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Friday, 9 December 2016

Big Bad Wolf Preview Day 2016

Yesterday was the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Preview Day. Went there very early in the morning. Passed some preview passes to some friends there. Then waited for Mr Wolf to open up its doors. 

First impression when got into the sale. Hmmm...seems smaller.  Venture further in. Uiks...upstairs Food Court not there anymore nor is the Playland. (no babysitting service liao)

Now they have a Cafe with Christmas decoration on the ground floor for people to rest their feet and have a bite to eat. 

Mamarazzi kept commenting this year sale seems to be smaller. Floor space taken up by the Cafe and Premium Zone but but but see this! The receipt when unrolled is taller than me leh!

Bad Mr Wolf and the Wolf Gang. They must be conspiring with Mamarazzi. She is trying to get me to read more Chinese books . Mr Wolf brought in loads of Chinese books. 

 And this resulted a trolley full of books for me and sobs sobs...predominantly is Chinese Books.

Don't worry. Majority of BBW books is still English books but just that Mamarazzi managed to grab so many Chinese books instead of English books for me .

And the Chinese books were so cheap some more leh.

Babies, toddlers and young children would be very happy coz there are loads and loads of activities, play a sound books , books with toys and cute stuffs for them. Parents!  beware. Your pockets will be empty if you bring along your kids as they will wanna ask you to buy everything within their sight.

Here are my haul . Tom and Jerry RM3 each

Tom and Jerry RM3 each

RM3 books 


The four books RM5 each while Popeye RM6

Thicker Tom and Jerry RM8

 Looney Tunes RM5 each and the other is RM6

She even bought Chinese Doremon comic for herself...RM2 each only and also joining in the coloring fad .

There are loads of Colouring Books for adults with price ranges between RM6 to RM25. She bought this Flowering Pattern book for RM8 only.

 The RM25 ones comes with colour pencils. She regretted putting it back now. Should have bought it.

Nevertheless, she bought some English comics for me too

 I found Wimpy Kid Box Set and immediately put into my trolley. It's only RM100 for 10 books but she made me put it back coz I have 5 of the books in the set already.

Instead, she found this for me. It's RM10 only with book and audio CD.

Thanks to D'leene for finding Big Nate book for me

Found some Archie related books. 

Mamarazzi can't resist grabbing this. "Harry POTTY and the Deathly BORING".

 Lego vs Mixels RM6 members price and this super cool Science kit is for me

 Mamarazzi asked me to choose one of the Lego books there for myself. Normal price RM40 but members price RM36 only.

But I didn't want those. Instead I choose this. Also something like Lego . RM15 only

 Since I chose that, Mamarazzi decided to get me this too. Also RM15.

 Some books that friends "tumpang" Mamarazzi to buy

 Looks like her friends are into colouring. 

 Except for one who is into Minions. 

 She got these two box sets for herself for collection. RM30. The brown ones have 4 hardcovers books while the green one have 10.

 A little lamb just like the one she bought for me at BookXcess years ago. This is gift for a friend's newborn .

Two notes pads for me.

Purposely snapped photo of this Mockingjay Note book to make a fellow blogger jealous. She is so into Hunger Games books.

Saw in BBW that they have the Box set with 2 or 3 types of different covers style. Too bad Mamarazzi have the books already . Else she would have taken one home.

This year preview feels somewhat a bit sober as compared to previous years. Many book prices seems to have gone up by around RM2 thanks to our current economy. Can't afford to buy diamond ring and pricey handbags but at least still can get free plastic bags from BBW la.

Hopefully next year Mr Wolf and gang will bring back the Food Court upstairs. At least we will have a choice whether to eat RM4 bun/RM6 Egg Mayo sandwich or to choose to eat Pizza with a soft drink for just RM7.90.  One Egg Mayo Sandwich at the Cafe,  can buy 2 Tom & Jerry books leh.

On the positive side, Mamarazzi is very happy that Mr Wolf have introduced Members Discount and yellow stickers items (for extra discount ).

Mamarazzi no need to go through the hassle of going to separate counters to get discount vouchers. And then got into the sale to spend more in order to use the discount vouchers.

This time, the cashiers straight away offset the amount when paying. Thank you for the extra discount!

You can see more photos of the books found at BBW sale here :-


  1. Christmas is coming, did your mama get me anything from there, wink wink, lol

  2. When I was young, my favourite books are the English cartoons! Happy reading!

  3. Wow, I have never ever seen a receipt this long!! You yourselves must have made up for the smaller sales this year. I guess the Christmas shop took the place of the cafe. But no excuse for having no child care this time! You got lots of great bargains!!

    1. Lol...nah...prev yrs they don't hv child care too but mamarazzi dropped me at Playland . I can play whole day there while the staffs would guard us. So it's kinda child care. Lol

  4. Wow -- you bought an amazing number of books! I love it!

  5. Mamarazzi favourite event of the year!

    1. Jingle bells jingle bells jingke bells rock😃

  6. What a great sale. My boys all love those wimpy kid books too.

  7. Last year we got several box set including the Hunger Games. Too bad there's not makan place upstairs now. It was good for resting before attacking the books afresh. haha.

    1. Ya last yr they have many box sets.i got the Agatha Christie set.

      I hope they bring back the old food court next year. At least have more choice and cheaper .

      As it is, i find it rather "tension". Coz while sitting there with books jz nearby.

      Didnt see any "sorting area" too :(

  8. hello, what a great book sale. The extra discount is wonderful too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. It's the most anticipated Book sale of the year

  9. Great sale! Happy weekend!:)


  10. So many beautiful and fun things!!! I love Tom and Jerry. :)

  11. Wow! so many books. It's so great to see that he is reading all these books. Awesome! I am constantly hearing and reading reports that children all over the world are not reading that much any more.

  12. looks like a great book sale - it's good to see events like this. and books getting the attention they deserve!!!!

  13. Fun!!!! I just love Tom and Jerry, till these days!

  14. Goodness!!! That sure is a very long receipt from the cash register!!!

  15. Buy! Buy! Buy! hee..hee..hee.. So you busy lah reading during the whole school holidays. When I was small, I can finish one story book in a day and wish for more. But that time ah, no BBW.

    1. if got BBW that time, maybe will camp there 11 days straight

  16. Good haul as usual! The wimpy kids series is so cheap, sigh. Well, but you're at preview sale so can get good stuff.

  17. The sale is back again? I recalled seeing you guys sharing this sometime back. Good buy indeed! xoxo

  18. Wow, the sale looks pretty big to me!
    I loved Doremon when I was a kid. Interesting to see comic books in different language :-)

    1. It's the largest book sale here. Walk till mamarazzi's leg also pain

  19. Oh, goody! The sale is back. Thanks for the update. So how many rounds have you and your mama gone so far? Happy Shopping!


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