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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival 18th & 19 August 2018 @KLPAC

After 2 years, we were back again at the Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival which is full of fun for the young and young at heart. Suitable for whole family. This year we were pretty early as we wanted to register for some free workshops. Yup...everything was free. But this round there were no online registration.

It rained but still the festival must go on. We arrived just in time to watch the Opening Ceremony.

 It was AWWWWEEEESOME!. I thought there was an earthquake!

My first workshop was Expressive Art. It took about an hour. 

While I was doing my stuffs, Mamarazzi went exploring. Saw some exhibitions locate all over KLPAC building. 

Then She spotted this stall Bracelet making. Hmmmm..... The lady invited her to try ....

Not easy oh....

She surprised me with this. One for me one for her. 

The rain stopped and she went outside. Wanted to try her hand on Macrame making but unfortunately the class was all full up . 

So pretty leh. 

There were some other classes outdoor ; like wood work, water painting, postcards making, batik painting and etc.

But rock painting seems to capture her fancy

Nice or not?

Impressive rock painting work

Especially these owls

One barn Owl followed us home

Any coffee lover here?

Guess what.... the artist are using coffee as paint to doodle.

Mamarazzi said the artist painted her using coffee. But I said doesn't look like her... where's the pimple?

Apart from that, there are plenty of things happening outdoors and indoors too. There ballet, drum performance , traditional dances ....

Indoors there were Concerts, choir and drama performance. Mulan Mulan had everyone laughing in stitches.

But I like the most was IceLone Magic show.

Can't help myself from asking for a "wefie" with the Talented Artist. 

 Too soon we had to go off though there are plenty to see and experience there. 

Managed to get some postcards as souvenirs. 

Impressive art made from recycled items. 

Oh welll.... till next time......


  1. What a lovely event! Love your bracelet...the cat and the owls are nice too. So many interesting events, great way to pass the time.

  2. So much cool art! I like those cute bracelets and painted stones.

  3. Wish we have one as extensive as this over here. I would love to explore and join in the fun.

    The owl rock was impressive. Looked so real.

    Nice bracelets made by mama kucing.

  4. How fun! A great day all the bracelet ...AND that kitty rock art is outstanding!

  5. Hello, I like your header photo. Very nice! The art festival looks like a fun time. So may projects to learn. The rock art is my favorite. I love the cute owl on the rock.Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  6. How fun. You do the most wonderful things.

    I love the painted rock. Wow.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. This looks like a marvelous festival with many, many things to do and learn. I'm glad the rain didn't dampen your enthusiasm and experiences.

  8. We love the rock art too! ... and the Batik painting, so relaxing, smearing and spreading paints... Such a mind calming therapy! Thanks again, we wouldn't have such good days(we went on Sunday too) without you! Muah!!��

  9. Hello, lil kitten … Greetings from Alberta, Canada … What a fun day … I am glad to hear to from you again … smiles … Love, cat.

  10. Wow, looks like such a fun festival! I'm impressed by those rock arts! Love the cute kitty cat :-) And the doodling with coffee is very interesting!

  11. Wow, so many fun things going on! Thanks for sharing so much for us. The opening ceremony is very impressive, so is the magician. How great that you got a selfie together. Did Mama paint the cat rock? It is very good, lots of artistic ability!

  12. What a day at the museum! Glad your mama received some pretty jewelry there. Painting rocks is popular here too.

  13. Must be a very entertaining event with so many workshops.

  14. I like the bracelets that spell out your name!

  15. I remembered the rain on Saturday morning. But that day was memang a bit busy for me, so I was only there on Sunday for a little while :P

  16. I agree with you, the painting don't really look like your mama...

  17. Great photos and videos! Thank you for sharing them all.

  18. Wonderful festival, lots of things to see. I love the painted rocks and the man who drew her likeness in coffee did a good job. I don't know what Mamarazzi looks like but so clever to draw with coffee, very creative! Great post, thank you Small Kucing!

  19. Wahhhhh got so many interesting stuff and activities!

  20. I love all the art! Mam painted with coffee is so neat. Bracelets for both are nice....recycling with art is really good

  21. What an amazing festival - your mama finds the best events and the most interesting activities. Lucky you!

  22. Such interesting events, the bracelets made by mama kuching are so lovely, I like the cat rock and owl too. I would want my own rock painting too!


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