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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Spending Less on Your Move

Most people will move several times throughout their lives, with the first usually when you head off to college. Once you get married and start to raise a family you may move two to three times more due to a growing family or a change of job. Whatever your reasons for the move, there are many ways that you can make it more affordable. 

Create a Budget

Your first instinct may be to contact movers immediately to secure the date. While that's very important, the first step you need to take is to create a plan and a budget. The budget needs to include the move as well as the costs involved once you reach your destination. This includes turning on lights, water, gas and scheduling an appointment for cable or satellite television. Make sure to include everything down to the packing supplies. Once you have an educated estimate you'll know the amount you need in order to make it happen. 

Deciding Whether to Use Movers or Rent a Truck

There are pros and cons to renting a truck and hiring movers. Weigh them carefully by cost, time and the amount of labor you need to do. If you have very little time and you are moving across the country hiring professional movers such as Allied Moving Company, may prove to be the best option. First, you won't have to drive on busy highways with a truck loaded to the gills. Second, you won't have to load and unload it either.  And, if you factor in that you will more than likely need to stop and spend a night in a hotel the costs can add up quickly. The downside to hiring movers is that you can't change the date once scheduled unless of course, you want to wait several weeks longer.  Overall, the costs when you add up your additional expenses and time and labor, are just about equal. 

Move Off Season

Just like department stores and restaurants have peaks seasons, so do moving companies. If you can control the date you leave, schedule your move during the fall or winter when the volume is lower. If you must move during the summer, aim for the middle of the month and during the week. These times are cheaper than weekends and the beginning and end of each month.

Pack Your Own Boxes

Moving companies charge a lot of extra money to use their boxes. This can really inflate your bill by hundreds or more. Instead, pay nothing at all for boxes. It's easier than you might imagine. Check your local liquor store or corner deli, ask friends who recently moved and ask people on the job to save them for you. In addition to free boxes, you can also cut costs on your packing supplies by using items around the home to wrap collectibles, glasses, and dishes. Towels, sheets, and pillowcases add a layer of protection that keeps them secure and prevents clanking. Newspaper and coffee filters are also useful for smaller items. All you really need to purchase is high-quality packing tape. 

Declutter and Downsize

When you move everything you bring along increases the amount of the final cost for your move. It's in your best interest to use this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. Set things aside that you are not sure about and then go through them again the next day. If at that time, you still can't make a firm decision, it's best to leave it behind. Remember that once you get to your new place you will need a space to put these items too. With the things, you decide not to bring you have several options. If they are still in good condition you could list them in the paper or online or have a garage sale. No matter which method you choose, the extra money you make you can use to reduce the overall cost of your move. 

Moving is expensive and if you don't create a budget ahead of time you may end up borrowing from places just to settle in. However, if you are willing to plan ahead, to some of the work yourself, you can make any move more affordable. 


  1. i dread the moving part.. but sometimes its inevitable..

  2. Just 2 of us and we needed 4 lorries! Your tips are useful.

  3. Wahhhhhh!!! Nice banner! So handsome, lovely smile!

  4. Awesome tips on moving done smart, lil kitten ... are you moving???? ... Nice new banner, too ... pretty soon, I can't call you "lil kitten" anymore ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi! Cat! thanks! saw my video :). Thanks for the comment.

      Nah not moving.... maybe mobing to another realm? LOL

      Yup.... wondering whether Mamarazzi should change the blog name to Not so Small Kucing LOL

  5. Waiting for one day when I manage to get help from Doremon, then we can move from one place to another very easily, hassle free.

    1. Hahaha Doreamon and the magic pouch. How wonderful

  6. Decluttering and downsizing is the very best advice. So many folks spend precious time packing junk. Okay you need a budget too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  7. These are great tips. I've moved 5 times. I had to dig for boxes in a giant bin behind a supermarket once ..hahaha..macam pencuri only but I have permission, of course!


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