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Friday, 10 November 2017

Half Day Trip To Tanjung Sepat 2017

Did I mentioned my Kaw Kaw(aunt) came back for a visit last month? Well, she did but I didn't get to welcome her at the airport as it was a schooling day. Well, I did try to ask papa to come fetch me to the airport but Papa said the plane arriving 8am. Errrr... Told him no need to go to school lor...but.... oh well....

 According to Mamarazzi, first stop was for beef noodle. Supposed to be a famous one in Puchong . But Mamarazzi didn't like it much. Portion was  big but that's just it....portion big only.  Taste wise... hmmm...

 When Kaw Kaw  arrived home, guess what greeted her? Yes.... she sort of planted this tree when she threw the seeds into the garden 3-4 years ago . But each time she came back, it was not fruiting or the fruit was not ripe. This time it was  very good timing. papa was surprised to see one of the fruits had become ripe and smashed to the ground. Mamarazzi immediately harvest the rest of the fruits.

The next days was BJPE day. Too tired to do anything else after that...ahem... actually we did go out again la after BJPE. Went for tuition(yeah...tuition some more...sobs)... then went to Pasar malam..then went to Puchong Everyday Food Court to have Fried Oyster.

By end of it, everyone was zombified...maybe except for Papa la...he asked Mamarazzi what's the plan for the next day...go Tanjung Sepat? Mamarazzi said brain not working.... came home straight went to dreamland.

Crazy Mamarazzi suddenly woke up 4am in the morning... can't sleep....went and cook some chorizo (i love chorizo)... then 7am woke Papa up and said 7.30am go Tanjung Sepat.

 What's in Tanjung Sepat? Why wanna go Tanjung Sepat? Because Kaw Kaw loves the fishballs there. Each time if possible, we will go there when she come back for a visit.

 As everyone haven't had breakfast yet, we just eeny minie mole on shop. It was Pan Mee shop at the main street. Mamarazzi said she is not eating as her tummy was still sleeping. I had a small bowl of Pan Mee while Papa and Kaw Kaw had big bowl of Pan Mee.  Very Big Bowl.  Total RM13 only. Very cheap  for 3 bowls of noodles.

Next stop was the market. Bought some fishball, salted fish and kuih. No photos.

 Next stop was Lover's Bridge. Wow... they have rebuilt the bridge and bulldozed the two restaurants that were there.... big issue a few months back . Saw in facebook the lady boss was crying.

Anyway...found this big vase of rose ....

 The new Lovers Bridge. You jump jump jump sure won't collapse

 Mamarazzi stayed back while we walk to the end of the bridge. Too hot she said. 

 Still lovely view.

After a short stroll there and some shopping, we proceeded to the next venue.

 Wan Tee Longan Farm . Kaw Kaw was looking forward to the longan there but too bad, not ripe yet.... errr...these gourd can ar?  Previously this place had a lot of passion fruit but now the owner seems to grow this gourd instead.

Longan just started flowering. Not big enough yet. 

It's supposed to be as big as a pingpong ball. Though  not ripe yet, but smell delicious. Poor Kaw Kaw...but lucky Mamarazzi had freeze some Longan for KawKaw. May not taste as good as the fresh ones but at least got to taste gua......err.... not sure coz she brought the Tub of frozen Longan back to Ah Mah's house. Don't she got to eat any of it or not.

No longan but a lot of beautiful flowers instead. 

 Hah! who know what plant is this?  Old folk will know this. Youngster like me don't know. The Longan Farm Owner gave two leaves to mamarazzi. One of it is in her garden now. 

After the  Longan Farm, we had to rush back lo...time for my school schedule is  more busy than the adults leh


  1. people jump off this bridge to swim? WOW, I am so impressed. You showed your aunt probably the best time of her life. What an awesome host you are!

  2. Aha!!! At least they have rail along the side of Lovers' Bridge now, last time so scary. Looks nicer too now.

    1. hahaha... much jump jump jump also womt runtuh

  3. Sounds like a lovely visit & you got to eat yummy food & enjoy seeing new places! I love the painting of the big vase & rose!
    Best wishes

  4. Bookmark this place. Your mama know what to do when I go KL ya, hint hint.. lol.

  5. Oh how nice you had a visit from your aunt! And she planted a tree accidentally! And mama not being able to sleep is so normal but

    1. probably so. Glad she gets to enjoy the fruits

  6. Kaw kaw must be enjoying her stay with you.

    Yummy. I am eyeing the pan mee soup.

    Oh. A new lover's bridge huh?? Never knew there is one in Malaysia.

  7. Sounds like your aunt had a great time! How nice the plant she seeded got fruits this time :-) I think the new Lovers Brdige looks lovely!

  8. Thank you for sharing such a nice post about your family visitors and your food and nice places. God Bless you and yours.

  9. I remember one of the restaurant which was bulldozed with the filthy toilet.

    1. Two restaurant were bulldozed. Saw in FB the lady cry so pitifully but guess no choice la. Not their land and was given 2 years notice already

  10. It is always very interesting to read about your day and see all these equally interesting and enjoyable photos. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great to see you busy and active! Way to be!

  12. What a fun day you had and all that good food too. Good for you.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  13. Big portions are not always big on taste!!
    You're changing into a wonderful, handsome, gentleman! I enjoyed seeing your recent pictures.

  14. I am a new follower. I have had fun seeing all that is happening and enjoy your photos.

  15. Shiok oh jalan-jalan like this. You are so lucky - your mama and papa always make sure you have a balanced lifestyle. ;)

  16. You can eat very good fish balls at the "Sekichan Restaurant" at the LG floor of One Utama. Guaranteed fresh and the best I have ever eaten in my life.

    1. aisey...didnt know that leh... next time go find

  17. I am sure your kaw kaw enjoyed her stay with you. I have not been to Tanjung Sepat.

  18. That's not the leaf that will grow baby plants from the side right? Hehe that's the only thing it reminds me of.

    The last time I went to that longan farm also got no longan.


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