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Sunday, 7 May 2017

New Found Uses for Method All-Purposes Natural Surface Cleaner

 This year Mamarazzi having more headache with my school uniform related issues. We are using more ink in class as we have to write those Chinese writing (Calligraphy? ) in class. Also  Cikgu asked us to bring our own Whiteboard marker .

I think you can guess what happen after this la

 My "new" sport uniform . To make it worse, I was afraid to tell Mamarazzi. I have hidden the uniform for a week before being discovered by Mamarazzi. She made me scrub and scrub till my skin come out and yet the ink spot remains.

She said if the stain cannot come out, I will still have to wear this T-shirt to school . Let teacher scold me.

Mamarazzi also tried soaking over night and scrubbed. Still the same. Used alcohol and dunno what still remains.

Then Papa suggested why not try Method. Papa lies Method. Everything he also spray with Method.

 Oh well... nothing to loose. Sprayed some Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner and scrubbed. Hey! what do you know. The stains getting lighter,

 After a lot of scrubbing. Stain is much lighter. Mamarazzi said if discovered the stain much earlier, maybe the result can be better.  Well, at least the stains are not that obvious now. Can still wear this T-shirt to school.

Mamarazzi was quite pleased and itchy hand . Posted the pic in Method Malaysia Facebook. Guess what? They were pleased too . They contacted Mamarazzi and offered her their new product.

 Yup... a few days later a parcel came for me. 

 Apa ni? 

 It's Method French Lavender Foaming hand Wash! They have other tyyes too  . Check it out here :

We certainly love the this scent very much.

 Oh ya.... just heard from my ex-teacher that a kid got HMFD . So better wash hand more often. 

Disclaimer:- This is not a paid or sponsored post. This is just a saja itchy hand post. So next time if your baju kena ink. Fast fast pray with Method ya. Maybe can be saved. 


  1. We have this Method foaming Lavender!! We love it, and have bought other scents, too. OH, sorry, just had to laugh that you hid your uniform for so long. If Mama could have got it right away, it probably would have all been like new.

  2. Ok, thanks for the tips... I like method products too..

  3. My Jay is a messy person. His white uniform is all with stains now. Sigh. Could not get rid of the stain. Headache.

  4. Replies
    1. Uiks...SG dont have ah...can come JB to buy

  5. You sure look so happy to get the hand wash.

  6. Looks like a product that I would like. I love lavender! Great photos!

  7. Lavender is supposed to be soothing but I smell already, I pening.

  8. Never tried that product before. Glad it worked!
    I may look for the hand wash. I love lavender :-)

  9. Great tip - I shall go try! ^.^

    1. Gott spots on hubs business shirts. Pocket semua kena. :P

  10. I love products from Method! Especially the hand wash, really different from other brands.

  11. Sounds so perfect. Will try to get my hands on it too.

  12. Wearing sarong at home? More comfortable eh, hehe :P

  13. I haven't heard of the brand, but I'm gonna check it out! xoxo

  14. Hehe so rajin and so smart you!
    Take care, heard the news also say HFMD will be up this school holiday.

  15. Nice pictures. Looks like a great product. :)

  16. Hide the uniform ah... hehe.


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