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Monday, 23 April 2018

Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange #7(BJPE) and Flea Market on 5th May 2018

Everyone is excited about Polling Day on the 9th of May? Well, here is one more event for you to be excited about. 

Yup! The ever "keras kerja"(hardworking- yea... direct translate from English . Really no eyes see) BJ Green Ranger had done it again. 

The 7th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange /Adoption Programme will be held  on 5th of May 2018. Time and Venue as above. 

The Waze location is :

On that day , there will be Flea Market too selling all sorts of stuff.

Do drop by and adopt a plant . It's FOC. 

List of Plants pledges as of 23rd April  for BJPE( May 5) are as below and the list is getting longer as the date grows nearer:

1.  KT - yam(edible)
2. KT - Brazilian Snap Dragon (flower)
3. KT - variegated tapioca plant (edible)
4. KT - portuluca(flower)
5. KT - purple leaves sweet potatoes plant
6. KT - white lily (flower)
7. balsam- kc
8. Fire cracker flower-kc 
9. Bird plant-kc
10.spider plant-kc
11. Grand duke jasmine-kc
13.hoya-kc moss-kc
15. Java ginseng-kc
16. Mint-kc
17green cincau-kc
19. Taiwan goji vege-kc
21. Brazilian spinach-kc
22-rerama hijau
23.misai kucing-kc
24. Pandan-kc
25. Tembaga sausa-kc
27. Serai acheh-kc
28. Rain lily-kc
29. Bunga  tonkin-kc
30. Turkey Promegranate-BO
31. Iresine - kc
32. White peace lily-kc
33. Ruealia-kc
34. Japanese rose -kc
35. Sabah snake grass -cL 
36.  Aloe Vera - cl
37.  Double petaled Bunga Telang seeds - cl
38. Spider plants - AP
39. Red shiso - AP
40. Serai Aceh - AP
41. Japanese rose - AP
42. Pirandai  cuttings - AP
43. Beijing Grass - AP
44. Aloe Vera - AP
45. Rerama Hijau - AP
46. Serai wangi - AP
47. Sambung Nyawa(Purple)-AP
48. Mugwort - AP
49.Dwarf yellow papaya DS
50. Custard apple-DS
51.Bamboo orchid- DS
52. Spider plant-DS
53.Peace Lily-DS
54.  Orange Canna-DS
55. Marigolds-DS
56. Vinsa -DS
57. Anthurium- DS
58. Cock's Comb-DS
59. Elephants Ears -DS
60. Snake Plant- DS
61.Red Aglaoneme- DS
62. Coleus- DS
63. Ruealia- DS
64. Betel leaf- DS
65. Kantan -kc
66. Melon - RM
67.  Mint - WMY
68.  Curry leaf - WMY
69. Brazilian snap dragon(decorative)-kc
70. Wandering jew(decorative)-kc
71. Duck feet coleus-kc
72. Black sesame plant-kc
73. Decorative pineapple-kc
74. Turnera-kc
75. Bird nest fern-KT
76. Plantain - KT
77. Bunga telang ( single petal)- YL
78. Sawtooth corainders,-SC
79. Indonesian dills-SC
80. Variate Indian borage-SC
81. Variagted spider liliy-SC
82. Papaya -FC
83. Chili padi -FC
84. beijing grass- RM
85. pumpkin-RM
86. chillis (gerunong)-RM
87. Chillis (lada solok)-RM
88. Moringa Plants -CN
89. Holy Basil-CN
90. Setawar-CN
91. Bromeliad-CN
92. Rangoon Creeper-CN
93. Red Shiso-CN
94. Green Cincau-CN
95. Red ginger plants- SVA
96. Dark pink adenium- SVA
97. Bakawali - LY
98. Dragon fruit plant - LY 
99. Dessert rose - LY
100. Black sugarcane -Z
101. Avocado - CC
102. Mango - CC
103. Bunga telang - CC
104. Ulam Raja - CC
105. Daun Kadok - CC
106. Oregano - CC

Do drop by and adopt a plant . It's FOC. 

Will update more when we get more information


  1. Replies
    1. u big girl already wor... you come la...nah... waze location

  2. This is a whole lot of different plants. Wish I could browse through them. I love flea markets!!

    1. No worries Ginny. On the day We will try to snap photos to share here

  3. Wish I could be there and adopt a plant and check out the flea market.

  4. I would love to try planting the daun kadok! But that's Election Week - not so convenient for people living far away, have to hop over and hop back quickly.

  5. What a wonderfully long list of plants. I bet it will be a lot of fun.

  6. This should be a very exciting event with so many plants available for adoption. There should be lots of people in attendance.

    1. Yup and I look forward to meeting up with old friend and making new friends there

  7. It's nice to see your update! I hope you'll have fun at plant exchange, and find good stuff at flea market :-)

  8. Oh hello, my lil kitten ... there you are ... I missed you so much ... Love, cat.

  9. Love flea markets - and the idea of adopting a plant. Or two. Or more.

    1. Oh ...visitors can adopt nmore than one or two plants. As long as there are plants remaining on the table, visitors are welcome to bring it home.

  10. Wah!!! Wah!! 106 types of plants are more than most nursery farms.
    I hope to find time to visit my old neighborhood.

    1. On the day itself there will be more than that. These are just the pledges by regulars. There will be more people who bring plants on that day

    2. Letchumi free or not? bring her come la

  11. Sounds interesting! Good to exchange plants and also to make new friends!

  12. I know this is an exciting event even though I have yet to go. Enjoy, sk!


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