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Friday, 15 September 2017

Mooncake Galore and Shake Pet Pet Fried Rice

No eyes see. .. No eyes see... Mamarazzi no more Kdrama fever but now mooncake fever pulak.

She have been receiving enquiries since she posted up these cute piggy mooncake in FB.

Friends , family and strangers want to know whether she is selling them. Papa said oh well...let's do it.

Some surprising orders came in. But due to these piggies need to be individually crafted, she can only make 20 pieces each day and not daily.

Then Uncle Pete sent a link. Another type of piggy. Mamarazzi was game. Tried. Not as cute as the round piggy . And up looking like a roasted pig instead *LOL*

Facebook is certainly amazing. She spotted someone making Snow Skin Mooncake or current glamour name as "Crystal Mooncake".

Aha.....something new.....a new design. Tried. Hey! Not bad. Very colorful and cheerful.

In the first round, she used artificial colouring as she didn't have fresh fruit and flowers around except for bluepea flower.

The second day, she used natural coloring. Way nicer.

Doing too many of that can be boring. Then her friend sent her a link on snow skin piggies pulak. harm trying as she had leftover dough.

Yikes! Looks like the Angry Bird piggy pulak.

Yesterday she saw someone making rainbow mooncake. She kaypoh wanna make pulak.

End result......*drum roll*.... Introducing the one and only....Mamarazzi Cow Dung mooncake....

Aiyoyo....others people Rainbow mooncake so colorful. Mamarazzi's all Brown and eyes see oh no eyes ...who wanna be white mice and eat up all these?

As for me...this period I learnt how to fry rice. shake pet pet fried rice. Why shake pet pet? Ahem ahem....later Mamarazzi might upload the video and you will find out why.

My fried rice looks way better than Mamarazzi's so call "rainbow" mooncake right?.


  1. Good boy! Your fried rice looks good! Masterchef in the making. Your mum making the mooncakes for sale? Would make a lot of money, mooncakes these days are so so expensive.

  2. me and my guy love moon cakes, and i've decided to get him a pair of cute piglet shaped moon cakes from Bee Cheng Hiang, although i must say that it's hard to find yummy moon cakes at an affordable price these days

    p/s it's good you're teaching your son to cook at a young age, i would never have a good cooking skill if it wasn't for my mom who taught me how to mess up the kitchen at a young age :)

    1. Haven't been buying m9oncake for past few years as made them at home. Yea...price have increase ..maybe due to price of ingredients increased too.

      Lol....ya....he is learning how yo cook. 9 years old already . Can cook a few things

  3. Your mama's pigs are all so colourful and obedient looking.
    When will you goreng your fried rice for me to eat?? Kwang! Kwang!! Kwang!!


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