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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Mooncakes and Piggies Journey

Still have not set up my Vlog yet. Did I tell you that Papa got me a mini laptop? Now I look forward to coming home and want to hide finish up my homework fast fast so that I can "play" my "computer".

Mamarazzi pulak still addicted to K-Drama and HK Drama. Friend introduced her to watch "House of Spirit". Papa say I can watch Iflix using my mini laptop. Mamarazzi don;t let me use Youtube . Said might have something not suitable for my eyes wor.

 Despite addicted to K-Drama, Mamarazzi still have the "wind" to try her hand on making mooncakes. This is the first time she attempt to make "baked" type of mooncakes.

We made Snow Skin Mooncakes before ( I had fun making that. It was very easy to make.

Baked ones is harder for Mamarazzi. There are so many online recipes. Some say this and some say that. And really hard to decide how much is the filling and how much is the skin needed.

As expected, she had problem "wrapping" the filling for the mooncakes. Ended patching "holes" here and there for the 1st attempt. Need a lot of "kungfu" to make the skin thin and this is something she had not master.

 First batch looked super ugly. Sent the photo to a friend in Whatsapps and her friend thought she made "tausa peah" (LOL)

 Skin cracked. Means oven too hot and the color uneven coz too much egg wash. 

 Thankfully Sifu Angie was on Whatsapps guiding her. The wrapping for 2nd batch nearly perfect.

 Second batch turns out not bad. This one just came out from the oven yesterday. Colour looks a bit off but then this morning Mamarazzi took a peek...the color seems to even out . Sifu is correct. Color will even out when the mooncake cool down in a day or two.

 Papa wanted to try ...hence Mamarazzi cut up one for him.  Skin is still very hard.  Like eating biscuits. Yup...mooncakes have to be stored 2-3 days before eating so that the skin can become soft.

Many years ago, Mamarazzi had eaten a Red Bean mooncake that have very fragrant rose scent. She had forgotten the brand and subsequent years, can't seems to find it again. Hence this round, she add some of the rose flavouring to the "skin" and "fillings" of the mooncake. It smell so nice when baking.

Papa said the scent too strong; making the mooncakes seems very sweet though the taste was not that sweet. Next round must put less of the essence . wonder mooncake is so expensive la.

Wokay...that's all for now ... time for 3rd attempt lo


Came home from school today and found these piggies chillaxing on the dining table. Wah....i can give to my girlfriends lor.

Found 5 more on the other tray. Much rounder  and fatter..but how come got chicken pox geh?

Mamarazzi said nevermind a day or two the chicken pox would be gone wor...Have to wait and see la.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Kajang Hot Pepper Soup Restaurant, Centerpoint Bandar Utama

Yesterday I had a "storming" session in PJ. My 1st time. Luckily, the whole group of us passed the grading test.

Mamarazzi  saw and asked why so "lembik" also can pass ah? If comes to real thingy, the big bad wolf huffed and puffed, me and my friends would have flown away with the wind liao.

Anyway, after the storming session, there was a real storm (**a bit exaggeration) brewing. Very windy and was raining.

Mamarazzi wanted to have something soupy and warm. Papa recalled Auntie Annie's FB post on Kajang Hot Pepper Soup in CenterPoint. Off we went lo.

Arrived just in time to grab a table coz after that, many came. There was a queue waiting for available table.

Of course must order the famous  hot pepper soup . Got pork belly slices, liver, stomach and chicken meat. Loaded with fiery hot black pepper. Mamarazzi said just nice for a rainy day. Ah...if add a bit more cooking wine would be perfect.

For me...i don't like hot pepper soup. My favourite is this. Crispy pork. i like to take video using my phone. Maybe i might start a Vlog instead since Mamarazzi seems to be getting lazy to blog. Still addicted to korean drama. Now becoming worse..add with chinese drama some more. A friend introduced her to "icdrama" website which have more shows than iflix. Cham loh...

I polished off half of this. I super like it  . Mamarazzi just had a few slices coz she was enjoying the hot pepper soup.

She also ordered this claypot taufu for me. She was surprised  at how good this tasted as compared to others. The cabbages was cooked till melted , making the gravy super sweet and flavourful.

Will we come back for more? Yes. Though we had to wait long for the food but it was worth the wait.

Here is the address  : F113, First Floor, Centrepoint Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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