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Friday, 23 November 2018

The Garden BBQ Buffet Steamboat, Sri Petaling

Sometime last month, don't know what wind blow Mamarazzi and a few of us went to makan buffet.
Cari punya cari they decided to eat at this restaurant. Parking was a big headache, but Papa managed to find a parking riiiiiiiight at the front of the restaurant.

Woah weee what's a boat doing in  here?!

What do we have here on the boat? A buffet of fresh food. There were various shell fish,  fish meat,  slices of octopus, slices of squid, prawns, vegetables, mushrooms, neatly packed noodles in big glass jars and many more .

At the other side of the restaurant there were a few chillers of marinated meat such as chicken wing, lamb, meat slices ,steamboat ingredients and BBQ ingredients.

But I like this the most. There were various fruits that you can eat as it is or make into rojak. I like  to dip them into chocolate as they have a chocolate fountain too. Oh ya! Did I mention that they have marshmallows too?

On second thought, this is my favourite. Three chillers full of ice cream . 

For those who have phobia on sharing scoops ice  cream (yea... some buffet have big tubs of ice cream where patrons can scoop but the scoop sometimes were sticky due to many hands had touch it. That can put off some people) they can opt for nicely wrapped ice cream. They have ice cream potong, ice cream cones and various flavour of ice cream.

Mamarazzi's favourite. Yup.... coffee ice cream. Taste pretty good.

There were a section for fried food stuff. They have fried rice, nuggets, fried chicken wings and such. Their fried rice was pretty good . Chinese tea and soft drinks were free flowing. 

Another of her favourite is this. The good thing about this place is that ones does not need to rush for it. They are very generous with prawns and other type of expensive seafood, The staffs kept replenishing them very fast. That's what you call "eat-all-you-can".

We were surprised that every half an hour they have this game of catching live prawns. Not for the faint hearted. The staffs would release live prawns into the aquarium . The patrons were given a small cup and a food tongs to catch the prawns with.

First round Mamarazzi caught 4 prawns and I caught 1. Second round Mamarazzi didn't catch anything but I  caught 2. Third round we both caught 2.  I wanted to go for fourth round but Mamarazzi said no. Said time to go home wor.

Jeng Jeng! XXL size fresh prawn that I caught with my own hand. Very juicy and sweet.

While the rest go for the steamboat, I went for the grill. I had fun grilling stuffs for everyone to eat.

Yup... I  was nominated as the person in charge  of the grill. 

Bon appetit.

I like this place la. Price wise also okay considering the amount of fresh food offered.  The price? Oh ya. .. the buffet price for adult (as at 28/10/2018) was RM48. Child 120cm to 140cm RM25. Child 90cm to 120cm RM15. Errrrrr... I kena adult price liao lo. Exceeded the height.

Here is the address if you wanna try out the food . But be sure to go early ya coz the place is usually very crowded. We were told that they don't accept reservation on weekend we we call up that day.

Address: 1G, Jln Radin Bagus 7, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


  1. Sounds fun to catch prawns.

    And can eat after that. More fun

  2. Oh my! The prawns are so big!!! We have a nice place here but the prawns are the size of my little finger, not worth the trouble of peeling.

  3. Price not bad lah.
    Make sure J eats a lot baru berbaloi. Hahaha

  4. Wow, this is awesome! We have no steamboat here.

  5. Lovely, lovely sea food, lil kitten … Anything and everything seafood I love so much. Wish I was there … Always, cat.

  6. Yum! That looks like a very nice buffet restaurant! Cool boat :-) I like that they have wrapped ice cream!

    1. Agree that this is one of the better ones. Maybe that is why they have so many customers

  7. I love buffets. Can eat until perut buncit.

  8. Such a good variety of food. Now this is a buffet that's worth it ;)

    1. ya lor... can eat a lot and no time limit too

  9. What... I thought it would be very pricey after all your good comments. With the catch live prawns activity some more. Until the price is almost an anti-climax haha.

  10. Wait! What!! RM48 is freaking dirt cheap. That's the first thing I look for it first. I thought it's going to be over RM100 but oh my! Really banyak murah!

    1. Maybe that's why so many people eating there.

  11. That jeng jeng looks real big

  12. I enjoy eating any type of buffets like this.

  13. Oh my... those prawns and so many diff icecream! :D

  14. Be careful not to eat excessively.
    You need to train running marathon. That is fun.

    1. Hahaha... no worries...december have bookaton

  15. wonder there is crowd all the time! i've never been to this restaurant bcoz the crowd freaks me off!

  16. What a fun place for steamboat, grill and best is that you can catch your own prawns.


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