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Friday, 9 November 2018

Hunt For The Fishballs and Salted Fish @Tanjung Sepat 2018

And the journey continues.... but my mouth is itchy leh. Looking for something to munch. Ahah.... just nice ... roast duck. Mamarazzi opened a packet of the Petaling Street Sze Ngan Chye roast Duck to munch in the car.

Hey! Mamarazzi bluffed me. this is not drumstick. It's drummet. 

Oh well, pretty soon we arrived at the place where Lovers Bridge Restaurant used to be. I like going into the shop there coz got lotsa things to see. Yikes! bamboo stick is selling for RM23.80 a piece. Wah lau eh... means Aunty Karen and Aunty YL have a fortune in their backyard leh. 

Saw this candy in some dragon pots. Yups... dragon pots are well sought after but many people. Asked Mamarazzi to buy me one... candy of course...not the dragon pot. 

AT the side of the shop also have nice area for people to snap photos. Here I am riding on the back of a dragon and eating my candy. 

Not bad. Candy cum free tooth extractor. Saves from spending money to go to the dentist.  

Found the fishballs. Kaw kaw finally get to eat the fishball before she fly off. 

I wanted to walk to the end of the Lovers Bridge but Mamarazzi was too lazy. Said weather too hot. Kaw Kaw accompanied me and I managed to "bodek" her to buy me an Ice Cream,

Tada! my KL Tower!

Hunting for Salted Fish. Last trip the old man selling salted fish was not around. This round we were lucky. Spotted him selling fishballs. He said he have salted fish  but have to go home and take. While he went home, we drove around the village.

It' just a very tiny village. Went to Baywatch Restaurant to browse around and was surprised that new Loever Bridge Restaurant is built just opposite Baywatch Restaurant, And there was another same outlet of knick knack shop right by the seaside. Went in and managed to "bodek" another Ice cream from Kaw Kaw. 

After awhile , we went and pick up the salted fish and went to the next stop.

....To Be Cont'd....


  1. Looks like you had a nice day out. I see you have a good appetite too. That ice cream cone is huge, lol. I wasn't sure if that tooth on the candy was your tooth or if the candy is made like that. If it is made like that I don't think I could eat it. Thank you for the visit to my blog and the book recommendation. I will look for the book at the library here.

    1. I had a wobbly tooth and that candy was sticky type. The tooth came off when i pulled the candy. LOL

  2. Alamak!!! Your tooth came off??? *faints*

  3. Oh dear! I can see your tooth stuck to the candy! That is a good way to extract your tooth. So you managed to get 2 ice creams from your Kaw Kaw!

    1. hahahaha.... good also . else the wobbly tooth would have irritated me to no ends

  4. What a fun day!! Have never seen an ice cream done this way! Looks so good. And I like the dragon. I bet I could spend all day just looking around. But too bad it was so hot! You are growing so fast now that the umbrella touches your head!

    1. It's actually 2 ice cream cones. Papa finished his ice cream cone and doesnt want it anymore so I stuck it to mine.

  5. Out on a foodie trail! Have fun!

  6. You're definitely good at getting ice cream treats!

  7. OH no - lollipops and candy are no good for the teeth (unless you want to take them out?)

  8. Love your photo riding the back of the dragon! And your ice cream!
    Glad you got fishball and salted fish :-)

  9. Wah. Munching on roasted duck in the car, must be satisfying.

    Haha. Love your photo riding the Dragon.

  10. I love fish ball…. lovely series of photos.

    have a great day

  11. Oh my! Not pain meh when your tooth came out with your candy? It's a sign you shouldn't have too much candy already.


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