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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New "Condominium " and Mooncakes

Two months no news. Hmmm....Mamarazzi getting super lazy.

Many moons ago, I was not feeling well . Ponteng school for a day. ( hope teacher didn't see this post). 

What did I do at home ? Of course not resting-lah. Am the type that cannot sit still. Guess teachers very happy that I didn't go to school gua.

Anyway, I helped Mamarazzi assembled two racks.

Way taller than me. Gotta climb up the stairs.

Taller than me , right?'s good to sweat out the fever. Felt way better after building this.

Bet Mamarazzi's plant felt much better too in their new "condominium".

As for Mamarazzi....she is busy baking these cute mooncakes now. Mooncakes festival coming soon. 

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