sale an hour early . Thank you to the KLBAC Admin for extending this kind gesture . An awesome bunch of people.

Lucky we got in an hour early as when the Bulk Buyer and Personal Shopper swooped in...the aisle at the back of the Children Section were jam up with shopping carts full of books. Not sure why and what they are waiting for back there but Mamarazzi find it hard to manoeuvre pass all those carts that are full of same copies of books.

She gave up after sometime. Why Mamarazzi was there? Coz she was helping a friend to find some board books for her grandson.

Our FIRST purchase from BBW this year. Yup! a new T-shirt. I have outgrown my preview years BBW T-shirts and Mamarazzi had expand sideways too. *LOL*.

Mamarazzi said wash first then only can wear. But  I don't care. I wanna wear it immediately. Oh ya... OCBC Bank is BBW official bank this year and they have provided a lot of freebies for BBW visitors. One of which is the playland.

Bump into my schoolmate there!

Leaving a love note to Mr Wolf and the Team 

A last photo before leaving the sale.

 Went in 8am and came out 4pm with a cart  full plus another big trolley bag(not in the picture) full of books.

Usually when arrived home it's Mamarazzi who is busy snapping photos of our haul...but this year I took over the job. Do you like how I presented the books?

Mamarazzi is very happy this year as she managed to find many of books for herself. This round her loot is nearly as many as mine.

Our best loot of the day? This box. RM15 only

What's inside the box?  A good quality Backpack , comic, playing cards, sticker pens and a few other items. Awesome find!

At the sale we joined a photo contest too. WOW! what a surprised. This morning they announced that we are one of the lucky winners!

For those who wish to see what we found at Preview Day  check out Mamarazzi's Facebook

Further information on Big Bad Wolf Books Sale are as follows :-

🐺 AWOOO!!! 🐺
🔥 The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be back in Kuala Lumpur soon! 🔥
Book lovers, you’re in for a party!
The World’s Biggest Book Sale is finally in town again, celebrating its 10th ANNIVERSARY!
Be ready for a big, bad carnival with 4.5 MILLION books at 75% to 95% discount!
Celebrate 10 years of your favourite books, at the prices you love, right here in Kuala Lumpur.
Mark your calendars, plan your journey, and get ready to (book) hunt BIG!

TAG all your friends in the comments below!
💸 75% - 95% DISCOUNT
🔥 6 - 16 DECEMBER 2019
🕒 24 HOURS
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Monday, 21 October 2019

Summary For August , September and October 2019

Hi! Mamarazzi have not been updating my diary for many weeks. Shall we retain this blog or let it go? It' has been 10 years. Does anyone know any printing services that can print out blog post and make it into a book form?

11th August 2019

Felt like having dim sum. Last minute found one dim sum offer. Celestial Dynasty Restaurant in PJ offering Dim Sum Buffet for RM38 per person. The Dim sum tasted so-so la. But the soups and fried stuffs were nice.

Join in the Boba Tea Craze

12th August 2019

Went dating with Mamarazzi at Sunway Pyramid. Discover my love for coffee, 

Taught Mamarazzi how to use Apps in the phone to find the exact location of the shops that she is looking for but still she couldn't grasp the concept.

 Went to Popular Book Fair to get some reading materials.

25th August 2019

Preparing some mooncakes for Mooncake festival. This year Mamarazzi made Owl Shaped mooncakes for my teachers. 

5th September 2019

Making lantern out of recyclables items found in the house for Lantern competition

13th September 2019

Lantern festival celebration day and the haze is back. We got like 1 week off from school due to the terrible haze. 

 Celebrating Lantern Festival with friends and teachers. 

My lantern won the 6th place. 

19th September 2019

Crazy about sushi. Mamarazzi made 2 big plates full and ate ate it all. She doesn't like sushi.

28th September 2019

Ran my 4th or 5th Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon -Kids Dash . Thank you , Auntie Lina for the awesome photo. 

Lucky no more haze. 

13th October 2019
My Popo(maternal grand mother) pass away. My first time experiencing death and Buddhist rites up close. 

She was laid to rest in a beautiful garden. 

The End
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