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Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Surprising Weekend - Zootopia & Buffet at Sunway Resort & SPA Hotel

Papa and Mamarazzi is acting very weird this weekend. Why they catering to my every wish this weekend ah? 

For example, last Friday. They came and fetch me from school . Asked we wanna eat what. I said I wanna eat "Hor Mee". They were puzzled what is "Hor Mee". Finally found out it's actually Wat Tan Hor Noodle. 

Okay...drove to the new "Ten Years" Restaurant at Evolve Ara Damansara. Too bad they don't have "Wat Tan Hor". Instead we went to the Food Court at the 2nd floor. Also tarak Wat Tan Hor. Okay la...I end uo eating Chicken Rice la. Hey, surprisingly the food at this Food Court was quite good. Service with a smile by the staff at the Vietnam Food counter. 

Okay...I thought that was the end of it la. Next day(Saturday) went to school for my usual activities. They came an fetched me after that and brought along a set of clothing and a pair of new shoes. 

I asked them going where but they didn't tell me. We end up at MBO Cinema. Only then did I know  we were going to watch Zootopia. I ran around with my new shoes looking for information about that show. Wow ! looks exciting show leh. 

The show sure did not disappoint. Laugh die me when they were at the DMV and encountered the Sloth. Yes, we recommend this show for family with kids. 

That evening again I was looking for "Hor Mee" and Papa drove to Damansara Utama and we had "Wat Tan Hor" *finally*

On the way home, they told me that today we are going for Buffet. Yipeeeeeeee!! I love buffet. Supposed to be join by another friend but she can't make it at the very last moment. Family emergency.

Buffet was on a promotional price of RM68nett for adult. Mamarazzi was surprised that for that price, the food was good leh. There were Chinese , Malay, Indian, western and Japanese food served. Hey! They even serve Kopi and tea ...unlike one buffet in Subang Jaya that did not have coffee nor tea.

 Mamarazzi had a shock when she saw the Chinese Buffet section. Crazy ka? Seafood porridge and there were whole pieces of crabs, scallop, oysters , prawns and etc in it. Not one of those shredded crab meat or crab stick.

She also loved the double boiled soup. Had two bowls of that.

Frankly speaking, usually she did not have high hopes on the dim sum served at buffet in hotel but this round she was really impressed. Though it's halal siew mai, it tasted good . They even have the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.

There were many varieties of food there keoy teow... fried something something... roasted chicken ...but she did not take those as it's quite common and filling. Instead she look for something that is nit usually served in hotel buffet.

 Like the Curry Fish Head. She took just a little bit as she have yet to recover from sore throat. Tasted good with bread. She wish she could have had more but but but....sore throat leh

Aiyo...the rojak pasembur was very tempting too but too bad it's too least spicy to her coz she was having sore throat la....

Loads of other stuffs like curries ...fried fritters... mutton...

Over heard the next table mentioned that the nasi lemak was delicious. Again she did not take as it was too filling.

 Me and Mamarazzi had sirloin steak from the western spread. I took some pizza too. There were various types of bread. The mushroom, wedges, onion rings taste delicious.

Instead, Mamarazzi become "kambing" and had a lot of salad. Quite a wide variety of salad. 

For me ...I hang around the dessert counter. There was a Chocolate Fondue there. Some cakes and one ice cream with all sorts of sprinkles. 

Hey! They even have a cotton candy machines and the nice lady behind the counter made me a beautiful cotton candy flower.

 There were Ice Cream Potong too.... Grabbed one for Papa. 

 Mamarazzi had a few bowls of this cooling Longan drink. Hopefully the throat will be better soon.

Hmm....this buffet certainly worth going lo. Too bad too day was the last day of the offer. Hopefully they will have such offer again soon

Hmm...okay a  bit of constructive criticism .... would appreciate that the Management to pout a few sofa or seats outside the restaurant. We arrived half an hour early. Although we have a Reservation, but we were not seated as they were preparing the tables and food. We were told to wait outside. If customers were to wait outside, we certainly appreciate the management would extend the courtesy to provide some sofa or chair. Hey, we are still young but what about the fold folks. 

When it was 12pm, a long queue was formed and a lady presumed to be from the Management were taking photos/video of the long queue. Maybe for marketing purposes but Mamarazzi hope that her photos/video will show the Management the need of providing some seat outside the restaurant for the customers to wait. Thank you.  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Mysterious Egg Incident

We are having super hot weather here. The El Nino thingy and the Equinox thingy hitting the country.

Schools in Kedah and Perlis are closed today and tomorrow too. Mamarazzi is also down with cough and sore throat. 

The sun is like a big salted egg yolk in the sky every evening.

I don't like this super hot weather. Can't do much of anything.

But the adenium that Mamarazzi adopted from the BJ Green Rangers plants exchange  seems to love this weather very much. Tiny plant any yet it's  blooming happily.

By the way, Mamarazzi  heard that there will be another plant exchange  mid next month.  The time and venue has yet to be announced.

Time to prepare plants for the exchange  lor...but but but the weather so hot leh....

Maybe that's why the hen came into the house and lay an egg under the sofa? Coz Mamarazzi found an egg under the sofa when she was sweeping the floor this morning. She had a shock.

But she suspected that i put the egg there. Maybe trying to hatch the egg?

Said she will question me when i come back from school this evening  wor...but i know what my standard answer will be..."Not  me".  And the case of the  mysterious egg continues. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Domino's Little Pizza Chef School Holiday Programme

Yay! Domino's Little Pizza Chef holiday programme is back again. Tried to registered for it last school holiday. Due to some miscommunication, Mamarazzi  and me end up waiting  at the outlet that we have selected on the wrong date and time. I was so disappointed.

This time, Papa spotted the advertisement again in Facebook.  He register me for the event.

Went there early in the morning.  Arrived 10mins early. Uiks...dark geh...miscommunication again? Errr ...but got people waiting outside. Should be okay gua. Waited some more. About 8am plus the door finally opened.The event is from 8am to 11am.

I was pretty excited.  I like to eat pizza. Can't wait to try my hand in pizza making.  looks simple  enough, right? Or so i thought  la.

We were divided into 3groups. Group 1 went and make pizza first while group 2 tour the facilities.  My group learn how to fold the pizza boxes. Looks easy but actually  it was quite hard leh.

Papa tried his hands folding one box. Memang not easy. The cardboard was very stiff leh.

After folding the boxes, we were told to write our names on 1 personal size pizza box and 1 regular  size pizza box. We were told that we can put the pizza we were going to make in the personal size pizza box and we get to make 1 regular pizza for our parents.

 Then it was our turn to tour the facilities before starting to make pi┼║za. The Abang brief up on how to operate the cashier counter.

Alamak! It's  not easy as it seems. Cashiers had to memorise codes for 28 pizza, 8 toppings and and and......what ah...promotions codes, whether it's  dine in or delivery and many more. So many codes leh.  i surrender  la. I better  stay in the kitchen to make pizza la.

 Jeng! Jeng! My personal pizza for breakfast. Sorry . No photography allowed in the kitchen.

 Muhahahahahah!  made by my own two hands. Loaded with cheese. Already  confirmed.  This pizza before  bake was 80gm. Very accurate.

So yummy. ..smell soooooo niceeeee...

Eh eh don't scold me yet lah. Yes , i did finshed the pizza on my own but Papa and Mamarazzi already had pizza liao. Domino's pizza team served pizza for the parents breakfast with iced lemon tea. so nice of them

 After breakfast,  it's  my group turn to make pizza for our parents. Jeng! Jeng! Nice or not? I put in a lot of cheese leh.

Look like made by professional or not? Please ignore the uneven cutting  la.

I did  enjoy myself very much at today's event. The RM25 was well spent. I learn many things there and also got to bring home 1 regular pizza for Papa snd Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi  would suggest Domino'sPizza and other fast food restaurants to hold more such event. Very educational.

Would also suggest that Domino's  Pizza to amend their registration form . Would be much easier if they could state the dates which the selected outlets will be holding the event. As it is, although  there is list of outlet participating on the event but the dates for each outlet is different  and  not stated in the form

Secondly ,  to include  the contact number of the person-in-charge for the registration  instead of everything by e-mail .  From previous  experience ,  an email can end up in Spam folder. If the  person -in-charge neglected to check the  Spam folder, it would led to much hassle and disappointment for all involved.

Lastly,   hope Domino's Pizza would consider serving a healthier  choice of drinks for the Little  Pizza Chef's breakfast apart from soft drinks. Feedback from the staff is that some parents  left their child alone there for the lesson and the child doesn't  want lemon tea and that orange juice causes stomach upset for some kids. As such, Mamarazzi  would suggest to incorporate  the choice of breakfast drinks in the registration form for the parents to choose from. Also a record of the child's allergy to any food to safe guard the restaurants' interest.

Other than that ,  i love it very much though it start on Malaysian  time.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Flora Fest, Dinner, Eclipse and a Good Book

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. I had school activities nearly the whole Saturday while Papa and Mamarazzi sneak out to Flora Fest at Sierramas without me. 

Said got so many  plants and experienced gardeners there. Can pick up good tips wor. Also the venue have swimming pool,  show house and got free makan.

Mamarazzi said she didn't buy much as she already have most of the edibles plants in the garden Hence only bought an air plant called Funkinia. Looks a bit like a caterpillar leh. Easy to care. Just need to mist it every two days.

Some more they went to the nurseries near Sg Buloh Hospital and got some orchids. Also a lemon plant. Hmmmm.... so bad leh. Go there tarak bring me along. Nagged them till Papa bring me to the Flora Fest on Sunday. Love the pool though no swimming allowed yet. Love the show house too. Cheap cheap....only RM6.0M leh.

 Mamarazzi said wait till I grow up and earn $$ first la baru talk. Meantime I have to eat more vegetable leh so that I can grow up healthy.

I don't like to eat vegetables nowadays. Sneaky Mamarazi now hide the vegetables in my food. For example.... yummy chicken wing hor.... but it's stuffed with minced meat and vegetable... Sweat sour prawns also have vegetable....fried rice needless to say la..sure have vegetable... Helppppppp!!!!!!!

 Oh ya... anyone still remember MH370? I used to love cars a lot. Now am keen on aeroplane too.  It's been 2 years. Still dunno where MH370 had gone to.

Yesterday morning Papa was all hype up. Something about total solar eclipse. Don't know whether it's blessing in disguise or not coz the haze was back yesterday morning. Because of the haze, Mamarazzi was able to capture a photo of the eclipse on our way out to school . 

Am still not interested on solar eclipse. Cikgu haven't teach us about it yet leh. No idea what Papa and Mamarazzi trying to explain to me. What's the big deal about the moon and the sun ah? 

Another "moon " that cause Mamarazzi end up with "Panda Eyes". She found was hunting another book but stumbled upon  The Moon in the Palace by Weina Dai Randel. Mamarazzi crazy la. Started page 1 and non-stop reading. Night time I went to dreamland already she was still reading. The next day, I came home from school in the evening, she said she finished reading liao. Said it's a terrific book wor.

This is paid or sponsor review of the book.  Just wanna share Mamarazzi crazy reading with you guys . Hmmm.... I wonder what is so great about this book. So many 4-5stars rating in on this book. Well, better grab a copy and see. Errr...if you happened end up with Panda Eyes, please don't scold me ah.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The New Standard of Personal Cleaning Solution with Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissue

Did your read media release in our blog about Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues? Mamarazzi purposely disabled the comment function so that you can digest the news without worrying having the comment about it.

I think Kleenex® coming out with Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues is timely. Malaysia is a beautiful country with kind and caring people everywhere. The only thing that marred our image is the condition of our public toilet. Wet floor, dirty water hose, dirty seats , no water and no toilet tissue seems to be a norm.

Most of the time, I would rather hold back rather than braving public toilet or at least asked Papa to stop at some classy hotel or establishment so that I can "borrow"(use) their toilet.

 I have personally experienced before one sticky situation 2-3 years ago.

That day, suddenly I had an urgent "download" to do. No hotel around and my "business" threaten to come out. No choice . Had to go to the public toilet.

Let me tell you .... these are the survival kit needed to survive some of the extreme public toilet here.

These of course was sent to us last week by the PR company on behalf of the Kleenex® Malaysia Team. Meant to be a joke but it's not far from the truth.

 At that time I didn't have a mask for the stench that hit my nose, nor did I had a whistle to blow  to "call" for help in case of slipping nor bandage ready just in case that i hurt myself for trying to balance while doing my business.

I only had two pieces of tissue paper that Mamarazzi gave me to stuff my nose and Mamarazzi holding my hands so that I can balance while doing "kungfu Stance".  Had to do KungFu Stance as I did not want my buttock to touch the pee stained toilet seat.No doubt Mamarazzi already hose down the toilet seat but i still did not feel that it's clean enough to sit on it.

 Not easy you know to do "business" while practising Kungfu Stance. Had to make sure the aim is correct and the bombs dropped to the correct place while Mamarazzi kept telling me to be faster.

How I wish Kleenex® had came up with Kleenex® Wet Toilet back then .

Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissue is 99.9% assured clean*. It leaves the fresh feeling like being cleaned with water. Made with natural ingredients, alcohol free, easy to carry and convenient to use. Just wipe and flush it down the toilet. But please make sure each time flush not more than 2 sheets at a time and not for septic tank ya.

Now I don't have to worry much about doing some downloading at public toilet. With Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissue I can achieve the home clean feeling at any public toilet and now worries about my bum bum touching the toilet seats. I just had to make sure Mamarazzi brings along this convenient to use Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissue in her handbag.

Don't only take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

Request a free sample pack and participate in a simple quiz contest to win a year’s supply of Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues by registering at  


Note : * Based on lab test no : 10371114(1)conducted in July 2015 by independent laboratory based on Kimberly-Clark's method for assessing cleaning efficacy for Kleenex Ultra Soft Wet Toilet tissue. No antibacterial chemical,Physical removal.water splash image are for illustrative purposes only.

Saturday, 5 March 2016


New Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues Help Malaysians Survive Public Toilet Inconveniences

Malaysians are amazingly adaptive when it comes to dealing with challenges.  Take public toilets for example: many Malaysians have resorted to various “creative” but inconvenient ways of cleaning themselves and using the public toilets in view of the unpleasant experiences they have encountered.

To better understand the public toilet experiences and habits of people in Malaysia and to better help Malaysians survive public toilet inconveniences, Kleenex® has recently commissioned an independent online survey which polled some 1,160 women and men in Malaysia.

The Challenges of Using Public Toilets
Overall, the survey revealed that three out of five Malaysians are extremely hesitant to use public toilets, citing common reasons such as wet, dirty floors or toilet seats, clogged or unflushed toilets, and lack of water or clean water and toilet paper.

Specifically on personal cleaning, participants’ most common complaints were attributed to dirty water hoses (60%) and no water and toilet paper being provided at all (37%). The survey also found that many Malaysians modify their behaviour solely to avoid using public toilets.  For instance, four out of five who were surveyed mentioned that they consume less drinks to minimize visits to the public toilets while they are out and some feel compelled to carry their own supply of cleaning water wherever they go.

Celebrity brand advocate Jihan Muse said, “Surviving a public toilet is like being in an epic tragicomedy – you should see me in my high-heeled sandals and long, flowing dress, trying to juggle shopping bags, negotiating the wet floor while holding my dress up and hoping I don’t drop anything!”

True enough, survey results showed that a majority of Malaysians (67%) think that what they wear as well as the things they carry around make it inconvenient to clean themselves properly in public toilets.

“Proper maintenance aside, I feel public toilets in Malaysia would be much better if we could treat them the way we treat our own personal space. So if you make a mess, clean it up; don’t step on the seats; wipe up any spills and for the love of all things decent, do flush properly!” added Jihan.

The results show and reconfirm that there are challenges with using public toilets in Malaysia - and more can be done to provide Malaysians with a convenient and innovative solution for out-of-home cleaning.

The New Standard of Personal Cleaning Solution with Kleenex®
Leading the way to support a more positive public toilet experience and a better standard of intimate cleaning amongst people in Malaysia, Kleenex®, a world leader in personal hygiene products, has introduced a simple solution that can be used conveniently anytime, anywhere – Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues.

According to the survey, one in two respondents believe that using wet tissues is the most ideal solution as opposed to having to go through the inconveniences of dealing with situations when there is no water or toilet paper available.

“Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues is the first of its kind in Malaysia, made with consumers’ out-of-home cleaning needs in mind.  Its compact packets are easy to carry around and easy to use – just wipe and flush,” said Mr Raman Tarun, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia. “Sometimes we don’t realize how a tiny addition like this in our bag can make such a huge difference – it’s just like personal hygiene in a pocket.”

“After the successful launches in various markets like South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Singapore, we are confident that this brand-new range of wet toilet tissues will be very well received in Malaysia!”

*Safe to flush and hypoallergenic, the Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues are formulated with 9-step purified water for 99.9% assured clean  and gentle and delicate on the skin, leaving users feeling cleaner and fresher after use.

Lastly, Jihan said, “Instead of trying to hold it in until we get home, I can just use Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues for convenient cleaning that leaves me feeling as clean and fresh as I would at home.”

Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues are available in three sizes – a pack of 10 sheets that can be placed in one’s pocket or handbag (RRP RM2.10), a value-saving pack of three (RRP RM5.80), or a 40-sheet pack (RRP RM7.40). All three sizes are now available in leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

Join Kleenex® and Jihan Muse today to Survive Public Toilets
Request a free sample pack and participate in a simple quiz contest to win a year’s supply of Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues by registering at  Users are also encouraged to share their experience using this brand-new product on social media by using the hashtag, #KleenexSurvivalGuide.

For more information on Kleenex® in general, log on to the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page ( or call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

*Advisable to flush no more than 2 sheets at a time; not suitable for use in septic tank.
# # #

Kleenex® is a brand of Kimberly-Clark
Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, billions of people worldwide -- nearly a quarter of the world's population – choose Kimberly-Clark brands and the solutions they provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. With brands such as Kleenex®, Scott®, Huggies®, Kotex® and Poise®, Kimberly-Clark is about “leading the world in essentials for a better life”. To keep up with the latest Kimberly-Clark news and to learn more about the company's 140-year history of innovation, visit

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