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Monday, 23 January 2017

Mamarazzi's Daily Projects

This year Mamarazzi made quite a few Nian Gao but all not nice. Only 4 survived.

But am the happiest when her Nian Gao burst. I get to eat it while it's soft and goey. super  yummy .

As she was getting frustrated with the nian gao making, she used the extra banana leaves to make this instead.

It's  called Banh Tet. Vietnamese  Zhang . They make it for  their new year i heard.

Heard it needs 8 to 10 hours of cooking but Mamarazzi used pressure cooker. Cooked in 3 hours.

After that project, it was followed by honeycomb  biscuit. Tough "cookies" to make. Hard to  get the texture and color right. And it's  even harder get the oil out.

When Mamarazzi  asked me if i want to try this,  i told her i rather not as it's  too oily.

Managed to get cheap Chinese Arrowhead Root . Fried another 10kg for friends and family.

That evening, Mamarazzi spotted an advertisement in Facebook about Cornflakes cookies.

The next morning while i attended Funland ( yup i still go to Funland and listen to story about Jesus), Mamarazzi zoomed o the nearest bakery supplies shop and bought the ingredients .  

Very easy to  make. I helped Mamarazzi to arrange the cups in the tray and make sure they don't fly away as the fan was on . Need to put the cornflakes, nuts, seeds and berries mixture into the cups fast before it harden.

The second project of that day was Chicky
The 1st batch the other day was just enough to give to friends and supposed for my teachers. 

Mamarazzi gave me 4 boxes for 4 of my teachers. Asked me once reached the school immediately  go to Teachers Room and give out .

But....i went to my class instead...after a ding and a dong...some how...i dunno why and i dunno how..Mamarazzi's instructions  seems to have gone with the wind....i end up selling 2 boxes to my friends. 

Came home i dare not tell Mamarazzi until she questioned me and found out. Kaboom!

Hence the need to make some  more for my teachers.

Making the chicky was a joy . Then Mamarazzi heard Papa asking about Kok Chai. 

Google...found the recipe. seems pretty easy. Just mix the grounded peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar. Then stuff them into the pastry.

Woke up 6am to  make it. Thought 1-2 hours will be done. That 1-2 hours went on till 1pm...which made me nearly late for my school activities.

She made two types. The sweet peanuts filling and the spicy dried sambal shrimps. 

Not easy..not easy...whole day only managed to make 3 tiny tubs.

Luckily Papa helped her to fry.

This morning  while I was in school , she used the leftover sambal to make this sambal popiah

Then finally the meat floss popiah.

Papa was in charge of the frying department .  Managed to get 1 tub of these. Hopefully can last till Chinese New Year  lah.

Kitchen officially closed now.


  1. Does your Mamarazzi know that she needs to check the calendar to make her Nian Gao? This item is not easy to make as it has so many taboos to observe one. Anyway you lucky boy could sapu them all. I must eat with salted shredded coconut - yums!

    She is so talented to make so much delicacies including Vietname Zhang! At first I thought it was the Thai Banana Dumplings.

    1. Aiks thai bananas dumplings? Will google and see if itchy hands or not

  2. WOW!! WOW!! So many very special homemade you're ready to welcome the new year:) Wishing you and your family a successful and healthy 2017!

  3. Wahhhhhhh!!!! Can buka kedai liao lor!!!

  4. Your mamarazzi is very rajin leh. I also like nian gao when it is fresh and gooey. Colek with fresh coconut very nice.

  5. This year manarazzi is so hardworking. Make so many goodies. And small kucing also "untung" able to do "food tasting" too.

    Happy CNY! Gong xi fa cai to you and family.

  6. Wow Kathy. Your are full swing into cooking these days. Not complaining, love all those things you made.

  7. The Nian Gao, i bought one from Chinatown, they selling $4.50 for factory made, $5.50 for homemade, bought the homemade at $5.50...

  8. Advanced Happy Lunar New Year to the Kucing family...

  9. Your Mama fry another 10kg for friends and family, i am not one of the friends, sobssssss.....

  10. The food looks fantastic! :)

  11. Your Mama has been very busy! The Chickies are adorable!! And the honeycomb biscuits are so pretty. They look like they would be very hard to make. What is Nian Gao? I do hope the teachers finally got their treats, they will be your best friends now!

  12. also pening seeing all the final products of rajin and clever.

    SK, you are so entrepreneur...selling the 'chicky' to your friends. Next time, ask your MAMA make more, can go sell and get extra pocket money somemore.

  13. Wow your classmates and teachers must be so happy to eat the goo

  14. Your class must be happy to eat the yummy food your mamarazzi cooks. The nian gao looks so unusual. Ps my iPad freezes on comments sometimes

  15. Ooooh yum! Your mamarazzi is such a good mom to make all those yummy delights. Drooling here :-) I'd love to try kok chai. Sweet peanut filling sounds soooo good!

  16. Wow! You are so enterprising! So young know how to do business already. How much did you sell the Chicky cookies to your friends?

  17. Good Job Mamarazzi! she is so "rajin"... and you are so lucky to sample all the goodies. Wishing you and family a Happy and Healthy New Year

  18. Oh my goodness. How lucky you are to have Mamarazzi to make all this delicious food, and it looks so pleasing to the eyes. Happy week to you all.

  19. Salute to Mamarazzi over and over again! Auntie Claire also rajin but ended up spoiling more than eating! hahahaa

    1. Got reject ones ar? Come come..i help u eat those

  20. This year your Mamarazzi full swing making so many types of goodies for CNY. Because of that you get to enjoy tasting the goodies. Ha ha especially the nian gao. Wah, next year you can take orders for the chick cookies. Wishing you and family Happy & Blessed New Year.

  21. Whoah these are a lot of preparations sweetheart

  22. I super lazy + super duper busy this year, do nothing for CNY but last minute saw a friend make the honey corn flakes macam very easy so planning to make this coming Thursday or Friday :P

  23. The question here is, how much did you sell that 2 to your friends for? If you sold for RM 2 per box, that would be heartbreaking. >.<

  24. *Tabik* Super hardworking in the kitchen!

  25. funny! I cannot believe you sold two boxes of your mummy's chicky cookies..hahahaha "laugh-cry-me" !!

    I salute your mum - she made sooooOoo many amazing CNY goodies. It is a lot of work and sweat. Steady!


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