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Monday, 27 March 2017

Back to School - Month Long Activities Report

Hello hello hello... a Rosy Monday to you. I have been missing from blogsphere for a month. So what's the latest gossip? *LOL*

Mamarazzi came up with a new excuse why she have not updated my blog for so long. This time is she said it's because I lost her mouse. Yup... not logic , right? I told her can still use the laptop without mouse but she claimed that she can't "edit" photo without it wor. 

Anyway..... it's a good thing I've got this. The last week of school I 
came home very excited. I asked Mamarazzi "Do you believe that I brought home RM10?". Mamarazzi was like "where got so big female frog jumping everywhere?" . It's  direct translated from Cantonese. Meaning where got free lunch. 

I showed her this voucher and told her I got it from the school. It seems that this year they are giving out vouchers for students who frequent and borrowed the most book from the library. When I heard the announcement earlier this year, I was determined to get the voucher. 

Hence, everywhere I went I also bring along my library card. Mamarazzi got me a nametag holder for me to put the card in and hand on my neck coz the 1st day when I got the card, I lost the card. A friend took it home and didn't tell me. Luckily it was returned to me the next day. 

During school holiday, Papa brought me to Popular Bookstore to utilise the voucher. Bought myself two Young Scientist Comics and a new mouse for Mamarazzi . Yup, RM10 can't buy much. Had to top up some from my angpau money. 

Then , Mamarazzi had s surprise for me pulak. She was one of the lucky winners of two GSC movie tickets form Juiceco Malaysia. Alamak.... two only ah... Mamarazi said wait for her birthday next month. If not mistaken, GSC give free movie tickets to birthday girl/boy.  

Whole school holiday I didn't go anywhere coz was busy with school activities and "helping" Mamarazzi with her garden. 

Yup... I got forced into helping her to plant plants for the coming 5TH BUKIT JELUTONG PLANT EXCHANGE which will be held on 22nd April 2017 . Details as follows : -

Event : Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchange (BJPE) #5

Date : April 22, 2017 (Saturday)

Venue : D’Bayu (next to Paparich)
Jalan Serambi U8/24
Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam


7.30am – 10.00am Plants Collection

10.00am – 12noon Plants exchg Open
other events -TBC
Rules of plants exchange

1. Plants MUST be labelled so that the new owner knows what it is. PLS register with Wee Kean/Sue when u arrive to collect yr contributor's card. 

2. Recycle. Pls bring yr own bag to carry yr plants home.

3. Contributors will be given the priority to select over those who did not contribute

4. First come, first served. We will call by batches. Pls don't take more than 1 plant of the same variety. Give others a chance too.

5. For each round of selection, you may select based on the following (you may go many rounds, it’s up to you)

1-5plants brought – you may select 2 per round
5-10 plants brought – you may select 4 per round
Above 10 plant brought – you may select 6 per round

6. People who didn't bring plants are welcome to adopt too. The plants will be only to all once the contributors selected the 2nd round.

 This fat baby will be going to a new home. Planted from seed hence it's so "fat" . 

 A small portion of the plant that will be going out for adoption . There are a few more trays . Hopefully they will find good homes 

 While replanting the plants, Mamarazzi discovered this "alien". It's actually is huái shān (淮山) root. Use to cook soup.

Mamarazzi also propagating some Green Cincau (grass jelly) plant to bring for BJPE . Didn't waste the leaves. Plucked some to make Cincau. 

Friends told her that it would have very "green" taste Not everyone will like it. Hence, Mamarazzi added some Lemon NuStevia drops into the cincau.

very easy to make. Just wash the leaves clean and blend it with some water. Sieve it and let it set in the fridge.

 It's supposed to have a clear mirror finishing but Mamarazzi did not sieve the bubble properly. 

But after it set, the jelly underneath the bubble was pretty green. Papa had it with basil seeds and iced water. Now Papa can enjoyed cincau without any added flour..preservation and etc lo. 

The reward of helping Mamarazzi in the garden is..... I can play computer. Muhahaha. Now am very devious. Want extra computer time I would "manja" and say I want "huggies" to bodek Mamarazi to allow me a few more minutes of computer time.  Mamarazzi said she would go buy HUGGIES Diaper for me. Oh my kucing!

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