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Thursday, 10 May 2018

My First Experience of General Election (GE14)/ Starvillage Steak House

Yesterday many Malaysian were showing their finger in social media. Did you wonder why? It is because yesterday was GE day for our country. 

For the past weeks,  the adults have been talking nothing but GE. What is GE ah? Why are there flags everywhere? Every corner and nooks also have. Teacher said GE means General Election. 

Aiyo..... even our school examination also got postpone due to GE. Some more going to have replacement class. I have been asking questions about GE. Still don't understand fully but.. oh well...

 Yesterday was the day for casting vote. Initially we planned to go in the afternoon where there will be less crowd . But in the end we went in the morning coz Mamarazzi read rumours online about phantom voters. Huh? ghost also can vote ah?

Anyway, not sure whether true or not but better go early lah. Hence we went out very early in the morning. Wah lau eh... so early already so many people ah. Traffic jam like crazy.

Mamarazzi's polling centre was at one of the school ,

 Saw Mamarazzi went to one of the tent and got a number. She showed the lady her Identity Card  and that lady checked in a book. Found Mamarazzi's name and gave her a piece of paper. The number 5 indicate which stream/ classroom she had to go to.

The older you are the smaller the number. Usually the classroom would be at the ground floor or nearest to the gate so that the old folks don't have to walk far. Wheel chair is provided but still... how la to go upstairs in a wheel chair without lift.

Anyway, there were 7 or 9 streams there. Ours where at the second floor. I had a shocked when I saw the place jam packed with people. Free sauna, man!.

Mamarazzi told me to go sit at the staircase where it is not so hot. Luckily I brought a book with me to read. 

It took like forever and ever. .. the line snaked from upstairs to downstairs then U-turned into a classroom before it turn out again. 

After nearly 2 hours, finally the "snake" u-turn out from the waiting room. Kids are not allowed into the voting room. So I sat outside and looked.

Saw Mamarazzi gave her Identity Card and the piece of paper to the 1st clerk . She flip a book and found Mamarazzi's name. Then she read out the serial number, Mamarazzi's name and her ID number. before she crossed out Mamarazzi's name from the book.  There were two more ladies in  the room with books too and they did the same. 

Then saw another clerk checked Mamarazzi's hands. Then took her forefinger and dipped it in a jar of ink. The 3rd clerk gave Mamarazzi a ballot paper. Then she went to another table  to mark the ballot paper before stuffing it into a box.  

Easy peasy . Not even 5 minutes all done. I asked her who did she vote for but she said "Undi itu rahsia"(vote is secret).

 NAH! Finger. Hmmmm... light purple... but but but...later it started to change color. Become darker and darker.

But aiyo...don't care la... Am famish leh. Lunch time liao lo

 Found a  little nice western restaurant to eat in  based on friend's recommendation. Yay! air-cond!!!!!

 Free flow of mushroom soup. 

I had Grilled chicken chop with brown sauce.

 It was tasty. Love it.  Don't know whether portion is too big or that we were too tired... we couldn't finish the plate. End up ask them to "tapau"(pack) both our plate.

Ice cream . Mamarazzi asked me to help her to finish it off. 

After lunch, we went home. But before that, we detoured to hypermarket near our home to get some rice. Yea...she was worried about the result of the GE. 

While at the hypermarket, I saw some mutton being sold. Asked Mamarazzi to buy some. She got me two pieces.

So last night I cooked it for my dinner. Very simple. Just butter  and some LP sauce. Done. It was so yummy

As the hours passed, the tension begins. By 5pm all the polling station have been closed and the color of Mamarazzi's inked finger had turned blackish blue. Wash with soap also cannot.

Then a friend told her to wash with Clorox. Yea, i know it's not good but the color managed to come least most of it.

For me... more and more tension as one of the party had earlier mentioned if they win, Thursday and Friday will be declared Public Holiday while the other party said if they win, they will declared next Monday and Tuesdays as Public Holiday.

Aiyo...why la don't offer the same dates. Easier for us students ma.

8pm... unofficial result start coming in slowly. then it sort of stopped around 10pm something. Aiyo...come on la...what could be the problem? It seems that some Head of the polling station were refusing to sign a form called Borang 14.  According to people, Borang 14 is a form that the Head of the polling station have to sign off as it officiates the final vote count. Without it, the votes tallied would not be considered as "Official".

Refreshed and refreshed the screen so many time still stuck at 54 vs 51..... aiyoyo... Then Mamarazzi declared... wokay... Public Holiday or not next day she would give me a "holiday" if I don't go to sleep immediately.

Guess, what was my first word when I woke up at 6am the next morning?


Starvillage Steak House
75 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Overseas Union Garden
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-7784 3117


  1. I was in line almost 3 hours - from about 8 something until 11 something, I think. Almost want to pengsan from the heat.

  2. You will understand when you grow older. ;)

    Grilled chop. Now I want to eat that. Haha.

  3. I've seen several posts about voting in your country. Love that finger. No doubt you voted with that finger.

    Loved your food. Yummy.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. yup...nearly everyone have the blue/black fingers here.

  4. Your first word after you woke up was prolly "hoiday", lil kitten ... Love, cat.

    1. close ...very close... it was "who won?" LOL

  5. Good experience Small Kucing 😊 smart of you to bring along a book.Your lunch n dinner looked yummylicious 😁

  6. Interesting to read about your life.

  7. I'm thinking the first thing you said when you woke was "Who won?". Here, we do not ink the fingers. We get a sticker to put on our clothes that says "I Voted". So, Kucing, you can cook!?

    1. spots on! hahaha

      the indelible ink fingers started from last election as one of the method to prevent phantom voters. There were stories about how one person will vote a few times using different ID.

      Yup.. i can cook. Not fancy stuffs. Just simple stuffs. Must learn how to cook so that I wont starve LOL

  8. Yes, I heard too. Use Clorox...but I don't bother. Your chicken chop looks really good, and your own-cooked mutton chops too. Enjoy your two-day the weekend too!!!

    1. Mamarazzi wanted to wash it off coz the ink have an irritating metallic smell

  9. Good to see so many people voting!

    The food looks delicious!

    Your first words when you woke up this morning 'yayyyyyy'

    1. hahaha nearly there. LOL

      Yup...this year it feels like many people come out to vote. Didnt see the offical report on turn out yet

  10. Wow. We have to have our names checked off - but don't need to show identity and don't get an inky finger.

    1. Yes we had our name checked off too but there are extra security measure

  11. star village in OUG memang big portion one, better share the food if u r small eater.

  12. It was a very long day, but it's good that so many people were voting. We also have to show identity when we vote here in Tennessee.

    1. yup... more than 80% turn out according to EC

  13. Interesting to read about your voting process.

  14. News in Singapore has been reporting about Malaysia election...

  15. Your mama should have tag me along, I can help you to finish the chicken chop...

  16. A long and worthwhile day.

  17. For the better future of your son, we did it.

    1. And thank you to you for queueing 4 hours just to vote :)

  18. looks like everyone is interested in this historic election

  19. Pretty historic day, huh. I slept at 2am that night - same like your mama, refresh and refresh but results not updated.

    1. Hahaha... ya lor... stagnant there. Lucky didnt wait. They say the result came out 4am or 5am..

      think this is one of the history longest counting time


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