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Friday, 2 November 2018

Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle, OUG

After going to Free Tree Society Plant Giveaway , we went to Petaling Street. Mainly because Mamarazzi wanted to buy  the famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck. Long time have not eaten that. Kaw Kaw LC was looking for Pineapple Tarts to bring back to NZ.

Mamarazzi found her roast duck and I bought fried bihun for breakfast at Petaling Street. Mamarazzi also gave me money to get a bottle of Soya Bean /Milk to go with the bihun.  While Kaw Kaw LC was buying Pineapple tarts, she went to a famous bakery shop to buy Egg Tarts. Unfortunately, the tarts quality had dropped a lot since the last time she bought. Plus there was a terms of minimum purchase of 6 pieces. Not allowed to buy less than that. Guess, this would be the last time Mamarazzi buying from there.

Kaw Kaw LC found her pineapple tarts and we have more than 12 hours to kill before she have to reach airport.

Next stop, Overseas Union Garden morning market. Despite nearly 11am, the market was still ongoing. Nice place to walk as it have many variety of goods. Halfway walking, Mamarazzi got honked by a car. Uiks! surprise. It's one of her new gardening friend.

Saw these steel straws being sold. Hot item now as government planned to ban plastic straws. RM13 a box. But she didnt buy as she don't know whether it's stainless steel or not.

She bought some mini pots for her succulents and Kaw Kaw LC found some more Pineapple Tarts.

Papa was hungry. He went and eat first. Nearby there was a shop selling fresh seafood. I wanted Salmon. Kaw Kaw LC bought a box for me at RM35.

Ever seen anyone eating Salmon in a Beef Noodle Restaurant?

Yup, Mamarazzi was hungry then and she read from FB that there is a new Air-conditioned Beef Noodle Restaurant in OUG. Found it near OUG market .

 They had beef noodle while I had salmon.  Mamarazzi said taste wise not bad. 

Three bowls of beef noodles and a  bowl of stomach cost around RM35 only.  Price wise considered okay as quite a lot of meat in the bowl and also it's an air-conditioned restaurant.

The operation hours. 

Address: 44-58, Jalan 16, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


  1. What a fun day! But a shame about the tarts. Yes, selling plastic straws is frowned on here, too. Probably only a matter of time until they are banned.

  2. Wah, you guys sure jalan & makan a lot that day!

  3. Kulai Johore also famous for beef noodles kah? I know Seremban one, but not nice lah, that one. Not to my taste.

    1. It depends on tastebuds . Some like heavy taste some like lighter taste

  4. So much good food.

    I'm not too sure about getting those straws... would definitely forget to bring them out.

  5. Time well spent! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Great news about plastic straws being banned!

  7. Wahh... didn't know got stainless steel straws to replace plastic ones..

  8. Aw too bad the tart is not as good as before. I've seen paper straws but not steel ones. They may get more popular as plastic ones are being removed.

  9. Much snow here in Alberta, lil kitten … would love some hot chicken/ beef noodle soup … smiles … Much love, cat.

  10. I go KL, we jio Uncle Pete go eat, Ok?

  11. Banning plastic straws is a step in the right direction. From the look of it, I think they do look like stainless steel.

  12. Your food is making me hungry ;-)

  13. Yummy here and there.
    Yummy from the beginning until the end.

  14. I bet the beef noodles are better than the one I had.

  15. If you planning to buy the stainless steel straw, remember to get the special brush also :P

  16. Good and timely reminder for me to look for those metal straws. I heard they are made from thin steel pipes and won't rust.

  17. I wonder if I need the straws. We order hot drinks - no straws and a couple of restaurants are already serving chilled drinks with a clean glass on the side. If need be, I can always tissue off the sides .. I'm still thinking about it. Wait and see! :P


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