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Monday, 5 November 2018

Wan Tee Longan Farm, Sg Pelek 2018

After visiting OUG morning marketing we still have a lot of time to spend. Where to go leh? Mamarazzi asked Papa of he is not too tired then can go Sg Pelek and Tj Sepat for a half day trip as Kaw Kaw LC have yet to have  her favourite fishball and Longan.

Papa told Mamarazzi to call up the Longan farm boss see if longan is available now. The boss said it's not season yet. Now in season is Pomelo Orange.

Mamarazzi told the boss we just want 1kg  longan only. Many times Kaw Kaw LC come back and it's not in season yet. Luckily the boss replied that he will go to the farm and  pluck 1kg for us.

Off we went. One and a half hour journey. The adults not tired, but am tired already leh.

Energy recharged. ... plus got a bottle of 100Plus for my thirst. 

Walked around while the helper went and get our Longan. 

Many nice plants there.

Pomelo Orange on the tree. 

sadly, many dropped too. Probably due to bad weather. 

Our freshly harvested basket of Longan. It's not Ping Pong Longan but still.....

Super sweet and juicy

Taste much different from those sold in market and pasar malam. 

Some of the fruits sold there.

Here is the address for the farm. Best give the owner a call before you head over as the farm is only open on weekends.

Address: 2, Jalan 30, Taman Sri Sungai Pelek, Selangor, 43950 Sepang
Phone: 012-385 2728


  1. We do not have these fruits here. I have never seen the inside of one, so unusual!

  2. A fun and interesting post. First time that I have seen Longan. It looks very interesting and wish I could taste. I haven't seen them in the supermarket I go to that has more exotic kind of vegetables and fruit. Hopefully one day :)

  3. Wah so good la to have the boss pluck the longans for you guys some more

  4. I've never tried longan. The fruit looks fascinating! How nice you got to enjoy freshly harvested ones :-)

  5. Oh, small kitten, for a second I thought a new lil kitten in your arms in that first pic … smiles … Love, cat.

  6. Very nice to go for a farm visit. The produce is fresh from harvest and will taste super sedap.

  7. nice to see so good longan growing here

  8. Nice to eat longan fresh from the tree. I planted one but no fruit, so I chopped it down.

  9. Why not in season but still can get the fruits? o.O

  10. I wonder how the Pomelo Orange tasted? Half orange and Half pomelo?

  11. I must visit these farms again to see the longan trees. It has been many years.

  12. I have never tried pomelo orange - so interesting!
    Will visit this farm one day. Looks like a nice place to jalan-jalan.

  13. Ooh fun, fun. This farm isn't far off the usual roads, so can still drop by and see what harvest they have for sale.


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