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Friday, 17 November 2017

May & June 2017 Recap

Another two busy month and a very BIG event. Yes! the Big Bad Box Sale. 

In May, I learn to cook more. This time learnt how to fry chicken. Yes, you heard it correctly. Fry chicken. Then there is Teacher's Day. Just a simple do. 

Next major event was Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017.  A very busy two days . Went for my basketball practise then zoomed over to KLCC to collect my race kit. Afternoon zoom to KLPAC for Dr Balloon show and zoom back home just in time for tuition. 

Next morning woke up early to go for the Kids Dash but on the way home, it rained. Started to feel unwell in the LRT Station coz it was hot and "cold" at the same time. All trains going to the direction that we were heading to were fully packed. Mamarazzi finally brought me to take train heading towards the opposite direction. Disembarked at station that had less people waiting before boarding train to then correct direction. Started to fever  and had it bad at night.

This year BIG BAD BOX sale was the BEST among all the years. Books were nicely arranged and a large variety to choice from. For the first time in history, we bought 3 boxes of books. Previous sale we only managed to  fill one box as the choice were pretty limited. 

Another month , another story.. change of taste buds... lost a tooth..a trip..and presenting...the video of my life for May and June 2017.....

And YAY! Mamarazzi found how to add music to the video  and have done so for all the 3 recap videos

Thank you , Auntie Claire for alerting us that don't know why sometimes readers have to go to Youtube only can view the video. Can't view in blog. Errr... Mamarazzi had yet to figure out how to fix this issue. Any tips? Coz at the Video Manager in Youtube the following icon remains grey no matter what Mamarazzi clicked. 

  • Make this video available on all platforms

Hopefully can solve this issue soon. Meantime, please bear with me for a bit ya. Thank you.


  1. Marathon, if I go, sure will be the last person to reach...

  2. Oh, cannot play video here, must go youtube, it says... so this recap is till June.. still got a few more months and posts to do, Mamarazzi..

    1. aiya... duno what's wrong. try click the allow syndication to other platform but i won't let us clcik....adui... but now got music la. Thanks for alerting us.

  3. Can fry chicken now kah? Wahhhhh!!!! Splutter! Splutter! I would prefer to just put in the oven to bake.

  4. I like fried chicken! Just that I am so lazy to clean it up and the amount of oil that needed to be used. Unless I have an air fryer at home but it's so expensive! :(

  5. You sure have had an eventful couple of months! Way to be!

  6. You have been busy! LOVED the pics and video! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too! I linked you so I hope to be back often!

  7. ...and the music addition is a great part along with a busy life you're leading.

  8. I'm enjoying your videos and the documenting of your life. Definitely looking forward to next month.

  9. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  10. Sounds like a fun sale. I can't view the video though...

  11. You've been very busy. That's a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  12. Great recap! I enjoyed the video very much. You always have a very sunny smile :-) Good job learning how to fry chicken!
    I can see the video here and don't have to go to YouTube :-)

  13. Watched the video ... sound and all, lil kitten ... thank you so much ... Winter here and Summer there, I guess ... I miss Bali so much ... ... never been in Malaysia yet ... Will be doing some island hopping in the Southern Caribic for most of December ... wishing you and your family well, lil kitten ... smiles ... Much love, cat.

  14. I must get my kids to learn to cook soon. Now small kucing knows how to cook. Haha. Well done!

    Half year recap. Another half year to go.

  15. Wonder what is your time in the marathon.
    I am counting down for next week Penang Bridge International Marathon.


    Full marathon..

  16. You did a good movie! It going to be school hols soon. Any big plans for your hols?

  17. Great post! You've been very busy.
    Happy weekend!:)


  18. Goodness you have been busy. I hope the fever is gone.

  19. Am loving the videos - such a nice way to look back on the year's activities. The chicken looks amazing leh. Meleleh air liur I!

  20. Starting the cooking journey... very good!


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