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Thursday, 8 June 2017

I Cooked "Big Tension" Fried Chicken Ala Korean Style

Steam Chicken, Baked Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Fried Chicken ...all bored already. What else to cook ar? Then Mamarazzi saw this Kdrama . They were eating fried chicken.  Recall pulak the famous KyoChon Chicken . That was so yummy. 

Asked Mr Google how to make. Found the recipe but don't have enough ingredients. Oh well, you know Mamarazzi. She would simply hentam whatever ingredients la. 

First time cooking this. Not bad la. I sapu clean the whole plate of chicken. So yummy.  

Posted in Facebook and my Uncle said  nice 紧张 (big Tension) chicken. Was puzzled what is Big Tension Chicken. Then he said "Dakgangjeong" sound like Big Tension in Cantonese, *LOL* funny fella

Oh well, I like it so much that I requested Mamarazzi to make some more 紧张 chicken next day. She asked me to cook it myself. She helped me to chop the chicken to small pieces and marinate it.

In the evening, I did the frying. Eeee.... scary process . Hmmm....need to ask Santa to send me suit of armor for Christmas. Oil splatter here and there leh. 

Making the sauce was easier . Not oil splatter but need to control the fire  or else the sauce gets burnt,

Jeng! Jeng! my 紧张 Chicken. Hahaha.... a good name for it. Very tension leh all the frying.. If you run out of idea on what to cook, why not try this 紧张 Chicken. Yum.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Box Sale 2017 @MIECC

It's BBW Books buffet time again! This is different from the normal book sales. Here we buy EMPTY BOX(ES) instead  of books. Then we just fill the box up with books at the sale and bring them home. No need to pay for the  books.

When Mamarazzi told me that, I thought she was joking. I kept asking her if she is sure we can walk out of the hall without paying for the  books.

On the first day of the sale she went alone and brought home 1 big box and 1 small box(family package RM160).

Note :

Small box - RM79.90
Big Box Rm99.90
Family package(1 Big 1 smaĺl) : RM160
Extra rm5 off for DIGI and HLB credit card users

Managed to fit 31 books in the small box; which ain't a small feat. The small box have pretty odd measurement.

It was easier to pack the big box. Tada! 63 books in box.

Average around RM2 per book. Assuming each book priced at normal BBW price of RM8/book..we got a whopping RM752 worth of books! Minus the cost of RM160, petrol , toll and parking.. It's still a saving of RM500+.

Bear in mind, the books are leftover from last December sale, Jakarta sale and Bangkok sale. Surprisingly, most of the books were in very good condition; unlike previous years.

Thinking of crates and crates of those gorgeous books, Mamarazzi can't help herself and went for a second round last Thursday. I was pretty excited. Though she said we'll go in the evening where people are having dinner and breaking fast, I got ready at 10a.m!

Finally there. Happily shopping for books. Bumped into Uncle C who came all the way from Johor for this.

Unboxing ceremony! Can guess how many books we managed to squeeze in?

Tada!a total of 51 books. Less than the1st day but still pretty good. Less than RM2 per book.

No space wasted . *LOL*.  Yay! I can open "shop" liao! Come come Small Kucing Books Stall.

The sale is still on till 4th of June 2017. So don't miss out on this opportunity and test out your organising skill. See how many can you fit into the box.

Thank you to the Big Bad Wolf Books for bringing such good bargain and listening to your followers. This year's box sale is the best of all the years!

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