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Sunday, 29 April 2018

KidZania Kuala Lumpur 6th Anniversary Celebration

 This happen on 24th of February 2018. Yup...a day after my birthday celebration. Yeah... digging up the past event to post up in my diary.

Can guess how I was my expression when I heard from Mamarazzi that I was invited to join KidZania KL 6th Anniversary Celebration?  Mamarazzi RSVP but we have to wait a week or two before we get the answer. Everyday I asked Mamarazzi whether received any email from them. 

Finally we got news from them. Yay! They gave us one adult ticket and one Kid Ticket for free. 

 I was pretty excited that morning. The girl standing behind of me also got invited. She went to KidZania like a gazillions times already. Selamba aje she. Cool as a cucumber.

Can't wait to go in . Kept asking  is it open yet? 

Yay! I am back!

Mamarazzi's game plan was for me to straight go to McD and work. Now no more Marry Brown. At least get a burger 1st. they changed rules already. They only hire people at certain hour. We had to queue there at the stated hour to be given a number and time slot to work. Once they wrote down our name, they told us to come back 10.30am. 

Well, no point wasting time waiting at McD. I head on to the DMV  . Need to get a new licence as I lost my driving licence, Now they just issue driving licence on a small piece of cardboard. No more nicely printed licence with photo.

 After getting my driving licence , we head back to McD and worked . Got a burger. Yay! My "lunch" is secure. Yea... Mamarazzi too cheapo to buy food there for me. Real world work for your food!

There I bump into another guy and we clicked instantly. Went and "play" many games together ...that is till I lost my ATM card. I was negligence and playful. Showed him my KidZania ATM card and we stuck it into the ATM machine but it didn't work. He tried to help me . Then the instructor called us. I thought he had the card and he thought I had the card and dunno what happen. When came to the bank, Mamarazzi asked what happen and he said he dunno. He didn't touch my card.And he left just like that. So who is to believe? No witness.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Not this officer. 

Mamarazzi asked me to go to the Bank Officer to report lost card. The officer ask me to go and catch the boy. (WTH). Mamarazzi had to step in and told the lady just freeze the account and report the card as lost. The lady told us to come back later as she had to consult higher up.

Haiz...I kena (got) scolded by Mamarazzi upside down for being so careless and such a show off.

Back to the story, the first thing I did after securing my meal was to go to the driving range. Yup.... I wanna drive.

Gosh! when did the car become so small? Had it shrunk? Mamarazzi said in another year  or two I would not be able to fit into the car liao. Getting too old already. 

Wah... The lady working at the driving range still rememeber Mamarazzi from our previous visit. 

I used to be afraid of the Secret Agent Training as we have to go through windy tunnels and jumping off high building. But now am not afraid anymore. 

I used to be afraid of this but now seems like kacang putih(a piece of cake) . Can climb like the monkey printed on my T-shirt.

Halfway through the games, Mamarazzi heard announcement that they are giving our Cupcakes and ask kids to go and claim it fast. Valid while stock last. Immediately I zoom over and claim. Managed to get 1 cupcake. Yummilicious!

Halfway playing, Mamarazzi bump into the husband and daughter of another blogger. Since she is not really good at recognising people, Mamarazzi curi-curi(secretly) snap a photo and send to the blogger to confirm ID.  Yup! it's them. The husband told Mamarazzi that KidZania having giveaway. Do a few actvities , then can go and claim a prize. 

The staffs from one of the games told me that too after he saw my KidZania Passport have so many chops. So I went. 

The lady show me the list. I spin the wheel and got a tumbler/drinking cup.

Before the end of the day, I got the chance to spin another time. 

This time I got the same tumbler plus a bag. Unfortunately, I lost them when I was doing a job at the KidZania Vault. I had to take off the bag at the Vault  leave it there . When I completed my mission and came back to claim my wages, I forgot to take my bag from the vault. 

By the time I realised that it's missing, it was too late. Went to the vault and the bag was no longer there. The staff that man the vault also didn't see it. Hmm...guess it was taken by another kid gua. Went to the information counter and report the bag lost. No luck. 

But I did enjoy the trip to KidZania very much despite everything that happened. Some of the old outlets are gone and now replaced by new things. 

At the end of the day, Mamarazzi asked me to go to the bank and withdraw all my money.  Yup, they managed to check my account and gave me a replacement card.  Before going home, Mamarazzi said  I can spend all my money at the shop . Wow...a few thousand kidzo (kidzania currency). Not bad. I bought a mug and two toys.

KidZania oh KidZania. I wonder whether I'll be able to come back again or not. 

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Medieval Stone And The Best Of British In Aberdeen

Located on the nose of the United Kingdom, a port city by the name of Aberdeen. With a rich history of
being a tough nut to crack, the city itself has many medieval neo-gothic buildings. It's little wonder that
Aberdeen is known as the ‘Granite City’ by the locals. The city is situated in a great strategic position
as it sits between the north and south of Scotland. It's a great stop-off if you plan on heading further
north to the cold mountains of the Highlands. The Scottish hero of St.Andrew is celebrated throughout
the city with many cathedrals and churches built in his name and influence. It's also got a beach, and
coastal head which is key for shipping routes to navigate from and the lighthouses help their endeavor
in the night. The love of sports is quite apparent as the rugby team proudly hold their own in the
Scottish Premiership Division One. Aberdeen is a city that has a very distinct atmosphere of being
Scottish, yet it resembles many things that are stereotypically British. It rains a lot, and grey clouds
seem like a fixture; it's also called ‘The Grey City’ for that reason.

A time locked jail

The Tolbooth was built during the 17th century, specifically between the years of 1616 and 1629.
It took 13 years to complete, but it's been kept in good condition for almost 400 years. During the
religious upheaval of those medieval times and after the Battle of Culloden, Jacobites were
imprisoned in the stone building. It's now operated as a museum which takes a look at what it would
be like to live as one of the prisoners within its cold hard walls. There are lots of tales to be told as
many believe that The Tolbooth is haunted with spirits that were tortured. It's part of various ghost
tours, and one would be challenged to experience its demeanor during the night when they take place.

Source ccharmon

Best of British

Scotland is blessed with the fruits of the North Sea. The fish caught in these waters are shipped all
over the world for their unbeatable quality. Although many kinds of fish go to 3-starred Michelin
restaurants across continental Europe, there are two fishes that are almost exclusively enjoyed in
Aberdeen. It's funny that England is thought of as the place to enjoy the nation’s famous fish & chips
dish but don’t commit to agreeing to that until you’ve been to The Ashvale. Here the freshly caught
haddock and cod are expertly prepared with famous breadcrumb coatings and beer batters. The
chips are cooked to being crunchy and crispy on the outside to fluffy white and soft on the inside.
A side of mushy peas and a slice of lemon for your fish is complimentary.

Reside in comfort

Almost given a clean sheet by guests, the Residence Inn Aberdeen has a rating of 4.9 stars based
on its reviews. With beds covered in deluxe linen, the stylish suites also boast separate living and
sleeping areas, as well as sofa beds. You can get snacks at any time you want from the market in
the lobby. Don’t worry about responding to inquisitive emails from family back home as Wi-Fi is in
the house.

Aberdeen is one of those places that seem to be graciously stuck in a different century. Its architecture
is staggering, the cobbled streets are in great condition, and the churches are still standing stoically.

Friday, 27 April 2018

My 3 Birthdays in 2018

This year is very special for me. I get 3 birthday celebrations. My birthday this year fall on a Friday but on Friday school was closed for Chinese New Year celebration. 

Before the date, Mamarazzi had asked whether I wanna celebrate at my tuition centre again this year . I couldn't decide but last minute told her okay la.

 Aiyoyo.... Chinese New Year! Many cake house not open for business leh. How ah?? Postpone it? Where got people postpone birthday one. Not good omen. Why never copy Papa? Every year without fail he would plan  Ah Ma's birthday..  Plan months ahead, booked restaurant , scrutinise guest list and etc.

In the end,  it was decided that the celebration will be held a day early which coincidentally  is the 7th day of Chinese New Year. The 7th day is known as  人日 (Everyone's Birthday)*YAY*. And also it's the exact date of Papa's  birthday. 

(source : google)

If you are in their priority list just like me or Ah Ma. . What meeting la.... What wanna fetch boyfriend/girlfriend from MRT la....all can be re-arranged. No need to be a mind reader to know that. It all depends whether ones 用心 or not. 

Though there was not much time for planning, but last minute me and my friends had this feast waiting for us.

And seeing that it is Everyone's Birthday, she prepared this fruit Yee Sang for us to enjoy. The teachers were really surprised. This year we had so much food that there are leftover food  for the teachers. ..... unlike last year(paiseh-embarrassed),  Yup...the teachers at my tuition centre are very good. They let us have all the fun and only willing to take whatever leftover .

 Happy birthday to me!... ahem. ahem... note to self... must not choose this cake. Taste not nice. My friends said so too.  

 We would have had another birthday feast at home. This round for Papa. Mamarazzi even took out special birthday cake and ready to bake. But then it was decided the have to visit a relative.

So that evening no celebration. Only eat overpriced hokkien mee for 人日 (Everyone's Birthday)(2nd birthday). I was tired and not in the mood to eat. Lucky there were leftover which we tapau-ed(packed) which I ate after we got home.

 On Friday we had another Birthday Celebration. This round we makan(eat) at home. What a feast it was.

 Papa's birthday cake become my birthday cake. 

Happy Birthday to me ...again (3rd birthday in the year). Ahem...does this means that am 3 years older?

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Spending Less on Your Move

Most people will move several times throughout their lives, with the first usually when you head off to college. Once you get married and start to raise a family you may move two to three times more due to a growing family or a change of job. Whatever your reasons for the move, there are many ways that you can make it more affordable. 

Create a Budget

Your first instinct may be to contact movers immediately to secure the date. While that's very important, the first step you need to take is to create a plan and a budget. The budget needs to include the move as well as the costs involved once you reach your destination. This includes turning on lights, water, gas and scheduling an appointment for cable or satellite television. Make sure to include everything down to the packing supplies. Once you have an educated estimate you'll know the amount you need in order to make it happen. 

Deciding Whether to Use Movers or Rent a Truck

There are pros and cons to renting a truck and hiring movers. Weigh them carefully by cost, time and the amount of labor you need to do. If you have very little time and you are moving across the country hiring professional movers such as Allied Moving Company, may prove to be the best option. First, you won't have to drive on busy highways with a truck loaded to the gills. Second, you won't have to load and unload it either.  And, if you factor in that you will more than likely need to stop and spend a night in a hotel the costs can add up quickly. The downside to hiring movers is that you can't change the date once scheduled unless of course, you want to wait several weeks longer.  Overall, the costs when you add up your additional expenses and time and labor, are just about equal. 

Move Off Season

Just like department stores and restaurants have peaks seasons, so do moving companies. If you can control the date you leave, schedule your move during the fall or winter when the volume is lower. If you must move during the summer, aim for the middle of the month and during the week. These times are cheaper than weekends and the beginning and end of each month.

Pack Your Own Boxes

Moving companies charge a lot of extra money to use their boxes. This can really inflate your bill by hundreds or more. Instead, pay nothing at all for boxes. It's easier than you might imagine. Check your local liquor store or corner deli, ask friends who recently moved and ask people on the job to save them for you. In addition to free boxes, you can also cut costs on your packing supplies by using items around the home to wrap collectibles, glasses, and dishes. Towels, sheets, and pillowcases add a layer of protection that keeps them secure and prevents clanking. Newspaper and coffee filters are also useful for smaller items. All you really need to purchase is high-quality packing tape. 

Declutter and Downsize

When you move everything you bring along increases the amount of the final cost for your move. It's in your best interest to use this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. Set things aside that you are not sure about and then go through them again the next day. If at that time, you still can't make a firm decision, it's best to leave it behind. Remember that once you get to your new place you will need a space to put these items too. With the things, you decide not to bring you have several options. If they are still in good condition you could list them in the paper or online or have a garage sale. No matter which method you choose, the extra money you make you can use to reduce the overall cost of your move. 

Moving is expensive and if you don't create a budget ahead of time you may end up borrowing from places just to settle in. However, if you are willing to plan ahead, to some of the work yourself, you can make any move more affordable. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Recap Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2018-3km Kids Dash

 Am back again. Earlier this month I join SCKLM Kids Dash.

This year it's for 3km.

Wah lau eh.... no training... close two eyes and simply run-lah. Mamarazzi said if cannot run then walk. If cannot walk then crawl. ....but I bounce pulak.

This year was a bit different from previous years. It's the 10th Anniversary of SCKLM. This year they separated the Kids Dash day from the actual run day.

It was a cloudy Saturday . Mamarazzi and me took the train to town. Luckily it didn't rain. We had  The orgniser gave out balloons, and have clowns there to entertain us.

As usual, the kids that are doing 1km goes first followed by us who are doing 3km 

And there we go... 

Mamarazzi waited and wait and waited.... hmmm... mushrooms growing liao

Finally saw me "boucing" back. Why so slow one..... ? Fast fast run to get my medal goodies bag. Uiks!? where is the banana? This year no banana geh... Previous years they give isotonic drink with banana. Maybe this year replaced with mineral water gua as I found mineral water in the bag

Photo credit to SCKLM website

Mamarazzi  did not get to snap photo of me bouncing back but this year SCKLM had installed new apps. Don't know how they do it but they can detect photo. snap by their media people and post up on their website for us to download. Maybe based on the chip stucked to our  bib or based on  bib number? 

                                            Photo credit to Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura FB 

Bumped into Auntie Lina on our way back. Hey! she is one of the official media person there. She snapped this nice photo of me.

And of my medal. 

showing off my hard earned Medal in the train . Got 1 Kor Kor gave me the thumbs up sign.

And also my stinky ketiak(armpit) 

Result of the Dash? I polished off 2 double cheeseburger and 5 pieces of nugget. ! Thank you to Uncle Sherman for notifying us on this promotion. 

Supposed to be one burger for Mamarazzi and one for me but  but but I was famished she didn't want hers. 

Monday, 23 April 2018

Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange #7(BJPE) and Flea Market on 5th May 2018

Everyone is excited about Polling Day on the 9th of May? Well, here is one more event for you to be excited about. 

Yup! The ever "keras kerja"(hardworking- yea... direct translate from English . Really no eyes see) BJ Green Ranger had done it again. 

The 7th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange /Adoption Programme will be held  on 5th of May 2018. Time and Venue as above. 

The Waze location is :

On that day , there will be Flea Market too selling all sorts of stuff.

Do drop by and adopt a plant . It's FOC. 

List of Plants pledges as of 23rd April  for BJPE( May 5) are as below and the list is getting longer as the date grows nearer:

1.  KT - yam(edible)
2. KT - Brazilian Snap Dragon (flower)
3. KT - variegated tapioca plant (edible)
4. KT - portuluca(flower)
5. KT - purple leaves sweet potatoes plant
6. KT - white lily (flower)
7. balsam- kc
8. Fire cracker flower-kc 
9. Bird plant-kc
10.spider plant-kc
11. Grand duke jasmine-kc
13.hoya-kc moss-kc
15. Java ginseng-kc
16. Mint-kc
17green cincau-kc
19. Taiwan goji vege-kc
21. Brazilian spinach-kc
22-rerama hijau
23.misai kucing-kc
24. Pandan-kc
25. Tembaga sausa-kc
27. Serai acheh-kc
28. Rain lily-kc
29. Bunga  tonkin-kc
30. Turkey Promegranate-BO
31. Iresine - kc
32. White peace lily-kc
33. Ruealia-kc
34. Japanese rose -kc
35. Sabah snake grass -cL 
36.  Aloe Vera - cl
37.  Double petaled Bunga Telang seeds - cl
38. Spider plants - AP
39. Red shiso - AP
40. Serai Aceh - AP
41. Japanese rose - AP
42. Pirandai  cuttings - AP
43. Beijing Grass - AP
44. Aloe Vera - AP
45. Rerama Hijau - AP
46. Serai wangi - AP
47. Sambung Nyawa(Purple)-AP
48. Mugwort - AP
49.Dwarf yellow papaya DS
50. Custard apple-DS
51.Bamboo orchid- DS
52. Spider plant-DS
53.Peace Lily-DS
54.  Orange Canna-DS
55. Marigolds-DS
56. Vinsa -DS
57. Anthurium- DS
58. Cock's Comb-DS
59. Elephants Ears -DS
60. Snake Plant- DS
61.Red Aglaoneme- DS
62. Coleus- DS
63. Ruealia- DS
64. Betel leaf- DS
65. Kantan -kc
66. Melon - RM
67.  Mint - WMY
68.  Curry leaf - WMY
69. Brazilian snap dragon(decorative)-kc
70. Wandering jew(decorative)-kc
71. Duck feet coleus-kc
72. Black sesame plant-kc
73. Decorative pineapple-kc
74. Turnera-kc
75. Bird nest fern-KT
76. Plantain - KT
77. Bunga telang ( single petal)- YL
78. Sawtooth corainders,-SC
79. Indonesian dills-SC
80. Variate Indian borage-SC
81. Variagted spider liliy-SC
82. Papaya -FC
83. Chili padi -FC
84. beijing grass- RM
85. pumpkin-RM
86. chillis (gerunong)-RM
87. Chillis (lada solok)-RM
88. Moringa Plants -CN
89. Holy Basil-CN
90. Setawar-CN
91. Bromeliad-CN
92. Rangoon Creeper-CN
93. Red Shiso-CN
94. Green Cincau-CN
95. Red ginger plants- SVA
96. Dark pink adenium- SVA
97. Bakawali - LY
98. Dragon fruit plant - LY 
99. Dessert rose - LY
100. Black sugarcane -Z
101. Avocado - CC
102. Mango - CC
103. Bunga telang - CC
104. Ulam Raja - CC
105. Daun Kadok - CC
106. Oregano - CC

Do drop by and adopt a plant . It's FOC. 

Will update more when we get more information

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