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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchange #3 Happening on 20th August 2016

 Hello there! Am a little cactus man . Can you see me? Can't ? wokay...probably coz am camouflaged. can you see me and my kids? 

Well... I have good news for you. BJ Green Rangers is organising the THIRD  Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchange  after the enormous success of the 1st and second Plant Exchange

It's happening this SATURDAY

Wanna know more...well... this is what Mamarazzi copied from their Facebook page :-

Bukit Jelutong Plants Exchg #3

Date 20 August 2016
Time 7.30am to 12noon
Venue D'Bayu Next to PapaRich, Jln Serambi U8/24, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

Note : 

all participants are welcome(pls support for a greener world n a healthy get together). Kindly label your plants so that the adoptive parents know what it is. Please let Karen Thong knows what plants you are bringing so that she can update her list.😄🙏
2. Please bring your own bag to avoid waste
3. Recycle- please bring your unwanted pots or containers so that we can use for the next event.

Events n timing
1. 07.30-10.30am contributors to bring plants for exchange or give away. Please support for a greener world, ya?
2. 09.00-10.00am (Angie Yim) Vermicompost talk & demo
3. 10.00-10.45am (Wynnee Goh) Bokashi demo. Q&A.
4. 10.45-12.00nn Open plants exchg for
# contributors can select first
# free for adoption thereafter

Items for sale
1. Wynnee Goh - sale of bokashi items / plants
2. OKU - vermicompost
3. BJGR - compost
4. Aishah Ż Abdullah- cakes, cookies & lemonade
5. Nik-frozen chicken mushroom pie & sardine puff
6. Nafisah : Home made items
a) 2 types of Kombucha (a) Regular
(b) Tibetan. Available as scobies or drinks
b) Milk kefir smoothies
c) Sauerkraut
d) Water kefir (tbc)
e) Apple cider vinegar (tbc)
7. Betty Ong - raw honey
8. Suria Helang Lui Organic Farm - range of organic drinks and papayas and bananas(depending on if any are ready that week) n frozen kampung durians(tbc)

Plants available for adoption
1. Variegated heliconia (KT)
2. Indian borage (KT)
3. Bentong ginger (DS)
4. Sabah snake grass (DS)
5. Peace lilies (original n miniature)(DS)
6. Ceylon hardwood saplings (DS)
7. Anthuriums (DS)
8. Ginseng jawa (YH)
9. Brazilian spinach (YH)
10. pink rain lily (YH)
11. Thai basil (YH)
12. lemon basil (YH)
13. Alternanthera sessilis (common name is sessilis joyweed) (SL)
14. Anthurium (KT)
15. Taiwan kao kei (KT)
16. Portoluca /purslane (KT)
17. Prunella vulgaris (self heal) herb (KT)
18. Tongkin (KC)
19. Purple water lily (KC)
20. Lettuce (JY)
22. Aloevera(JYL)
23. Curry leaf(JYL)
24. Wild Parsley(JYL)
25. Indian Borage(JYL)
26. Misai Kuching (JYL)
27. Pandan (JYL)
28. Variegated Indian borage (LMF)
29. coontail(CLC)
30. duckweed(CLC)
31. Thai basils(CLC)
32. aloe Vera(CLC)
33. daun kadok(CLC)
34. Brazilian spinach(CLC)
35. Japanese rose (CS)
36. Sun Flower seedlings (DN) - foster by the little green Rangers😄 in preparation of the exchg day
37. White bitter gourd seeds (DN)
38. Holy basil seeds(DN)
39. Taiwan kao kei (SH)
40. Hempedu bumi (SH)
41. Mint (SH)
42. Indian vege (SH)
43. Thai golden dwarf papaya (KC)
44. White rain lily(KC)
45. Pink rain lily (KC)
46. Grand duke jasmine(KC)
47. White peace lily(KC)
48. Variegated indian borage (KC)
49. Mulberry (KC)
50. Telang(KC)
51. Seeds - Roselle, ulam raja, ladies fingers, multi petal bunga telang, ulam raja (SH)
52. curry leaf (CG)
53. Daun kaduk(CG)
54. thai basil(CG)
55. sweet basil(CG)
56. pandan(CG)
57. Banana seedlings (CG)
58. Mulberry cutting (YK)
59. mother in law lidah (YK)
60. Water plant Mosquito fern(Azolla Carolinians)(YK)
61. Moringa cuttings (NA)
62. Heliconia (NA)
63. Plant-name Unknown (NA)
64. tomatoes(BO)
65. bitter gourd(BO)
66. Sayur manis(BO)
67. ginseng jawa(BO)
68. mulberry (BO)
68. Torenia (BO)
69. Bunga jantan cutting (OHP)
70. Spider lily plant (OHP)
71. Ladies finger plant(OHP)
72. Basil (OHP)
73. Snake plant(OHP)
74. Chilli padi (OHP)
75. Heliconia(OHP)
76. Mother in law's c tongue( OHP)
77. India borage(OHP)
78. Aloe Vera(OHP)
79. temu kunci (HN)
80. cekur plants (HN)
81. Roselle seeds (CL)
82. Telang seeds(CL)
83. Sungold cherry tomato seeds (RM)
84. bellpepper seeds (RM)
85. eggplant seeds (RM)
86. utah celery seeds (RM)
87. southport onions seeds (RM)
88. Beets seeds (RM)
89. mini cucumber seeds (RM)
90. bachelor's button ( Globe amaranth ) seeds (DS)
91. cockscomb( Brain Celosia) seeds (DS)
92. Lemon grass(J)
93. butterfly pea flower seed (clitonia ternatea seed) (J)
94. Cuban oregano (AY)
95. Thornless maple (LT)
96. spider plants too (LT)
97. Baby Hyacinth (LT)
98. beggarticks(KT)
99. Holy Basil (KT)
100. cherry tomato seedling (TW)
101. misai kucing (RMN)
102. turmeric (RMN)
103. hungarian yellow wax pepper (RMN)
104. Curry leaves (GSW)
105. Aloevera (GSW)

.... and the list goes on...the organiser will update it from time to time. 

Wah....seeing the announcement, Mamarazzi was like in 7th Heaven. She started to prepared plants for to bring to the Plant Exchange to be adopted a month ago. 

Last Plant Exchange we brought boxes full of plants to be adopted and super happy that they were snapped up in no time at all. Hopefully this round will be the same.

(For illustration purposes only)

The rules are simple. ...

Bring a plant (or some plants) to the exchange. Make sure to label the ID of the plant. Drop the plant(s) at the exchange. And adopt a plant or two home.

Don't be shy if you do not have plants to be adopted/give out. Just come and bring one or two home. It's not compulsory to bring a plant for exchange but if you have, of course it is most welcomed.

This is also good for beginners who wanted to try gardening but unsure on how to go about it. Rather than going to the nurseries and fork out an unknown sum for a pot of plant . You can adopt a starter plant from the Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange at no cost at all. The people at the plant exchange are very friendly and helpful.  

So come one come all.. See you there this SATURDAY ya.

P/s:  If you are using WAZE , there are 2 PappaRich at Bukit Jelutong. Make sure it's the one at Jalan Serambi U8/24 ya.


  1. If inly I live close by! But then again, even if I bring a pot home, it will eventually die. I'm hopeless, no green fingers.

  2. Mamarazzi sure has very green fingers..envy! i know its early but enjoy your weekend.

  3. Cute cactus and little babies.

    So many plants to be adopted.

  4. Love the cactus man, brought a smile to my face! :)

  5. I like the idea very much. The place a bit far for me so will have to give it a miss.

    1. yes very good idea and hard working of BJ Green rangers to organise it.

      Hmm...your place is pretty near to bangsar, right. Free Tree Society also have this from time to time

  6. Wow that's a lot of plants you brought there!! Very interesting community event. I've not seen one like that in SG yet. If so, I'd def like to go!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes. That was last round. This round got but not as many coz Mamarazzi ran out of continers

  7. I love what you guys are doing! I was in this area for the past two weeks, property-hunting. Haven't decided if we'll be around the same place this weekend ..but if we are, I'll pop in! ^.^

  8. Replies
    1. No worries wor...come come ..we learn together lo

  9. Mamakucing macam apa pun BOLEH aje! Syabas!!

  10. What a wonderful event and how lovely of you all to contribute.

    1. Yes..thanks to the hard work of the organisers.

  11. great cactus. Love from Poland

  12. Hello, cute cactus man. The plant exchange is a great idea. Have a happy day and week ahead!

    1. Hello Eileen.

      Yup. Can make friends and talk about plants

  13. I see the little man in your cactus and he is smiling at me. what a wonderful idea of exchanging plants. that is a really long list so something for everyone. about the seagull photos yesterday, i used a DSLR camera with a long lens, that is how they are clear. can't get them using a point and shoot

    1. Oh you used long lenses. No wonder it's so sharp and clear. Mamarazzi have one semi-DSLR but it konk-out already.

      Yup... love the plant exchange as we get to talk to the plant owners to see their experience in planting that particular plant

  14. Being that you outlined it for us, that helped!!

  15. The plant exchange is a wonderful idea. I hope it is very successful.

  16. What a great idea. I love that you are adopting plants. What a lovely way to start your indoor or outdoor garden.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. Yes. And through the exchange we can also get to know how to take care of the plants that we are adopting. Unlike buying at stores...some store assistants can't help at all

  17. Gardening is a great! I'm so glad you have such activities to encourage everyone. Mama Kucing is wonderful to support this organization. Lots of herbs on the list...great to grow at home and Kucing's food will be more tastier and healthier too! Happy gardening and carry on enjoying what you do:)

    1. Hahaha.... Was initially shy too but thanks to the friendly organisers, Mamarazzi now dare to bring more plants to the exchange

  18. We have nothing like this here! What a cute cactus family! Do they belong to you?

    1. Oh you don't have? It's a nice way to get to know of people with the same hobby.

      Yes the little cactyus man belongs to me and the heart shape Hoya Kerrii too.

  19. I would love to come for a plant exchange as I am looking for a spider plant in exchange for one of my bell pepper plants, lil kitten ... I do not know the correct name of the plant I am looking for ... but it is really tall and spidery and grows best in water. Love, cat.

    1. awwww..... we have loads of spider plants. Given out more than 30 of them during the 2nd plant exchange. They are so easy to grow. We are growing them at home coz of the haze. it helps purify the air.

  20. This morning I received the same information through Whatsapp from a friend. She invited me to join her but I am too far away. If we have one in Ipoh, I would love to join.

  21. I like the concept to this event. What a way, esp to exchange plants instead of buying.

  22. This is so near my parents' place! I will let them know hehe.

  23. Oh, i love succulents and this is one way of expanding our collections :)

  24. Thanks for sharing, already shared what I want with my folks hehe. I won't go all the way since I don't send the kids there on weekends, but I can bring some plants to exchange beforehand.

  25. Must persuade my "driver" to bring me there, thanks for sharing :)

  26. So much memories of Bukit Jelutong. It has so much greens at the neighbourhood.


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