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Monday, 13 November 2017

March and April 2017 -Recap

March and April was a very hectic month for me. I got hooked on a popular computer game. Everyday after come back from school I would eat fast and simply packed my school bag so that I can get my 1 hour computer time.  Papa and Mamarazzi trusted me too much so they didn't check my packing. Trouble brewing for me in the following months.

But in between that, I managed to squeeze in some pretty interesting activities. Due to my basketball activity timing clashes with the FunLand timing, I had to stop going to the latter.  Anyway, no point rushing there coz by the time I arrive, it would be art and craft time. I don't like art and craft. I like singing and story time.

April was interesting month as it was Mamarazzi's birthday month and also my debut as an mini "entrepreneur" . Yes, the BJPE people let me have a stall to sell stuff. First time selling. No experience. After some time, I got bored and run here and there instead of selling stuffs. End up, i didn't earn enough money for my half yearly trip with friends. Mamarazzi said cannot go. Oh well...the i have been to the place before (sour grapes mode activated) anyway and I don't wanna go.

Okay here is the video slide show. It's a tad long. 5mins but then again, have to cramp so many things in it...hahaha...hope you don't fall  asleep watching.



  1. I enjoyed watching your "movie" :)

  2. Goodness! You are such a big boy now selling stuffs and joining so much activities. Soon you will visit girl friends in the neighborhood. Remember Papa Kaldip will pull your ears until red. Muahahaha

  3. Wahhhh!!! You play basketball? Good! Good! Keep it up.

  4. A new milestone for you, small kucing. Been young entrepreneur, learning new stuff. Good for you.

  5. Very good variety of activities enjoyed by Small Kucing. Thumbs up.

  6. Sorry your sales didn't go as planned. Maybe next year.

  7. Nice video... mini entrepreneur eh. All the best ya! :D

  8. These slide shows are very cool! I don't know how you do them. Uh oh, did you get into trouble? Surely not such a good boy as you!

  9. Good for you... its never too young to start your own business!

  10. That's life, little one. You have to work hard before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your mama is teaching you an important lesson ;)

  11. I loved your slide show, lil kitten ... although I tend to fall asleep when watching TV, I did not fall asleep watching the video ... smiles ... Love you ... smiles ... Always, cat.

    1. Glad you didnt fall asleep before finish watching the slides. Sorry , still have not found out how to add in music

  12. wah, so interesting nice food, plenty of activities, so much fun!

  13. Great movie! You had a very busy time and lots of yummy food!


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