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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Children Day Celebrations and Free Tree Plants Giveaway

Photo credits to classmate mom

We celebrated Children day in our school last Monday. On Children Day celebration , we don't have to wear school uniform. Instead we get to wear our favourite clothing.

As usual, when asked wanna contribute what food, I answered Soft drinks. Initially thought wanna bring a few 1.5L soft drinks but this year teacher banned. Said worried that we will tumpah(spill) the drinks everywhere. Instead she requested to bring "air kotak" (packet drinks). Mamarazzi laughed at me and said that we are babies still coz Primary  1 to 3, teachers never worry about spilling drink but Primary 4 we have to drink with straws.

One friend asked Mamarazzi  is it true this year, parents not allowed to join the celebration in class. Mamarazzi was not sure as she got Invitation Form from the school but usually she won't attend as she said Children Day is for children. No need parents join la. But what I heard from my class teacher is that parents can come for the Stage Celebration but not encouraged to join in our class celebration as food not enough.

Yikes... food not enough. Hmmm ...true also la. At this age, we are Makan Monsters. On the said  morning, Mamarazzi woke up early and prepared more food for me to bring for the celebration.

And also some fruits too. 

Photo credit to classmate mom

One of my classmate Mom did attend the celebration in our class. There were ample food. Must be all mummies when heard not enough food, they all last minute prepare more food for us. My class teacher was happy and smiling. We managed to finish all the food. 

Our lovely teacher distributing food to us . Making sure that each student have enough to eat. 

When Papa and Mamarazzi come to pick me up in the evening, I told them I "tapau-ed" some food for them as there were more than enough to eat. Mamarazzi said aiyo... why tapau ler. Sure basi (spoil) by evening. But surprisingly the fried rice and fried chicken was still good. 

As usual, Mamarazzi asked me why this year I didn't tapau any junk food home coz previous year each and everyone of us will bring home a big plastic bag of junk food.  I told her this year teacher gave option for us to take the items that we wanted from the junk food pile.  I only took a packet of "Mamee".  

Another BIG eat was last Friday. Papa asked where I wanna treat Kaw Kaw LC for her birthday. I replied Texas Chicken. He said no fast food. Sushi? He said no sushi. Then I said mixed rice. He said Kaw kaw LC ate 4 times mixed rice already. 

Aiyoyo... like that how la.  So end up at Restaurant SF in Sg Buloh New Village. A quick dinner before going home. 

But but but after dinner am still hungry wor.  Mamarazzi went and tapau 2 Red Bean Pau for me which I finished during our journey home. Halfway I asked what's for supper. Mamarazzi was surprised that I still have room for supper.  Papa bought burger for me.Nice nice... Tummy full full nice to sleep. 

Next day have to wake up early. Why? Coz  Mamarazzi wanna go to Bangsar for Free Tree Society Plant Giveaway Day, Meeting a few friends there and bringing a few cuttings to contribute. 

We arrived early. Me and Mamarazzi went in and met her friends who were volunteering there while Papa and Kaw Kaw LC went for breakfast. I asked Mamarazzi whether I can take a "Sapling" home. She said can as each person is allowed to take 2 plants. 

At first I choose this but Mamarazzi said it will grow into a big tree. No space for it at home.  She helped me choose another. It's Hibiscus Mutabilis. This hibiscus will changes color. Morning it's white and by evening it will turn pink. 

Mamarazzi asked me to help her to catch some guppy but this round the guppies were hiding. I only managed to catch some shrimps. 

We came home very late that evening. Mamarazzi just put everything at the car porch. Next morning, I went looking for my hibiscus. 

Is this it? Nope... it's Bat Lily

Aha... here is my Hibiscus. Hope it will grow big and strong. Give me some flowers. 


  1. Growing boy must eat a lot, then only will be big and me. LOL!!! I cut 10 cuttings from a hibiscus plant at Che-che's school in the jungle, only one survived - growing very big now and flowering regularly - I love the flowers, as big as a plate!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. It looks like you've been having fun with school parties and looking for plants. Have a nice November.

  3. Wow! You are growing up super fast and ate so much. I used to eat a lot like you and this is my size today. Haiks!

    This is interesting to know that hibiscus could bloom and change colours from white to pink.

  4. One of the things I remembered from my Children's Day celebrations in school was that someone would always bring a tray of yam cake, which I always thought was an odd choice of party food. To be fair, it's not something I would eat pun even now.

  5. I am hungry now. I want some of all that food you had. You sure can eat a lot too. Good for you.

    Have a fabulous day. 😎

  6. Nice to meet you! Thanks for your visit to my blog. You’re such a charming kitten. The mosaic of delicious food made me hungry. Your hibiscus will flower as well as a seed in yourself. Eat a lot and learn a lot to bloom yourself.


  7. I think you are so hungry a lot is because you are in a growth spurt! Never heard of a Hibiscus that changes color!

  8. Thank you for taking me along on your adventures, lil kitten … Much love, cat.

  9. Ooh the dishes look so good! Happy Children Day!
    I hope your hibiscus will grow strong. Must be very interesting to see changing colors :-)

  10. What a fun day - and a lot of food!

  11. Children's day celebrations are so fun these days with so many things to eat. You are growing into a big grown kucing liao!

  12. May you and your plant grow big and beautiful! I've missed seeing you, life is so busy. Glad to visit you. Thanks for teaching me: "air kotak"

  13. Come, teach me your secret of eating so much and still be so skinny... haha.

    The skewers of food for the celebration sure look good.

  14. Shiok betul got free plant and yummy food. This is the life!


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