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Friday, 5 October 2018

Bukit Jelutong #8 Plant Exchange & Adoption Programme and Flea Market

Time flies very fast . BJ Green Rangers had announced that the 8th BJPE will be held this coming 20th October 2018.

Surprise surprise...can you spot me in the banner? Yup.. the photo was taken during last BJPE. There were loads of plants donated by BJ Green Rangers and members of the public. I can't be sure but I think there were at least 1000 plants given out on last BjPE. Mamarazzi and me alone brought over around 100 plants and all were snapped up.

I guess this coming BJPE will be way better  than the last  as there  are plenty of interesting programme listed. I know Mamarazzi would be very happy as I heard there would be free coffee.

As for me, I hope that there will be many  visitors come to my stall. Am gonna "open" business there. Will be selling books and vegetables from Mamarazzi' s garden.

Mark your calender and do drop by if you have the time ya. See you there!


  1. I know it will go very well! People will be drawn to you!

  2. So nice! Wish we had something like this here!

  3. Good luck in your business, young entrepreneur. Bet you would have lots of fun there too.

  4. This is a very nice programme, too bad I dont have green fingers. Even my cactuses can die :(

    1. hahahahahahaa.... must buy plastic flowers then

  5. Mamarazzi's plants always laku! She must have used Kaldip's urea as fertilizer to make plants healthy & happy! Next time please show off all her grown plants that were given away.

    I hope our KL Mayor will organize more tree planting programs to green our city.


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