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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Early Dinner at Restaurant Asam Laut, Tanjung Sepat

Next stop? Makan(eat) again lo... This time we had an early dinner before heading to KL International Airport.

It was easy to order as they have menu with photo of the dishes Papa wanted fried Oyster.  

We also had Salted Egg baby Octopus. 

Sweet Potatoes leaves stir fried with garlic.

Soupy Steamed Lala for me

Hmmm...boring eating like that way of eating... People have Yong Tau Foo..I made Yong Lala. Mamarazzi said am playing with my food. Not hungry but she was surprised I managed to eat most of it.

On the way to airport still itchy mouth leh. Ate half a red bean paste pau

plus nicked some of Kaw Kaw's fishballs

On the way home... tapau supper, 

Hungry ma....


  1. Aiyor!!! All the nice food and you say boring!!! Next time, just tapao and give to me, I finish all for you. :D

  2. OMG!!! You really can eat a lot. Papa will have to work harder to feed you. LOLOL

  3. I think I will enjoy your Yong Lala. The sweetness from lala would boost any flavours. Learn to pour kicap into the rice and yums!!

  4. I love your way of eating the dish. It looks creative and fun :-) I've never eaten sweet potato leaves (not sure if I've even seen!) but they look fresh and yummy :-)

  5. You are growing so fast that you need lots of food to support your growth spurt!

  6. You eat a lot of sea food, lil kitten … so do I … smiles … Much love, cat.

  7. A lovely repast, everything must have tasted excellent.

  8. I have no idea when you talking in Malay language, lil kitten … Please speak English … hmmm? … Much love, cat.

  9. Small kucing big boy now.

    Yummy dinner, I love all the dishes you ordered especially the baby octopus and lala soup. Make me hungry now.

  10. the yong lala is not bad....I like to play like dat too when I was a! anything can be stuffed, just stuff it lor...

  11. The food looks so good … I can smell it from here, lil kitten … smiles … Much love, cat.

  12. Growing age, must eat more... soon as tall as Papa!

  13. Oh yum, the food looks sooooooo good!!!

  14. Have not been there since they fought over the restaurant by the jetty

  15. Wow ..that appetite is impressive ..haha.
    I still don't know what that photo pose is about in the first pic but have seen so many people position their hands this way. Lol. This makcik is out of touch!

  16. First not hungry but can eat, later eat everything because hungry. Metabolic rate like the Flash!


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