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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Flora Fest, Dinner, Eclipse and a Good Book

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. I had school activities nearly the whole Saturday while Papa and Mamarazzi sneak out to Flora Fest at Sierramas without me. 

Said got so many  plants and experienced gardeners there. Can pick up good tips wor. Also the venue have swimming pool,  show house and got free makan.

Mamarazzi said she didn't buy much as she already have most of the edibles plants in the garden Hence only bought an air plant called Funkinia. Looks a bit like a caterpillar leh. Easy to care. Just need to mist it every two days.

Some more they went to the nurseries near Sg Buloh Hospital and got some orchids. Also a lemon plant. Hmmmm.... so bad leh. Go there tarak bring me along. Nagged them till Papa bring me to the Flora Fest on Sunday. Love the pool though no swimming allowed yet. Love the show house too. Cheap cheap....only RM6.0M leh.

 Mamarazzi said wait till I grow up and earn $$ first la baru talk. Meantime I have to eat more vegetable leh so that I can grow up healthy.

I don't like to eat vegetables nowadays. Sneaky Mamarazi now hide the vegetables in my food. For example.... yummy chicken wing hor.... but it's stuffed with minced meat and vegetable... Sweat sour prawns also have vegetable....fried rice needless to say la..sure have vegetable... Helppppppp!!!!!!!

 Oh ya... anyone still remember MH370? I used to love cars a lot. Now am keen on aeroplane too.  It's been 2 years. Still dunno where MH370 had gone to.

Yesterday morning Papa was all hype up. Something about total solar eclipse. Don't know whether it's blessing in disguise or not coz the haze was back yesterday morning. Because of the haze, Mamarazzi was able to capture a photo of the eclipse on our way out to school . 

Am still not interested on solar eclipse. Cikgu haven't teach us about it yet leh. No idea what Papa and Mamarazzi trying to explain to me. What's the big deal about the moon and the sun ah? 

Another "moon " that cause Mamarazzi end up with "Panda Eyes". She found was hunting another book but stumbled upon  The Moon in the Palace by Weina Dai Randel. Mamarazzi crazy la. Started page 1 and non-stop reading. Night time I went to dreamland already she was still reading. The next day, I came home from school in the evening, she said she finished reading liao. Said it's a terrific book wor.

This is paid or sponsor review of the book.  Just wanna share Mamarazzi crazy reading with you guys . Hmmm.... I wonder what is so great about this book. So many 4-5stars rating in on this book. Well, better grab a copy and see. Errr...if you happened end up with Panda Eyes, please don't scold me ah.


  1. Your mama can cook so well, wonder when got chance to try your mama cooking... wink wink...

  2. manage to capture a pic of the solar eclipse. That's nice.

    In Hokkaido, we just want to stay indoor as much we could.Hahha The wind is strong and cool..brrr

  3. Your mama so good, can plant things so well. I will not bother as I know the end result.

  4. The book must be so good for manarazzi to be absorbed in it!!!

    Study smart small kucing. Next time xan earn $ and buy the things you want.

    Nursery! I love to visit plant nursery, admiring the plants and get some ideas.

  5. Waaa...nice! I need to top up my plants after the long CNY holiday - some didn't survive. Dead plant here and there, but too busy jaga-ing my visiting orang tua right now to bother with any gardening! Your mama is indeed sneaky about the vegetables..hehe ^.^

  6. hehe Small Kucng cannot jealous Mamarazzi and Paparazzi go paktor without you lah, sometimes they also need to have "two persons world" mah.. next time when Small Kucing also paktor or married already, then sure don't want Mamarazzi to follow also leh.. hihihi ^^

  7. RM6.0milion ah?? wah, ordinary people like Uncle SK sure cannot afford lah.. only people who received RM2.6billion will be able to buy lah, eih, divide RM2.6billion by RM6.0million is how much ah?? Uncle SK also pening~~ :D

  8. wah smart leh this Mamarazzi, cincang all the veggie kecik kecik and cook with rice and meat!! like that unless Small Kucing is going to pick one by one until midnight, else all veggie must masuk perut lor.. veggie is nice lah, see?? Mamarazzi's cooking also look sedap there leh.. fried rice, chicken wings and sweat & sour prawns all Uncle SK likes..

  9. yalor people are talking about the solar eclipse ytday but Uncle SK wasn't aware of it at all.. he only felt the sky was dark and it was cooler, that time he was still sleeping on bed.. went to work baru tahu the eclipse dei.. hahaha!!!

  10. wahhhh.. your mama's activities more than you leh, Small J... Hope your mom has no panda eyes chasing after the books! hahahaa.. Really a cute post here!

  11. I love books like your mama too

  12. Wah this Small Kucing, have ears and eyes everywhere, his Papa and Mama cannot just sneak off to Flora Fest without him without repercussion so must nagged his Papa until they have to go again with him. Powerlah, this Small Kucing!

  13. Awesome round-up of your lifestyle, dear! Missed the solar eclipse too. xoxo

  14. That's a good pic of the eclipse actually. I was wondering why so dark that morning when it doesn't seem like going to rain... forgot about eclipse happening already.

    Hehe very creative your Mama to hide vegetables.

  15. It has been a long time I haven't read a book leh. Bad lah me. Must get back into the reading habit. Maybe should start with The Moon in The Palace hor? Nanti kena Panda Eyes pulak.

  16. Wahhhhh... Small Kucing still small also was thinking about MH370. Heavy stuff!

  17. I also don't know why Sam now not really like to vegetables, she used to like when she was younger last time >_<

  18. I love the plant thingy but off late, don't have time for gardening. Wish I had some edible plants as well.

  19. I wish I can read as mush as you, I am still reading my daughters' books. They have a lot of interesting story books. I have to read theirs so that I can understand what they have understood. Hehehe! My pace of reading is slower than my pace of running la!

  20. Talking about caterpillar, there was a big one that we caught a few weeks back. They were eating my better half's vegetables! It was such a big one too.

    Also, before that, there were (suspected) caterpillars eating her sunflower leaves too. So bad.

  21. This plant is so unusual and interesting to look at. It looks like a bristles to wash the milk bottles. I must remember the name Funkinia!


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