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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Medieval Stone And The Best Of British In Aberdeen

Located on the nose of the United Kingdom, a port city by the name of Aberdeen. With a rich history of
being a tough nut to crack, the city itself has many medieval neo-gothic buildings. It's little wonder that
Aberdeen is known as the ‘Granite City’ by the locals. The city is situated in a great strategic position
as it sits between the north and south of Scotland. It's a great stop-off if you plan on heading further
north to the cold mountains of the Highlands. The Scottish hero of St.Andrew is celebrated throughout
the city with many cathedrals and churches built in his name and influence. It's also got a beach, and
coastal head which is key for shipping routes to navigate from and the lighthouses help their endeavor
in the night. The love of sports is quite apparent as the rugby team proudly hold their own in the
Scottish Premiership Division One. Aberdeen is a city that has a very distinct atmosphere of being
Scottish, yet it resembles many things that are stereotypically British. It rains a lot, and grey clouds
seem like a fixture; it's also called ‘The Grey City’ for that reason.

A time locked jail

The Tolbooth was built during the 17th century, specifically between the years of 1616 and 1629.
It took 13 years to complete, but it's been kept in good condition for almost 400 years. During the
religious upheaval of those medieval times and after the Battle of Culloden, Jacobites were
imprisoned in the stone building. It's now operated as a museum which takes a look at what it would
be like to live as one of the prisoners within its cold hard walls. There are lots of tales to be told as
many believe that The Tolbooth is haunted with spirits that were tortured. It's part of various ghost
tours, and one would be challenged to experience its demeanor during the night when they take place.

Source ccharmon

Best of British

Scotland is blessed with the fruits of the North Sea. The fish caught in these waters are shipped all
over the world for their unbeatable quality. Although many kinds of fish go to 3-starred Michelin
restaurants across continental Europe, there are two fishes that are almost exclusively enjoyed in
Aberdeen. It's funny that England is thought of as the place to enjoy the nation’s famous fish & chips
dish but don’t commit to agreeing to that until you’ve been to The Ashvale. Here the freshly caught
haddock and cod are expertly prepared with famous breadcrumb coatings and beer batters. The
chips are cooked to being crunchy and crispy on the outside to fluffy white and soft on the inside.
A side of mushy peas and a slice of lemon for your fish is complimentary.

Reside in comfort

Almost given a clean sheet by guests, the Residence Inn Aberdeen has a rating of 4.9 stars based
on its reviews. With beds covered in deluxe linen, the stylish suites also boast separate living and
sleeping areas, as well as sofa beds. You can get snacks at any time you want from the market in
the lobby. Don’t worry about responding to inquisitive emails from family back home as Wi-Fi is in
the house.

Aberdeen is one of those places that seem to be graciously stuck in a different century. Its architecture
is staggering, the cobbled streets are in great condition, and the churches are still standing stoically.


  1. This post is very interesting. I have plans to visit London early next year. Still undecided where to proceed from London besides visiting Oxford and Wales. I know Aberdeen has very rich history with the best university called St.Andrews too.

  2. A great post and very interesting to read, and to enjoy the photos. Thank you :)

  3. So are you on vacation or a travel agent. Very interesting post. That liked like a big fish!

  4. Happy holidays!

  5. Yes. When money is sunshiny, I will do this part of the world. Amazing.

  6. Omg..the fish and chips looks so good!


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