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Thursday, 22 December 2016

My Little Christmas Shopping / Chomping & WInter Fest at MidValley

 Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? It's the last week before Christmas. I don;t know why but I feel so excited this year.  Kept pestering Mamarazzi to put up the Christmas tree and when the tree is up, I kept counting the days.

Asked Papa and Mamarazzi when can we go Christmas Shopping. Finally  we done it last Friday.  Went to Midvalley Shopping Mall very early in the morning but there were many who are earlier than us.

 Time for "wefie". Mamarazzi seems to have grown two "tanduk", 

 Jingle bells, Jingle bells, 
Jingle all the way,
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

McDonald, McDonald,
McDonald hash brown
Oh! what fun it to munch
while Mamarazzi is snapping all the way. 

 Can't stop chomping. 

 This year no Planner   or storybook given by Midvalley. Instead, they have this little book for use to go hunting for stamp. As a fun game gua. No prizes.

I had fun hunting the secret locations of the stamps while Christmas shopping at the same time.

 Got our Christmas shopping done pretty fast and headed toward the gift wrapping counter.

This year they have very attractive gift wrapping. 


 After Christmas shopping all done, it is time to browse around. Saw there is something called Winter Fest at the exhibition Center upstairs. Not sure what is is but since free entry, we went in too lah.

 Alamak... this post looks like someone pulak.'s a mixed fair. Got electrical goods, food, toys and some other stuffs. 

 Mamarazzi say can see cannot buy... so i look only lor. 

 Caught a Pikachu

 After that we head to the food fair side. Fuiyoh...loads of free testing . 

 yay! just in time for Free Cotton Candy

 Yup! 1pm to 1.30pm is free cotton candy time. 

 Loads of food too sample. There were cakes, cookies, biscuits, ham sausages , popcorn and many more.  I walked a few rounds there and my tummy full liao lo. Thirsty also have free drinks leh.

 Ho! Ho! Ho!

 Mamarazzi asked me to choose some Pretz. RM10 for 4 packets . Buy 4 free 1. And i told her I purposely choose this coz I knew she like to eat this flavour.

Came home very happy and start putting the pressie under the tree.

We don't have snow here but the other day we had a snowflake in the garden. It's Snowflake Water Lily. blooming for the first time . Yay! Christmas is coming.


  1. Wahhhhhh!!!! You've grown so big now, legs so long...must be really tall already.

  2. I have never seen a snowflake water lily! We do not have them here I think. It is so different and beautiful! You look almost grown up! How old are you now? 11 or 12? This mall looks like so much fun! and we love MacDonalds, I often get their hash browns. Merry Christmas, Kucing and Mommy!!

    1. Am going to be 9 next month.

      Our 1st time see this lily too

  3. So much fun! No wonder small kucing was excited to go Xmas shopping. Haha.

    Merry Christmas to you and family.

  4. Mamarazzi really feed you well. You have grown up so much Josh... I can't recognize you ady.

  5. From the background, see that the decorations at Midvalley Shopping Mall are quite nice...

  6. The Pretz, buy 4 free 1, the free 1 packet, can share with me? haha...

  7. Hahha...caught such a big Pikachu!!

  8. First time I see a snowflake water lily.

    I like these kinda events with free sampling... only thing is normally got long queue/big crowd.

  9. LOL. Your mamarazzi clever to sing McDonalds song!
    Hey, you looked so big handsome boy now in the first photo with long legs. We miss your cute-cute baby photos.

  10. Wah so seronok merayap everywhere. I also wanna go shopping but weekends I got no mood. You have grown quite a bit. Soon have to change your blog name to Big Kucing :)

  11. Wonderful photos! I get my Christmas shopping done early, as I don't like the stress of all the crowds and the rush. :)

  12. Thank you for sharing your family fun time with us... all the excitement you get at this time...your mommy is certainly a good company to be with:) Wishing you and your family a happy holiday and wishes for a successful and healthy new year 2017 to all!

  13. Nice snowflake waterlily. First time for me to see it too. By the way, 'Merry Christmas To Kuching Family"

  14. I like free food tasting! so shiok can munch nice food and cotton candy!!

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Kucing family!

  16. Oh wow, everything's so Chrismassy! Happy hoidays! xoxo

  17. LOL I sing along with McDonald, McDonald, McDonald hash brown :-)
    Looks like you had lots of fun! I love your picture with giant pikachu!

  18. Happy weekend and Blessed Christmas to you and family.

  19. Wah, long time no see, your J macam grown up a lot liao!!

    I am heading to KL this weekend, hope to see some nice Xmas decorations!

  20. I see fun in all these pictures! I love the new song instead of jingle bells! Cotton candy is Yums. I would rather have a snow flake flower than snow!

  21. What a special snow flake you have.

  22. Love the gift wrappers too! Merry X'mas to all! xoxo

  23. J looks like a big boy now.. so matured already! Going Christmas shopping is really fun for the kids, my time has passed buying presents for the kids... now they should buy for me.. hahahaa..

  24. Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017!

  25. Dreaming is like breathing: cannot be deleted, even over years.

    2017, a year of continued- dreaming, day-dreaming.

    Happy dreaming.

    Happy New Year.

  26. what a fun shopping !
    i can see your excitement for the special day .
    hope you had wonderful Christmas .
    wishing you a very Happy new year!

  27. Small Kucing have grown quite a bit! That is a pretty Snowflake water lily flower!


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