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Friday, 24 February 2017

Double Birthday Celebration

Many long time readers of this blog would know that Papa's and my birthday are very special. Ours are only 1 day apart and we shared the same Zodiac sign. When people asked, Mamarazzi would say that coz I didn't wanna share a cake with Papa.

But then good also leh. Next time when i "Pak Tor" , I can spend my birthday with my "laling" lor.  No fight fight.

 Didn't do much for Papa's birthday this year. I treat Papa dinner from my angpau money. costed quite a dent to it. Ouch!

We went and try out Restaurant Soon Hock near Sierramas. Had their famous steamfish.

Also their famous toufu with minced meat

Simple stir-fried paku vege. A bit over cooked. 

And fried sotong with salted eggs. I liked this dish though Papa said so-so la .

Simple dinner costed me RM80. Oh well....on the way back we "tapau-ed " Domino Pizza for supper. Ngum ngum they were having promotion. 

The next day I went to school as usual in the morning and after school I went for daycare cum tuition. 

When it was teatime i saw a lot of food on the table. Hmmm...the containers looks familiar leh. Then I heard my friends whispering "Joshua's birthday."

Ah...naughty Papa and Mamarazzi had arranged a simple birthday celebration for me at the centre. Mamarazzi told teacher not to let me know earlier as knowing me, i would not be able to pay attention to my studies if i know before hand . 

They went and ordered Vanilla Ice-cream cake for me. I love Vanilla ice cream and yellow color. When Mamarazzi asked me whether I like the color yesterday evening, I asked whether next time can get red one ka as now red is my second favourite color. (Mamarazzi pengsan sekejap)

Apart from cake, we also had pizza and some nuggets. Mamarazzi made some red eggs too. She asked me did teacher eat pizza with us as she bought for everyone. I told her we wallopped all. teachers didn't get to eat any. Poor teachers. Kena Mamarazzi ketuk for not giving some to teachers. 

(Sorry-lah kids, Mamarazzi fingers tired liao to copy paste smiley face coz I had hid her mouse. So those standing bind, she would just blurred the face la)

 Naughty Mamarazzi bought all sorts of soft drinks for us and made a bottle of Lohan Gou with wintermelon drink for the teachers. 

Teacher said to say "Cheese"

Make a wish 

Fast fast blow out the candles. Nine candles. 

Cut the cake. Fast fast distribute and fast fast eat. Niceeeee Ice-cream cake that gave me brain freeze. *LOL* friends very "fast hand". All 48 slices of pizza gone. Teacher also didn't get to eat and I want 2nd slice also finito liao. Looks like you can never go wrong with pizza for a party lo. Even Vegetarian pizza also sapu habis by my friends and me. I asked Mamarazzi next time buy 100 pizza. Again Mamarazzi pengsan sekejap. Pizza monsters. 

Note : Photo credit to Teacher Eunice. Papa and Mamarazzi didn't join the party. Just drop the stuffs and went off.

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