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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival 2016

Last month Mamarazzi saw her friend post up about Sime Darby Art Festival on Facebook. This is the first that Mamarazzi heard of this festival . What caught Mamarazzi's eyes was "For this year' s festival, we will have close to 60 workshops for children and adults. Whether you would like to learn Hip Hop or Chinese Sleeve Dance, Directing or Batik Printing, there is something for everyone to choose from. All workshops are free of charge but there is limited space available. You can also walk-in to register on the festival day, subject to availability.". many workshops...even have Belly Dancing, Bollywood Dance, Flamenco Dancing and many others. 

Apa lagi...after checking various workshops, she immediately register me for  several workshops. 

We arrived there early. 10am was the first workshop - Dance in Speech .... followed by Djembe Workshop, ACX  Puppet, Public Speaking and and...what else ah...lost track. 

While I was attending the workshops, she went and "cuci mata"(wash eye- means browse around) looking at LengZhai and LengLui(Pretty guys and girls) performing there.

All day long there are various performance being perform inside KLPAC and outside. She loves the choir. The little boys and girls have voice of the angels.

She heard the impressive sound of drums being played. They were like calling out to her. She walked out door and saw this energetic performance.

Sorry ya...only able to get the back view as she dare not  disturb the performance by walking to the front.

What she love the most is the smiling face of the performers. They smile to each other and to the audience  making it very pleasant to see. It was like they are having the time of their life. That makes it so special

This second video shows that they are playing a traditional Malay song. Can you identify the song? Amazing how well they blend the old and the new together.

Break for lunch. There were food truck and stall right at the parking lot of KLPAC. I was very hungry. Had this packet of Nasi Briyani with Ayam Berempah. Yippee!! It's not spicy at all. I like.

 I managed to see clown entertaining the adults and kids. 

Outdoor, there were many booths

I wanted to attempt this but Mamarazzi said it's for adult . 

But I did get my hand on Batik Painting. 

Jeng jeng!

Then i went to the booth where they are promoting 100 traditional games. 

Trying my hands on one of the traditional games.

Aiyoyo...this coconut "bowling" may look easy but pretty hard leh. The coconut shape is not completely round.

Aha! This is much easier than the Coconut Bowling. I have talent in this. 

Had to used a lot of "brain juice" for this.

It's time for my next workshop lo.

Got some pretty girl girl bringing a large piece of cloth asking visitors to sign. I couldn't sign it then.

But later on, I managed to sign. 

There are things for everyone. Mamarazzi likes drums and music. Papa likes theatre.  He went to watch three plays .

Mamarazzi was watching this amazing hand percussion when she received a call saying that parent have to accompany the child for the last workshop.

We had fun at this workshop. Made my own puppet with help from Mamarazzi and play with torch light and shadow.

It's sad that we had to go back as it's evening already. I enjoyed myself very much at the Art Festival. hopefully it will be held again next year. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

A Successful 3rd Bukit Jelutong Plant Exchange

Still remember Mamarazzi blogged about the Plant Exchange activity? She was busy labeling the plants to bring to the exchange last week. Not an easy task.

That morning she loaded all the plants into the car. She also cut some of the aloe vera from her garden to be distributed out to the visitors there so that they can bring home to cook or for facial.

And guess what...poor me...I had to sit next to the stinky Aloe Vera cutting.  Yeah...the aloe had a very stinky smell .

These are a portion of the plants that were up for adoption. 

 The President of Bukit Jelutong Green Ranger, Datin Sivam giving a short speech to officiate the Plant exchange . 

 Followed by Ms Angie Yim giving talk on Vermicompost. Wah.... amazing leh. The little worms likes Pizza ah......I mean pizza box ah... Like that I can eat the pizza and they can have the box la. Win-Win.  Listening to the talk , Papa also keen to try out Vermicompost.

At 10.45am, the plants adoption started. In no time, all the plants were adopted. The adoption drive ended around 11.30am  due to overwhelming response .

Mamarazzi was so happy that all her babies were adopted.

 During this plant exchange, Mamarazzi managed to adopt Water Hyacinth for her Water Lily Pond Pot.

 Batik Cekur plant and an unknown plant. 

Sessilis Joyweed. It's said to be good for block arteries.

 Decorative pomegranate

 This basil pretty strange. It have a spicy scent. Labelled as White basil but Papa google and couldn't find it.

 Papa was very "guai". He only adopted a Plumeria. 

Haiz...the sad thing was.... Mamarazzi forgotten to bring her Dwarf Papaya babies to the plant exchange. But nevermind... a friend  is going to adopt all of them for his donation drive. Yipee!...hopefully they will find good homes. 

A member of the gardening group, Aking, had donated one big bucket of rabbit poo for her garden. So generous of him. 

Now looking forward to the next plant exchange. Thank you very much to Karen and BJ Green Rangers for organising this event. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

June - Makan Trip to Ipoh

Remember my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and Ah Kung's 80th birthday celebration in June? 

My Kaw Kaw planned it with Papa and fly back to join the celebration. She came back early and it was a school holiday, we decided to go on a makan trip to Ipoh.

Go Ipoh of course must look for Auntie Claire. Wahhhhh!!!! a big WELCOME gift from Auntie Claire. Yumz.....

 After chatting some, we went to a relative house and I got to paddle in the pool . Syoknya.....

That evening Auntie Claire bring us to Restarrant Tuck Kee at Jalan Theater coz Mamarazzi missed eating this. Steamed octopus. So delicious.

Not only that leh....she even ordered a plate of braised chicken feet for me . 

I love it and practically finished the whole plate by myself

 Also had Wat Tan Hor noodle. Eat till very full leh and yet Auntie Claire worried that we are not full enough. 

Off we went to Restaurant Fong Wei Ge Hotpot.  The soup was pretty good .  Very appetising.

Plus a plate of Salted Egg Yolk fried Chicken. 

Uiks? Where's the photo of the Mun Yee Mee ah? Hmm...must have been too busy eating till forgotten to snap photo. 

That evening really full to the max . Auntie Claire suggested to go and have Ice Cream I also had to wave white flag. 

We had a good rest that night in the hotel and continue with more makan trip the next day. 

The  next morning we arranged to have breakfast with Auntie Claire and Auntie Wenn at  Restaurant Sin Choi Yuen at Taman Pertama.

I had Loh Mee. Hmm...didn't really like it coz different from the ones in KL. 

Mamarazzi had this delightful bowl of Wantan noodles with Dumplings. She loves the dumplings a lot as it's full of yummy ingredients. Similar to the ones she made at home. And surprisingly it only cost RM3.50. 

 Papa and Kaw Kaw shared the Char Keoy Teow and 

 The Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. Am not sure how it taste coz didn't ask them

 Then Auntie Wenn and Auntie Claire ordered this for us to try. Glutionuos Rice with kaya. Look simple but taste good leh.

After the heavy breakfast, we drop by Auntie Wenn's  shop. Mamarazzi bough some dried stevia leaves and some  dried flowers to make soup.

Despite the stevia leaves are the dried type, she can see that it's still very fresh. The price is much cheaper than the place where she usually buy the stevia leaves.

Next time must buy some more from there.

Paiseh....Auntie Wenn also gave us some "hand letters" . Thank you very much Auntie Wenn.

 Second round breakfast at the hotel. Actually my heart was not into eating . i wanted to swim aje. The swimming pool was right by the cafe in the hotel .

Ah...that was a very enjoyable trip. Thank you Auntie Claire, Auntie Wenn and Auntie Nancy for everything . 

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