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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Domino's Little Pizza Chef School Holiday Programme

Yay! Domino's Little Pizza Chef holiday programme is back again. Tried to registered for it last school holiday. Due to some miscommunication, Mamarazzi  and me end up waiting  at the outlet that we have selected on the wrong date and time. I was so disappointed.

This time, Papa spotted the advertisement again in Facebook.  He register me for the event.

Went there early in the morning.  Arrived 10mins early. Uiks...dark geh...miscommunication again? Errr ...but got people waiting outside. Should be okay gua. Waited some more. About 8am plus the door finally opened.The event is from 8am to 11am.

I was pretty excited.  I like to eat pizza. Can't wait to try my hand in pizza making.  looks simple  enough, right? Or so i thought  la.

We were divided into 3groups. Group 1 went and make pizza first while group 2 tour the facilities.  My group learn how to fold the pizza boxes. Looks easy but actually  it was quite hard leh.

Papa tried his hands folding one box. Memang not easy. The cardboard was very stiff leh.

After folding the boxes, we were told to write our names on 1 personal size pizza box and 1 regular  size pizza box. We were told that we can put the pizza we were going to make in the personal size pizza box and we get to make 1 regular pizza for our parents.

 Then it was our turn to tour the facilities before starting to make pi┼║za. The Abang brief up on how to operate the cashier counter.

Alamak! It's  not easy as it seems. Cashiers had to memorise codes for 28 pizza, 8 toppings and and and......what ah...promotions codes, whether it's  dine in or delivery and many more. So many codes leh.  i surrender  la. I better  stay in the kitchen to make pizza la.

 Jeng! Jeng! My personal pizza for breakfast. Sorry . No photography allowed in the kitchen.

 Muhahahahahah!  made by my own two hands. Loaded with cheese. Already  confirmed.  This pizza before  bake was 80gm. Very accurate.

So yummy. ..smell soooooo niceeeee...

Eh eh don't scold me yet lah. Yes , i did finshed the pizza on my own but Papa and Mamarazzi already had pizza liao. Domino's pizza team served pizza for the parents breakfast with iced lemon tea. so nice of them

 After breakfast,  it's  my group turn to make pizza for our parents. Jeng! Jeng! Nice or not? I put in a lot of cheese leh.

Look like made by professional or not? Please ignore the uneven cutting  la.

I did  enjoy myself very much at today's event. The RM25 was well spent. I learn many things there and also got to bring home 1 regular pizza for Papa snd Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi  would suggest Domino'sPizza and other fast food restaurants to hold more such event. Very educational.

Would also suggest that Domino's  Pizza to amend their registration form . Would be much easier if they could state the dates which the selected outlets will be holding the event. As it is, although  there is list of outlet participating on the event but the dates for each outlet is different  and  not stated in the form

Secondly ,  to include  the contact number of the person-in-charge for the registration  instead of everything by e-mail .  From previous  experience ,  an email can end up in Spam folder. If the  person -in-charge neglected to check the  Spam folder, it would led to much hassle and disappointment for all involved.

Lastly,   hope Domino's Pizza would consider serving a healthier  choice of drinks for the Little  Pizza Chef's breakfast apart from soft drinks. Feedback from the staff is that some parents  left their child alone there for the lesson and the child doesn't  want lemon tea and that orange juice causes stomach upset for some kids. As such, Mamarazzi  would suggest to incorporate  the choice of breakfast drinks in the registration form for the parents to choose from. Also a record of the child's allergy to any food to safe guard the restaurants' interest.

Other than that ,  i love it very much though it start on Malaysian  time.


  1. "Mamarazzi would suggest Domino'sPizza and other fast food restaurants to hold more such event." Of course lah!!! She also got to eat mah. Hehehehehe!!!! Wah!!! Very sleep or what - so many typos, this post!

    The pizzas you made looked really very very good - like what they sell one. Next time any such event, call me, ya! I sure would want to follow...and try too.

  2. O, you are such an awesome pizza baker, lil kitten :) Love, cat.

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, lil kitten :) ... too bad you can't view the video :( ... it is about a tree ... as a child I had a favourite tree ... I climbed it and sat in it many times :) my mumme told me, that it was felled in order to make room for a broader road :(

  3. What a nice experience. Now you can bake pizza!!!

  4. Not bad. If kids do this, it's a learning experience; if grownups do it, it's called training and/or corporate espionage... LOL

  5. oooh, this is a very good experience leh.. learning how to make a pizza and also the operational flows in a pizza outlet.. i think that RM25 fees is very worth to pay for such an event.. the parents were served pizza and drinks, the kids can make their own pizza as well as another one for the parents.. Uncle SK thinks this is a very good initiatives by Domino's Pizza leh..

  6. agree with Mamarazzi that it is good that other fast food chains have this kind of activities.. Uncle SK remembers when he was in primary school and went to McD in Chow Kit (now closed down) with his classmates, the manager invited us to tour the kitchen as well as the freezer.. this manager is Cynthia and she is still working with McD now even at the age of 74!! it was indeed an eye opener for us to see how things were prepared in the kitchen, during their operational hours somemore..

  7. the job looks simple but then actually not easy at all hor?? the pizza box sure need to be sturdy enough to keep the pizza in shape and in warmth gua.. too bad, no cameras inside the kitchen, else we would be able to know how the pizzas were prepared and baked.. hehehe, but reasonable lah, this is trade secret and of course they are not allowing anyone to publicise the kitchen, kan??

  8. hehehe, look at Small Kucing, he seems to enjoy the session so much and especially liked the pizza he made himself.. the personal pizza for himself seems to look better than the regular for Mamarazzi and Paparazzi woh, haha.. sendiri punya put more effort to make kot?? next time can help Mamarazzi to make pizza at home already lor?? nice~~

  9. Wah seh! You got training from Domino eh? Can make pizza liao. Auntie Phong Hong come to your house you make pizza okie? Must kar liew one. hee..hee....

  10. Now you know how to make pizza liao, next time at home, you can make pizza for your papa and mama... hehe...

  11. Haha! That looks like fun, I'm sure he had a blast! :)

    I actually worked in McDonald's for fun once too (few years back) and I enjoyed it. I also worked in a Chinese restaurant when I was in uni for extra pocket money. I didn't enjoy that. LOL!

  12. Neat idea... Who doesn't like pizza? We don't eat a lot of pizza these days --but every once in awhile I just 'have' to have some... YUM....

    Great suggestions for Domino's.


  13. Wahhh....certainly a nice programme for the school holidays. The end result certainly looked delicious. Papa & Mama can relax and enjoy the pizza.

  14. Wahhh....certainly a nice programme for the school holidays. The end result certainly looked delicious. Papa & Mama can relax and enjoy the pizza.

  15. Wah, syiok.. I only like one flvaour from Domino's.. That special white cheesy creamy sauce, forgotten the name though..

  16. Small kucing sure look happy at the workshop.

  17. This seem like an interesting event to let the kids have hands on experience of pizza making. Will check out their FB page for next session :)

  18. Oo sounds really fun. Maybe targetted for older kids with all those codes to remember.

  19. Ahh!! Fun way of getting kids to enjoy themselves

  20. Your Mamarazzi has such good suggestions. Hopefully they will be taken into consideration.

  21. This kucing really full of programs !!! How nice! I am sure my kids would love it too!

  22. Got workshop at Dominos Pizza lor.. Guess only selected branch right? not in Taiping branch. Need to check it out.

  23. Ha Ha! You became the Chef Mario to make Italian pizza. I love to eat crispy pizza with lots of cheese. Can ask Papa Kaldip to deliver to me???

  24. Can send some to Taiping for aunty Hayley or not? Long time no eat Domino pizza liao leh!

  25. This sound fun for the kids. Good suggestion for the healthier drinks...I agree.

  26. This programme is good and the pizza looks delicious too.

  27. Wah! So very interesting and can take away for parents too! Now you can make pizza for mama and papa liao! The pizzas you made look so yummy with so much cheese.

  28. Interesting and fun workshop for children. I used to conduct such workshops for my students too. Miss working around children. Happy weekend!

  29. Wah.. so generous with the toppings! This is the kind of pizza that I like. hehe

  30. wow didnt knew there was such event. really a good one!

  31. What a lovely workshop - I would have loved to join ...but I old auntie dy! :P


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