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Sunday, 26 November 2017

An Eventful Week(Butt Kicking Week)

It was an eventful week indeed. Papa and Mamarazzi went and collected our BBW  Preview passes. Just in time for me to pass to my friend before school holidays begins.

Got the Best Improvement  Award for the term final examination.  Didn't get the top places in the school but at least registered good improvement when compared to the first half year where i got hooked on a computer game. Got my butt kicked by Papa. This just shows that I can really do well if I am forced  wanted to.

Popped over to Popular Book Fair at Viva Home after the award ceremony and got a box of books. Guess what books?

Boo hoo books for Primary 4. 

Actually, I have started to do some of the Primary 4 workbook in exchange for computer time. Am not the brightest bulb in the box. So I have to work harder lo.

 But Don't worry la. Mamarazzi did buy some of my favourite comic for me to de-stress.

The rest, she said wait for BBW. Am looking forward to it. 

This morning pulak, I had Karate tournament.  Earlier on I told Mamarazzi better to cancel my Monday school trip lo coz I worried that I might be beaten up till blue black. But Coach said not to worry. No fighting yet. This is just a friendly tournament for me to gain experience.

Woke up 5.30m to go to the venue as the tournament supposed to start 8am . But following Malaysian Time, we started after 9am. 

Around 11am had a break as VIP arrived to officiate the opening ceremony and also prize giving for those who had finished their event before the arrival of VIP

Our lunch packs also arrived similar time to the VIP arrival. Luckily it's not fried bihun. It's mixed rice. Got my favourite chicken wings, fried eggs and cabbage. Hey! How did they know these are my favourite dishes?

Finally my turn. I was so nervous by the time ... I missed some steps.  Didn't win. Well, it's still a good experience. There was a group of senior that fought really well. From the very beginning can see that they're going to win .

Well, that's all for now. No more "battery". Tomorrow will be another exciting trip!!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

July and August 2017 Recap

July and August were pretty quiet months.  Nothing much in July . Only went for a wedding. But end of August was pretty hectic as shown in the following slide show.

Mamarazzi won a pair of tickets to The Great Britain Circus. The circus is no longer like the old days. No more animal show. Still I enjoy it very much especially the clown acts and the motorbike show. Although ours were standard seats, it was still very close to the stage.

Here is a short clip of the Motorbikes in action. Don;t try it at home. If The Great Britain Circus reach your place, do go and watch. It certainly worth it.

The next "morning"(errr....3am counted as morning?) Mamarazzi kick my butt woke me up. Said it's time to start our journey to Ah Mah's house.

Had a great time visiting Chinatown there as they were having Peranakan Festival. There wasn't much  of anything to see on the first night as it was raining.

The second night we went again. Lots of things to see.

Got caught in a street performance. The man asked me to help him. Really chicken and duck talk as he speaks cantonese while I speak English and Mandarin. Hope you enjoy this short clip

This is where I learn to do the shake pet pet fried rice. Don't laugh ya. If laugh, don't roll on the floor ya. If roll on the floor, make sure the floor is clean ya.

So now you know how to shake pet pet yet?  *LOL *

Friday, 17 November 2017

May & June 2017 Recap

Another two busy month and a very BIG event. Yes! the Big Bad Box Sale. 

In May, I learn to cook more. This time learnt how to fry chicken. Yes, you heard it correctly. Fry chicken. Then there is Teacher's Day. Just a simple do. 

Next major event was Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017.  A very busy two days . Went for my basketball practise then zoomed over to KLCC to collect my race kit. Afternoon zoom to KLPAC for Dr Balloon show and zoom back home just in time for tuition. 

Next morning woke up early to go for the Kids Dash but on the way home, it rained. Started to feel unwell in the LRT Station coz it was hot and "cold" at the same time. All trains going to the direction that we were heading to were fully packed. Mamarazzi finally brought me to take train heading towards the opposite direction. Disembarked at station that had less people waiting before boarding train to then correct direction. Started to fever  and had it bad at night.

This year BIG BAD BOX sale was the BEST among all the years. Books were nicely arranged and a large variety to choice from. For the first time in history, we bought 3 boxes of books. Previous sale we only managed to  fill one box as the choice were pretty limited. 

Another month , another story.. change of taste buds... lost a tooth..a trip..and presenting...the video of my life for May and June 2017.....

And YAY! Mamarazzi found how to add music to the video  and have done so for all the 3 recap videos

Thank you , Auntie Claire for alerting us that don't know why sometimes readers have to go to Youtube only can view the video. Can't view in blog. Errr... Mamarazzi had yet to figure out how to fix this issue. Any tips? Coz at the Video Manager in Youtube the following icon remains grey no matter what Mamarazzi clicked. 

  • Make this video available on all platforms

Hopefully can solve this issue soon. Meantime, please bear with me for a bit ya. Thank you.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

ATTN! Post-Singles Day Shopping Events to Lookout For

If you’re no stranger to the art of hunting for bargains on the internet, then I’m most definitely sure that you spent the weekend of 11 November glued to your laptop or mobile phone in anticipation of all the crazy promotions brought about by the recently passed Singles’ Day.

As many already know, Singles’ Day is one of Asia’s biggest online shopping events that initially started out in China as a fun and tongue-in-cheek festival meant to celebrate the many perks of the single life. The chosen date November 11 (11/11) was selected as the number “1” aptly represents single-hood. Since its initiation, the festival has evolved into one of the most prominent online shoppings carnivals in the world with massive discounts from your favourite online retail platforms.

For those of you who happened to miss it this year, fret not as there there are still several upcoming online sales periods for you to look forward to this 2017. And with the holiday season just around the corner, what better way to end the year than with the best savings the internet has to offer!

Check out our short but sweet list below of upcoming sales events to anticipate in Malaysia and remember to checkout Saleduck to stayon top of these promotions the second they go live!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday
When: 24 and 27 November 2017
Falling on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, Black Friday started out as an annual shopping date whereby retailers would offer huge promotions in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas shopping. In recent years, it was grown into a worldwide sales event with major participation from both offline and online retailers. The following Monday after that is referred to as Cyber Monday as has proven to be a key player in the realm of online sales events. During this period, shoppers can expect to find swoon worthy savings on everything from tech to fashion, making this the perfect time to get a head-start on gift-giving season. So if you’ve been saving up for that smartphone or designer jacket, this is probably the best time for you to get your hands on them.

Lazada 12.12 Online Revolution
When: 12 December 2017
Marking the end of Lazada’s month-long onlinerevolution campaign, the 12th of December is the final day for online shoppers across Southeast Asia to take advantage of the online marketplace’s shopping fiesta. Lauded as the biggest sale of the year, shoppers can anticipate price slashes of up to 90% off on popular categories such as electronics, home appliances and fashion, exclusive brand promotions, flash sales, surprise giveaways, bundle deals, free shipping promos and more.

Holiday Sales
When: 28 November 2017 to 1 January 2018
Not an official sales event per se but the days leading up to the New Year tend to come along with some great savings opportunities that online shoppers can take advantage off. From post-Christmas discounts to pre-New Year promos, online retailers nationwide definitely don’t fall short when it comes to spoiling shoppers across Malaysia with attractive holiday season discounts. Keep an eye out on your favourite retailers during this entire period and you’re bound to stumble upon some fantastic bargains.

Monday, 13 November 2017

March and April 2017 -Recap

March and April was a very hectic month for me. I got hooked on a popular computer game. Everyday after come back from school I would eat fast and simply packed my school bag so that I can get my 1 hour computer time.  Papa and Mamarazzi trusted me too much so they didn't check my packing. Trouble brewing for me in the following months.

But in between that, I managed to squeeze in some pretty interesting activities. Due to my basketball activity timing clashes with the FunLand timing, I had to stop going to the latter.  Anyway, no point rushing there coz by the time I arrive, it would be art and craft time. I don't like art and craft. I like singing and story time.

April was interesting month as it was Mamarazzi's birthday month and also my debut as an mini "entrepreneur" . Yes, the BJPE people let me have a stall to sell stuff. First time selling. No experience. After some time, I got bored and run here and there instead of selling stuffs. End up, i didn't earn enough money for my half yearly trip with friends. Mamarazzi said cannot go. Oh well...the i have been to the place before (sour grapes mode activated) anyway and I don't wanna go.

Okay here is the video slide show. It's a tad long. 5mins but then again, have to cramp so many things in it...hahaha...hope you don't fall  asleep watching.


Friday, 10 November 2017

Half Day Trip To Tanjung Sepat 2017

Did I mentioned my Kaw Kaw(aunt) came back for a visit last month? Well, she did but I didn't get to welcome her at the airport as it was a schooling day. Well, I did try to ask papa to come fetch me to the airport but Papa said the plane arriving 8am. Errrr... Told him no need to go to school lor...but.... oh well....

 According to Mamarazzi, first stop was for beef noodle. Supposed to be a famous one in Puchong . But Mamarazzi didn't like it much. Portion was  big but that's just it....portion big only.  Taste wise... hmmm...

 When Kaw Kaw  arrived home, guess what greeted her? Yes.... she sort of planted this tree when she threw the seeds into the garden 3-4 years ago . But each time she came back, it was not fruiting or the fruit was not ripe. This time it was  very good timing. papa was surprised to see one of the fruits had become ripe and smashed to the ground. Mamarazzi immediately harvest the rest of the fruits.

The next days was BJPE day. Too tired to do anything else after that...ahem... actually we did go out again la after BJPE. Went for tuition(yeah...tuition some more...sobs)... then went to Pasar malam..then went to Puchong Everyday Food Court to have Fried Oyster.

By end of it, everyone was zombified...maybe except for Papa la...he asked Mamarazzi what's the plan for the next day...go Tanjung Sepat? Mamarazzi said brain not working.... came home straight went to dreamland.

Crazy Mamarazzi suddenly woke up 4am in the morning... can't sleep....went and cook some chorizo (i love chorizo)... then 7am woke Papa up and said 7.30am go Tanjung Sepat.

 What's in Tanjung Sepat? Why wanna go Tanjung Sepat? Because Kaw Kaw loves the fishballs there. Each time if possible, we will go there when she come back for a visit.

 As everyone haven't had breakfast yet, we just eeny minie mole on shop. It was Pan Mee shop at the main street. Mamarazzi said she is not eating as her tummy was still sleeping. I had a small bowl of Pan Mee while Papa and Kaw Kaw had big bowl of Pan Mee.  Very Big Bowl.  Total RM13 only. Very cheap  for 3 bowls of noodles.

Next stop was the market. Bought some fishball, salted fish and kuih. No photos.

 Next stop was Lover's Bridge. Wow... they have rebuilt the bridge and bulldozed the two restaurants that were there.... big issue a few months back . Saw in facebook the lady boss was crying.

Anyway...found this big vase of rose ....

 The new Lovers Bridge. You jump jump jump sure won't collapse

 Mamarazzi stayed back while we walk to the end of the bridge. Too hot she said. 

 Still lovely view.

After a short stroll there and some shopping, we proceeded to the next venue.

 Wan Tee Longan Farm . Kaw Kaw was looking forward to the longan there but too bad, not ripe yet.... errr...these gourd can ar?  Previously this place had a lot of passion fruit but now the owner seems to grow this gourd instead.

Longan just started flowering. Not big enough yet. 

It's supposed to be as big as a pingpong ball. Though  not ripe yet, but smell delicious. Poor Kaw Kaw...but lucky Mamarazzi had freeze some Longan for KawKaw. May not taste as good as the fresh ones but at least got to taste gua......err.... not sure coz she brought the Tub of frozen Longan back to Ah Mah's house. Don't she got to eat any of it or not.

No longan but a lot of beautiful flowers instead. 

 Hah! who know what plant is this?  Old folk will know this. Youngster like me don't know. The Longan Farm Owner gave two leaves to mamarazzi. One of it is in her garden now. 

After the  Longan Farm, we had to rush back lo...time for my school schedule is  more busy than the adults leh

Thursday, 9 November 2017

January and February 2017 Re-cap

When we started blogging, it was a trend to do year end recap. Is it still a trend now? Hmm...not sure. Didn't see much of that last year but then again, Mamarazzi have not been blog hopping much.

This year, we have not been blogging much. Call it lazy, call it busy. ....whatever it is... when looking back to this year posts...hmm... many are missing in limbo. 

Well, Mamarazzi started this blog as a diary for me . By right, every day have to write...but... oh well...I have been very busy with my boring life school activities. Morning go to school, evening come home took a shower. Have dinner . Pack my school bag and relax a bit before lights out. Day in day out the same. Weekends was filled with school karate...extra tuition. 

Okay la...Mamarazzi have decided to do a recap or highlight of the past few months instead. Just record some of the important moments that happen this year. 

Hmm... shall she open up the comments box or should she close the comments box since it's all stale news? 

Hope you enjoy the following slide show  featuring events of January and February this year. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF) 2017

Surprise ! Surprise! Am back again... So soon?  Mamarazzi sotplug lo. Anyway, she is learning how to make slide show using Youtube.

Sorry ya if the slideshow not that nice. Don't know how to add music into it.

We went to Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair last Saturday. Our second time there.

Last year went near closing time. Not enough time to browse. This year , 9am we arrived liao...walk walk walk play play till 3.30pm still NOT enough time. Die or not die leh?

Mamarazzi said leg training for next month BBW sale.  KLESF venue happens to be the same venue as BBW and it even occupied Mezzanine floor too. Oh my kucing!......

I had loads of fun there and here is the slide shows and some videos *the slideshow and video embed correctly*

Sometimes Mamarazzi tagged along and snap my photos  or video and sometimes I walk alone at the fair. I know well enough not to go out of the hall and come back to the Check In point to check in on and off.

Saw this bamboo stick instrument... hahaha..very sharp tone.


There were a few booth that showcase this stimulation game. I find this one is the most funny. I slash and I slash. Mamarazzi said i nearly slash the TV too.

Can't leave the place without playing one last round of robotic. The pretty Jie jie taught me how to make this.

How I wish I can stay and play learn more but Mamarazzi said not enough time liao. Have to go off liao.

I play and play and play learn till forgotten about hungry. Only went and check in for a hardboil egg once.

It was fun educational. Hope next year can come again.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Update on 6th BJPE and The Return of the Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017

 The 6th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange was even better than previous . Why? Because this time we had the 1st Flea Market. Fuiyoh..... exciting. 

 Two days before the event, Mamarazzi sat down and labelled all the plants that we were donating. 

 This time there were around 6 boxes of plants only . No worries la. Each boxes have more than 20 plants in there.

 Not enough time to root everything as Mamarazzi was busy with mooncakes.  That's why she just pull out those which she had no time to propagate from the jungle garden. It was hillarious looking at her pulling up the baby banana tree and the kantan. Landed on her butt bottom a couple of times.

 On the day itself, we were one of the earliest there. This time, Mamarazzi booked/reserved a table at the Flea Market for me  to sell books, honey Lime, grape fruit marmalade , Aloe vera , figs cuttings and seeds.

Yup...she said school holiday coming and new school year going to start. If I want to go for  school trip, I had better earn the fare for the trip and money to pay for the new school books.

Happy to announce that thanks to Papa and Kaw Kaw's help , I managed to earn enough for my trip and books fees with some extra change. Oh ya...thanks to BBW too.

Speaking of......

The Big Bad WOlf is coming back again in December 2017. Location MIECC, The Mines Seri Kembangan. The sale will open 257 hours straight starting from 8th December to 18th December!

Time for me to go hunting again!

What was Mamarazzi doing while I was busy selling? She was helping at the Registration counter. Very happy to note that more people came this round and there were many plants donated generously by the visitors. And they have been "trained' to label the plants properly by  now.

Yes, it is very important to label the plants so that the new owners knows what plant it is. Not everyone are expert gardeners. Many are newbies. So labelling the plants helps a lot . Very happy to see at least one of the donor even took the trouble to print out the "Info Sheet" for the plant that he donated and attached them to the plants.

 While waiting for the plant exchange event to begin, visitors walked around and visited the booths available there.

There were around 20 booths selling various stuff. There are fertiliser, soil, seeds, toys, books, cakes, honey, LED lights, umbrellas and plants.

But I see, the most popular stall was Uncle Eric's stall . He was selling fruit plants at a very affordable price. Fruiting Vietnamese Apple only for RM30 a pot, raspberry RM35, Variegate Lime RM25 or was it RM15 and a few other plants. Harga durian runtuh weiiiiii.

It was.... omg... exciting and tiring day for me.... I straightaway zonked out when got into the car. Tiring but fun. Thank you very much to Bukit Jelutong Green Rangers and BJRA for coming up with this exciting event. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival(a.k.a Mooncake festival) 2017

Last weekend, the residents of our Taman(garden/residential area)  celebrated Mid-Autumn festival . Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival but we celebrated early coz during week  days, most would be busy.

Actually that was the second time I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival this year. My tuition center also organised a party for it but Mamarazzi not going to post it here.  Too many kids face to edit. She lazy leh. Just contributed two tray of moon cake for the celebration.

I had fun playing with fire lantern . We light up the playground with candles. 

Plenty of food to be had too. Guess our new neighbour who is non-malaysian also had an interesting evening. They never had mooncake and tea eggs before. 

An Uncle also contributed KFC. Wow!!! soooo yummy leh...

Aiyo....which one to do first? Eat KFC first  or drink 100plus first or play tanglung first? Hard to decide leh. Wish I am like those Shaolin Kungfu Master who know Split Body Kungfu. Can be at 2-3 places at the same time.

Uncle B contributed this. Cold beer. Just nice for such a hot weather. 

Mamarazzi had 2 cans and beh tahan liao. Become as red as a lobster liao. Gone home to sleep. Me and Papa continued mingling at the playground but pretty soon I also beh tahan. Ran home and slept. Don't know what time Papa came back.

Signing off now. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you all. 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Mooncake and 6th Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange Programme

Attention! hahaha...Mamarazzi officially "close oven" yesterday. Baked so many piggies mooncakes.

Cute or not?

Final two boxes for me and my friends Lantern Festival Celebration yesterday. 

This year she made so many weird type of mooncakes. Even have the edible flowers mooncakes . Inside she put Torrenia, Tonkin and Blue Pea Flower. The torrenia and tonkin were "tolerable" but blue pea flowers not nice. Should have cut it in small pieces instead of putting the whole flower in.

Now it's time to start another project. Yup.... you guessed correctly. Propagate plants for the coming Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange (BJPE).

A friend who knew Mamarazzi was busy baking, even went as far as to buy soil for her so that she can start immediately. This round, Papa did the propagating while Mamarazzi bakes.

Message from the Organiser 

Dear Gardeners,

We will be having the 6th Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchg on Oct 14, 2017😄. This time it comes with our first Flea Mkt with lots of bargains😄

Date Oct 14, 2017

Time 8am to 3pm

Venue D'Bayu Nxt to PapaRich, Jln Serambi U8/24, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

All are invited n all plants available for exchg/adoption are free!😄

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