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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fried Nian Gao with Popiah Skin

Some people  can fry nian gao with flour very nicely but not Mamarazzi.  Each time the batter would  either be too watery or too thick. Not fluffy at all.

She was lamenting about this to Auntie Claire  this morning  over breakfast.  Aunt Claire who had travelled  far and wide suggested  fry Nian Gao wrapped  with popiah skin.

Apalagi mau tunggu? No need to wait for next Tuesday. She immediately  went and find sweet potatoes and yam.

Cut them into small size. Should have been smaller size but Mamarazzi was lazy.

Layer it with yam,  nian gao and sweet potato.

Wrap them into neat little "bundle".

Deep fry them with low fire. Yup...low fire....coz 1st batch got burnt as the fire was too "big".

Jeng! Jeng! After fail 2-3 times...finally  got two presentable  looking  fried Nian Gao.

Can't wait to have a bite. Mamarazzi  made 11 pieces of these.  Took 1 for herself. Papa said make so many how to finish leh.....but later on when Mamarazzi  want to take a 2nd piece, only 2 were left on the plate.

Wah lau magic show oh...

Tastes okay. For Mamarazzi  , this is a less messy way of frying Nian Gao. No need to pening about the batter.

Thank you  Auntie  Claire for the yummy idea.


  1. First time I see nian gao in popiah skin. Aunt Claire is so innovative. I would love to try this recipe too.

    I am not good at frying nian gao too. That is why all my nian gao I threw away after CNY. Hehe.

    1. you are same like Mamarazzi la.

      Aiyo...this year dont throw away the nian gao leh. Use popiah skin and fry la. Very hardto make punya leh the nian gao

  2. The nian gao i bought still in the fridge, maybe i should try this out...

  3. Auntie Claire gave idea only, not because she has made them before but had the privilege to eat them, thanks to her friends who did them and passed some to her... hahahaa... Glad you like them this way! Made me salivating already!!

  4. Woi abenda ni? I have never seen fried nian gao with popiah skin! I suspect my mom will love this recipe, because it eliminates flour!

    Walaoweh magic show tim. Suddenly got blackout magic then so many pieces hilang is it??

  5. I too like to fry nian gao this way because it is not so oily and messy. And the nian gao will not leak out of the batter. I will be frying mine later after the festive season.

  6. I made something like this last year, baked in oven...with the one your mama sent to me. This year, she did not send me any, I am so heartbroken. Sobsssss!!!!!!!

  7. This idea is very good, simple and tasty right?

  8. One of my fave CNY treats but I don't make it.. wait for my mum to fry them :P Happy CNY!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Yum! This looks so delicious and a great way to use nian gao. I find eating nian gao straight almost impossible nowadays coz it's too sweet and cloying - need to cut it or insert it inside a pastry. I've seen a battered version too (usually with sweet potatoes sandwiching the nian gao) but you're right, this is a lot simpler and works just as well.

    Happy CNY to you and your family Kathy! Hope you're having a great one thus far. Gong Xi Fatt Chai! ˙͜>˙

  10. That's a great idea. Will try that..

  11. Aiyo, I like lah the fried nian gao. But nobody gave me any so cannot experiment :D

  12. Not bad lah... Auntie Claire only got theory , not practical tips. Hahaha

  13. Kuching looks so happy! Nice fried nian gao! (^^)
    Happy Chinese New Year

  14. Let me get some nian gao from my mom and make this! I think I'll only fried the popiah skin + nian gao, easier :P

  15. I like the coating with the skin.

  16. Super snack ... no wonder the magic show:)

  17. long time never eat fried nian gao already leh.. hahahaha, this is indeed a very new style of fried nian gao using popiah skin!! first time seeing this, so this was advised by Auntie Claire and testified by Mamarazzi and finally approved by Small Kucing and Paparazzi.. must bookmark this recipe, hehehe~~

  18. wonder why Mamarazzi didn't want to try another time with the batter but right away resorted to the popiah skin.. eih, Uncle SK thought Mamarazzi is someone who is yuet jin yuet yoong (cantonese, meaning the more she battles the braver she becomes) leh.. or maybe using popiah skin to do this is something new and even "braver" in Mamarazzi's opinion?? :p

  19. Mamarazzi made 11, took 1 for herself, meaning there were 10 left for Paparazzi and Small Kucing.. when she wanted her 2nd piece, there were only 2 left.. meaning Small Kucing probably had walloped 2 pieces and then Paparazzi who asked why made so many had eaten 6 pieces!! wow.. like that sure Paparazzi was lying on the couch very comfortable taking nap after makan~~ hehe!! :p

  20. Waaa....this is a yummy way of eating nian gao! Lazy me supports this recipe tremendously over the flour one. :P

  21. Yummm...some people said use wantan skin. Easier to wrap wor.

  22. My mom fried the nian gao with egg and this morning I saw nian gao in fridge but I was thinking, how to fried with egg pula :P

  23. Don't need to steam the potato/yam first? I've seen this recipe (forgotten about it actually!) but with yam alone. Interesssting.. shall try next time I acquire a nian gao. :)

  24. Aiyo, this looks so good. Thanks for sharing.


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