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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival(a.k.a Mooncake festival) 2017

Last weekend, the residents of our Taman(garden/residential area)  celebrated Mid-Autumn festival . Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival but we celebrated early coz during week  days, most would be busy.

Actually that was the second time I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival this year. My tuition center also organised a party for it but Mamarazzi not going to post it here.  Too many kids face to edit. She lazy leh. Just contributed two tray of moon cake for the celebration.

I had fun playing with fire lantern . We light up the playground with candles. 

Plenty of food to be had too. Guess our new neighbour who is non-malaysian also had an interesting evening. They never had mooncake and tea eggs before. 

An Uncle also contributed KFC. Wow!!! soooo yummy leh...

Aiyo....which one to do first? Eat KFC first  or drink 100plus first or play tanglung first? Hard to decide leh. Wish I am like those Shaolin Kungfu Master who know Split Body Kungfu. Can be at 2-3 places at the same time.

Uncle B contributed this. Cold beer. Just nice for such a hot weather. 

Mamarazzi had 2 cans and beh tahan liao. Become as red as a lobster liao. Gone home to sleep. Me and Papa continued mingling at the playground but pretty soon I also beh tahan. Ran home and slept. Don't know what time Papa came back.

Signing off now. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you all. 

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