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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Reasonably Priced Adeniums Found At Taman Eng Ann Morning Market, Klang

Recently, Mamarazzi got to know a friend (Mr Low) through Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange. He is an avid adenium lover.

He told Mamarazzi that he got his adeniums very cheaply from morning market at Taman Eng Ann Klang . And oh boy...the photos he posted in his FB so beautiful . But sorry ya, Mamarazzi not posting it here without his permission.

Anyway, last weekend we went there to have a look.

 According to Mr Low, people come to buy adenium as early as 5.40am. If not mistaken, this stall opens from Sunday to Friday. Saturday, the boss will go to the nurseries and source adenium plants.

Hence, people would come very early on Sunday to choose adeniums  with beautiful roots/caudex. Yes, adenium is not only prized for their flowers but also the caudex and roots. The more complicated , the pricier it is.

 What's the price range? Well, according to Mr Low who is a regular there...those on the table are premiums ones and  cost around RM25 to RM30 a pot. Still it's much cheaper than some nurseries that Mamarazzi went to.

 See! So beautiful .

 Those on the floors are priced between RM8 to RM18.  If not mistaken the RM8 to RM10 are not grafted. No tag and colors unknown. Sometimes you will get surprising colors . Just like Mr Low who got a pot for RM6 which turn out to be multipetals yellow blooms.

The grafted ones are between RM16 to RM18 depending on the type. Sometimes they grafted two types of flowers in one plant.

 The one the boss was pointing to was RM25 only and it's multi petal bloom. Mamarazzi was "late" that morning. Those blooming with flowers were grabbed up by the early birds.

However, Mr Low was there. He helped Mamarazzi choose a few. The trick learnt from Mr Low is that to choose the ones that you think you want and put one side first or else it would be grabbed by other. After that, can bargain with the boss for a lower price.

Now Mamarazzi is looking forward to the blooms. To seed what surprise is install.

After "borong-ing" the adeniums, we went to nearby BKT restaurant for breakfast. The famous Restaurant Mo Sang Kor. Didn't eat much coz not really suit our taste buds.

Speaking of buds... it seems like my "big" tooth "buds" is coming up. Back gums are swollen and painful .

Feeling feverish and coughing too. Hope it will be okay soon. 

Oh ya...the location of the adenium stall is right in front of Pasar Persendirian Eng Ann Enterprise, Lorong Kasawari 4, Taman Eng Ann, Klang. It's operated by an old man. 


  1. Oh dear!!! Poor you! Take care, hope you are well now...can eat bkt again.

  2. No green finger, can only admire plants...

  3. Very worth it to go all the way to Klang to get the adeniums. I have not seen any other color other than red and white.

  4. Take care the plant is great

  5. Take care the plant is great

  6. Good hobby, Mamarazzi... Hope to visit your nursery one day!! Speedy recovery to Little J... Tai Kor Chai already!

  7. This taman got a lot of BKT shops. My parents always come here to buy medical herbs from one particular medical shop.

  8. Fascinating to read about the adenium plants.

    You get well soon!!

  9. Those are the coolest plants!
    One of my twins has his 6 year molars and the other doesn't yet (even though they are 7). He's a late bloomer with teeth. Hope yours feel better soon.

  10. I look forward to seeing the blossoms you get on your 'surprise' plants. It sounds like they were great bargains.

  11. These plants are so unique, dear! Oh dear, speedy recovery to your son......
    Come join us to Win Hello Kitty Beaded Handicrafts and Mobile Phone Accessories! It's Open to All Worldwide! xoxo

  12. Not a plant that I know and I am sure it would not grow well here in a colder climate. Thanks so much for your comment. Have a good day Diane

  13. I hope you have a full and speedy recovery. Sending you hugs.

  14. very interesting looking plants!! i hope the dental problem is better, tooth ache or painful gums, not fun!!!

  15. Hello, the plant exchange is a great idea. I hope you feel better soon! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  16. We call these your Wisdom Teeth! Hope they come up fast! Adeniums I have never heard of! Do they twist naturally, or do you have to train them to?

  17. RM 25 I guess normal prize for plants, because my mom she always love to buy orchid and mostly they sold her as RM25 only, but those baby plant is RM10.

  18. Cutenya...the plants. SK, drink lots of water and get well soon ok?

  19. I love these flowers as they look auspicious! The stems are nice and curvy with cheap price tags. When they grow big and old, you can sell them as priceless bonsai. So start twisting their stems now for investment la.

  20. Lovely plants. Perhaps I should one or two for my garden as well. That is not all, the bkt, oh my. Dang!

  21. I am not good with Adeniums. I do have a few pots grown from seeds so colour of flowers unknown. Oh poor Small Kucing. Swollen gums plus fever and cough make one very miserable. Take care and get well soon!

  22. Mamarazzi has hobby in gardening, reading and cooking. Thumbs up! Yannie only knows exercise.

  23. neat plants! hope you feel better soon.

  24. Really love plant and a care for them..
    Kisses for you

  25. Your face looks exactly like mine in these few days.
    Poor us.
    But I am slightly luckier, I am going to be promoted in December.
    I'll be a father-in-law.

  26. Get well soon, J!

    These adeniums.... very hard to stop once started. Cheapskate me used to go for the small plants, but after a while agreed with hubby that it really takes TOO long to grow. Recent purchase was a rm100 plant hehe.

  27. oh best wishes for the immediate health recovery deary
    these plants are unique to my eyes but so beautiful

  28. Lovely plants ohh. The plant exchange is a brilliant idea. Kan nice if every neighbourhood had one. ^.^

  29. Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!. UP Ration Card Download


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