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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange #5

 The night before the Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange, Papa got us two tickets to watch the Starwars One Man show.  I laughed a lot at the first part but the rest were lost to me . You need to know the movies well to understand the scenes that were being play out.

Came home quite late and Mamarazzi quickly kick my butt ask me to go to bed.

 The next morning, "7 early 8 early" (Chinese saying which means super early in the morning) , Mamarazzi loaded the car with boxes and boxes of plants that stinks. 

It was raining. We arrived before 7 o'clock. started to set up the plants on the tables provided by the Bukit Jelutong Green Rangers.

 Hungry dei..... Mamarazzi was busy so she gave me 10 bucks to go eat noodles at the  mamak Restaurant nearby.

 Tummy full liao. Time to set up my business. 

Many people come for the BJPE. Errr...but not many came my stall leh. Mamarazzi said I didn't go and market my products . That's why nobody came.

 End up , Mamarazzi took over the registration and Papa took over the stall. Me? I "took over " the book exchange reading Archies.

Yup, this is the inaugural Bukit Jelutong BOOK EXCHANGE. People can come and pick up a book and donate books. Hope there will be more people who will donate books next round. Not many know about this yet. Can be said that  I was one of their first "reader".

 AIyo,,,tiring leh.... konk-out on the way home. 

We went there with boxes of plant and came home with boxes of plants too. 

 Interesting to note. one contributed made quite a number of these mini garden in a cup for the visitors. So cute !

 Honey Lime business was not good. We had barter system pulak with our neighbour stall which happens to be the famous SuChan Cakes!

 Mamarazzi said one for me , one for her. But before she can finish hers, i "helped" her finished it. It was DELICIOUS! It was Durian-misu cake made of real D24 durian. There! can you see the thick layer of durian flesh under the cream?

Durian lovers will love this. You can get it at SuChan Cafe :20, Jalan Perisa 1, Kuala Lumpur, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  (while stock last ya)

This round, contributors were very generous. They brought loads of plants. Hence there were plenty to go around. Mamarazzi even managed to get a box of plant for Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick.

Oh what fun it was. We are now looking forward to the next one. Heard it will be in another 3-4 months time. Thank you to BJ Green Ranger for arranging this fun event.

Friday, 21 April 2017

I Will Be A "Businessman" at BJPE#5

Am very excited . Tomorrow is the day! I have ever love to go for Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange coz I can play meet a lot of people there. At the previous exchange I kacau/disturb was very curious to see people selling stuffs there. Love the Lemonade booth. The lady belanja me drink lemonade. 

This round I am even more excited coz I was Mamarazzi was offered a chance to operate a stall there. Mamarazzi said I will be in charge of the stall to earn money for my school trip . 

Mamarazzi is donating 10 bottles of Homemade Honey Lime for me to sell. Limited edition you know. She don't make much each time. First come first served. 

I will also be selling dried Misai Kucing leaves. It's good  for diabetes.  Mamarazzi was drying them for Papa but donated some for me to sell. 

She managed to dry some Bunga Telang(Blue Pea flowers) .  Wah lau eh... these not only can be used as colouring for Nyonya Kuih but also can make into Minion drinks leh. Google search mentioned about it being a powerful antioxidant and stronger the Vitamin E. Errr.... don't really understand what it is all about but means good gua... Cute to see the drink changes color from blue to purple when add Lemon juice into it. 

 Yesterday Mamarazzi busy labelling the plants to be donated out. 

 This round pretty easy to label as most of it are in baskets. Arranged nicely. Tomorrow will just need to put into the car and bring there.

For me pulak...I was pretty excited last night. refused to sleep. Want to make signboard and price list for my "products" . Tonight come home must ask Papa to print out for me. 

 So.... those who are around Bukit Jelutong area do drop by BJPE ya. Pick up some free  plants and maybe buy some of my stuffs.

Here is the details :-

Event : Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchange (BJPE) #5

Date : April 22, 2017 (Saturday)

Venue : D’Bayu (next to Paparich)

Jalan Serambi U8/24
Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam


7.30am – 10.00am Plants Collection

10.00am – 12noon Plants exchg Open

Rules of plants exchange

1. Plants MUST be labeled so that the new owner knows what it is. PLS register with Wee Kean/Sue when u arrive to collect yr contributor's card. 

2. Recycle. Pls bring yr own bag to carry yr plants home.

3. Contributors will be given the priority to select over those who did not contribute

4. First come, first served. We will call by batches. Pls don't take more than 1 plant of the same variety. Give others a chance too.

5. For each round of selection, you may select based on the following (you may go many rounds, it’s up to you)

1-5plants brought – you may select 2 per round

5-10 plants brought – you may select 4 per round

Above 10 plant brought – you may select 6 per round

6. People who didnt bring plants are welcome to adopt too. The plants will be open to all once the contributors selected the 2nd round.

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