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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Internet is a Life Essential

We are now living in the modern age of technology and technology now practically now runs the world. There is technology all around us and we are practically using technology in every thing that we do. And every single day we are advancing forward with the technology that we have and our researchers, technologists and innovators are finding ways to advance our technology. As per technology's usual agenda, it's ultimate goal is always to make our lives easier, faster and quicker - and one of the most useful products of technology is the internet. The internet has enabled us to connect to anyone with around the world instantly and conveniently. The internet has also paved avenues for other technologies to advance. Thus the internet is actually now an essential to live a life that is up to the times. 

Currently, you can't live a life that is maximized and as fast as the world is revolving. The internet has enabled us to live life faster and to make our tasks easier, and it has uncountable applications in our lives now. 

The Internet is essential for maximizing the use of our smartphones 

We are now living in a time where we all have our smartphones in our hands or in our pockets - it's because our smartphone is the quickest way to connect us to the internet. And our smartphones are the most useful and it is also the most equipped with the most softwares and applications that can help us get our lives be lived easier. 

Our smartphones and tablets like the ones in are equipped with a lot of applications and softwares that are up to the times - however, a lot of these applications require a reliable connection to the internet. 

The combination of the internet and the smartphone is a very powerful weapon and tool in this day and age, and these are some of the applications and their nature that you can utilize: 

  1. Social Media - Social media is one of the quickest ways to be connect with the world and its current events. It is also one of the quickest and easiest ways to stay informed and aware about what's happening in this world. Also, social media is also the best platform to express your thoughts and feelings to the world, and it is also the one of the quickest ways to share art and business. Social media has been one of the best platforms for communication and connecting with people with anyone in the world. 
  2. Video Calls are also enabled with the use of the internet - and it is critical and very useful for people who have relatives and friends that are abroad or out in a very far location - this can help people feel like that they are in the presence of their loved ones. 
  3. Education - the internet has been a big help to students and researchers any where around the world. The internet has made it easier to research and search for knowledge that will take you hours to search for in a library. With one click on the search engine, you open up a whole wide world of information that can be utilized in any research. Also, the Ivy League schools have now released their manuscripts and academic research materials to the online world and it can be easily accessed now by anyone - and this makes the internet an essential for educational progress and the internet makes of a tool that is efficient and effective for any student that connects to it. 
  4. Online Workplaces – The internet has also enabled us to work in online workplaces or online platforms. And the convenience and productivity that these online workplaces bring improves the lives of anyone who hops onto it. The availability of online workplaces has various advantages to whoever who uses it. For students, they can utilize online workplaces to be able to work with their classmates or groupmates at the comfort of their own homes, and they can now say goodbye to the days where they have to physically meet up to do their assignments. And as per employees, they can now utilize online workplaces to actually acquire and work from employers who are in the same online workplace. 

This is why the internet is such an essential tool in this day and age and why it is such a powerful tool that is of our advantage.


  1. Of course I cannot live without internet today. So I need good, reliable and fast speed! I am looking for a new gadget or smartphone now.

  2. yes, it is source of information (though many are not trusted). But at least can learn new skills/get knowledge from internet!

  3. How did we manage those days before there was internet?

  4. it is true...
    for me: no day without internet.
    have a great day

  5. Hello, I can not imagine not having the internet. Great post. Have a happy day!

  6. I can remember when we had a set of encyclopedias or you had to go to the library to do your homework. Things are much easier now.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Now our library have computers. Can search for information through there

  7. Yes, I cannot live without the smartphone and internet these days

  8. I like that I can interact with my family in Japan easily with smartphone. Though, my mom is resisting to have one as she isn’t sure if she can use it. I hope she will change her mind :-)

  9. it's a necessity nowadays but most of the time people are bogged down with games

  10. My iPhone and laptop are windows to the world, I owe a lot on both, butwe have to keep it in mind that Internet has both advantages and disadvantages like dark bullying, harmful sites, and so on. Have happy days ahead.


  11. I agree with you. I can't imagine a life without internet. How did people survive in past without internet :-)?

  12. I totally agree! Internet is what makes the world go round! LOL - it seems it runs our household these days! Nearly every hour of the day, even!

  13. Sadly how do we live without it! I can’t imagine even though I have when I was younger....,

  14. Yes, what would we do without our internet now :)


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