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Sunday, 7 May 2017

New Found Uses for Method All-Purposes Natural Surface Cleaner

 This year Mamarazzi having more headache with my school uniform related issues. We are using more ink in class as we have to write those Chinese writing (Calligraphy? ) in class. Also  Cikgu asked us to bring our own Whiteboard marker .

I think you can guess what happen after this la

 My "new" sport uniform . To make it worse, I was afraid to tell Mamarazzi. I have hidden the uniform for a week before being discovered by Mamarazzi. She made me scrub and scrub till my skin come out and yet the ink spot remains.

She said if the stain cannot come out, I will still have to wear this T-shirt to school . Let teacher scold me.

Mamarazzi also tried soaking over night and scrubbed. Still the same. Used alcohol and dunno what still remains.

Then Papa suggested why not try Method. Papa lies Method. Everything he also spray with Method.

 Oh well... nothing to loose. Sprayed some Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner and scrubbed. Hey! what do you know. The stains getting lighter,

 After a lot of scrubbing. Stain is much lighter. Mamarazzi said if discovered the stain much earlier, maybe the result can be better.  Well, at least the stains are not that obvious now. Can still wear this T-shirt to school.

Mamarazzi was quite pleased and itchy hand . Posted the pic in Method Malaysia Facebook. Guess what? They were pleased too . They contacted Mamarazzi and offered her their new product.

 Yup... a few days later a parcel came for me. 

 Apa ni? 

 It's Method French Lavender Foaming hand Wash! They have other tyyes too  . Check it out here :

We certainly love the this scent very much.

 Oh ya.... just heard from my ex-teacher that a kid got HMFD . So better wash hand more often. 

Disclaimer:- This is not a paid or sponsored post. This is just a saja itchy hand post. So next time if your baju kena ink. Fast fast pray with Method ya. Maybe can be saved. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Birthday Treat and Closing Down of Tora Aman

 Last month was Mamarazzi's birthday.  We went out for big makan at Big Baba in Taman Desa. Paiseh paiseh.... made a big dent in Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick pocket. Food was good  but the price was ahem ahem....Well, think of it this way...if go all the way to Malacca  Melaka(oppss...big boss say now have to use Melaka instead of Malacca) , the toll and petrol will be more or less that price already leh.

Thank you very much to Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence for the lovely treat. Some more Mamarazzi got the drink that she was missing....3 Layer Tea!. The best still at Muhibbah Food Court. That one drink like better than coffee. Can stay awake whole night reading.

 Speaking of reading..... I think older generation like Mamarazzi going to miss reading Doraemon and Detective Conan comics lor. Personally, am not really fond of them but Mamarazzi kept trying to get me to read them in Chinese and Bahasa malaysia. 

Mamarazzi saw in Facebook that the Malaysian publisher of the comic is closing down and they are holding a clearance sale. Only RM2 a book .

Mamarazzi was keen on going ...that is till she read in Facebook that the opening days and operating hours of the sale is quite a "challenge". Sometimes open. Sometimes not open and the sale had commenced before the announced date.

Then on 17th April they announced no more stock. Haiz.... such disappointment.

But later on, they announced that the factory will still be open. Looks like they still have some leftover stock.

Oh well, after the big makan, we had nothing much to do. Need to waste  few hours before my tuition. Hence, we dropped by the factory to check it out.

Yup... nothing much left for Bahasa Malaysia comic (yay), but also no more English Comic(sobs). Super boohoo for me is that they have load of CHINESE comic left. YIKES!

She managed to get some Bahasa comic for me and a few colored Chinese comic for me. Mamarazzi said these will be collector's item in a few years. Must take care of them nicely. 

Hmm.... like that ah.... I can put them in cold storage in the library la. If I don't touch them, they won't get dirty or spoilt , right? (wink wink)

Anyway, if you are looking for Chinese Doraemon comic, you can search Tora Aman Facebook. It seems that they are still accepting online order via Whatsapps. Saw there are many Personal Shopper service listed there too. 

Guess what is blooming in the garden now. Lovely ain't she?
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