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Friday, 26 October 2018

Update : BJ Plant Exchange & Adoption Programme And Flea Market

The 8th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange and Adoption Programme was held last Saturday . There was a Flea Market too. Mamarazzi booked a stall for me to sell my wares. Gosh... how come so many stuffs? Where do I begin? 

Photo credit to Datin Sivamani

Let's begin with a group photo lah. Ya... later on will be too busy to snap any photo.  A group photo with the President and organiser of the event, Datin Sivamani. 

This round I had a helper/trainee under me. Can you spot my helper/trainee? He was initially shy but warmed to selling after that.

Gosh... lucky Mamarazzi "tumpang" a few boxes of plants that were to be donated out with Aunty Karen. Else, I think I have to sit on the car roof already. Don't know what happen la. This round like have too many things to sell geh. 

We went early to set up our stall and Papa helped to hang the banner while Aunty YL and Aunty Florence helped to arrange the plants at the donation area. 

This round there were many sellers at the Flea Market with good variety of goods. 

Photo Credit to Datin Sivamani

There was health talk and free health checking but we were too busy to sit and listen. Visitors to the event sure had a great time.  

Photo credit to Datin Sivamani

We were lucky to have KDU students come and give demonstration on muffin decoration. 

And guess what.... the public get to enjoy free muffins! Lengzhai and Lenglui from KDU went around distributing muffins to everyone

They also gave out free coffee. It was very much welcomed by all . I went and took coffee for Mamarazzi  so many round as she was busy at the registration counter. I think I took at least 3 cups for Mamarazzi. She was kinda hyper after that.

I was very much exhausted by the end of the Flea Market but am pretty pleased to have made enough to pay a small training allowance to my helper/trainee , pay for my school trip in December and to buy a new set of school exercise uniform . I had grown too big for the T-shirt and pant. Mamarazzi didn't know I paid my trainee till his mommy text her.  Oh well, profit is meant to be shared, right? 

This round, Mamarazzi did not take as many plants as previous. Looked left looked right... hmm... most plants already exist in her jungle. *LOL*

Overall, it was a fun evemt. Thank you to Datin Sivamani and the BJ Green Rangers for arranging the event, 

The next BJPE is tentatively in June 2019.


  1. So nice and such an accomplishment to earn pocket money and pay for own trip, right, small kucing? Well done. You did your papa and mama proud.

  2. You are so sweet to be thinking of other people!!!

  3. I wish we had this here, can grab some plants for my garden - so bare. So your mum's must be full house already lah, you said like jungle. :D

  4. It sounds as if you had a very busy, but successful, day. It was good of you to share your profits with your helper.

  5. Looks like you had a fun day and what is better than free muffins and coffee.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. 😎

  6. Both you and Mamarazzi are very experienced. You are so generous to share your profit with your trainee. You are a great business young man, so young learning to do business.

  7. Wow.. long time I no come here, sorry leh! New banners already, now SK become BK.. big liow... keep it up, Mamakucing... dont let the blog go...

  8. Hello, the plant exchange is great event. Wonderful photos. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  9. Wow, you were busy, lil kitten !!! Good job !!! Smiles … Love, cat.

  10. Wonder will you take coffee for me if I am there, lol...

  11. Good of you to share profits!

  12. I look forward to see these plant exchange someday as I have interests to walk around to look see at other plant nurseries without even buying anything. See shiok only...


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